Chapter 1034 - Hurt Others Without Benefiting Oneself

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“Continue scolding. Every sentence you scold my wife, I’ll send one of your family members to accompany you. You’ve already scolded me four times. Within a month, I’ll send four of your family members to accompany you. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you waiting.”

Huo Chenhuan’s words were light, as if it was just a joke.

However, as long as one looked at his expression and the way he was staring at Song Yunyuan at that moment, no one would think that he was joking.

Song Yunyuan looked into his eyes and felt a chill running down her spine. It made her limbs feel cold and she could not help but shiver.

“No, you can’t.”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at her as if he was looking at an insignificant ant. “Yes, I can.”

Song Yunyuan’s body trembled. At this moment, she realized that perhaps she should not have come back in the first place.

She should not have held onto that one-thousandth chance and thought that this man would be soft-hearted and change for her sake.

She had overestimated herself too much!

Su Yayan saw the change in Song Yunyuan’s expression and did not feel any sympathy in her heart. She dared to seduce her husband so brazenly in front of her. Who knew what she would think of her husband behind her back?

When she thought of this, Su Yayan could not help but feel disgusted.

Sometimes, having more suitors was not necessarily a good thing, especially for suitors like this who thought highly of themselves and treated the person they liked as their own, but did not have the slightest respect for them. It was a big trouble that they could not get rid of.

In this regard, Cheng Fenglang was quite similar to her.

Just as she was thinking of this, Cheng Fenglang, who had been watching the events unfold coldly from the side, finally could not hold it in anymore. He cried out with a mournful expression, “Yanyan…”

“Mr. Cheng, we don’t know each other very well.”

Cheng Fenglang’s expression suddenly froze, and Song Yunyuan, who was in the next cell, sneered as if she was mocking Cheng Fenglang’s overconfidence.

She was not having a good time, and neither was Cheng Fenglang. They were of the same caliber, so there was no need to annoy each other.

Cheng Fenglang’s IQ was still slightly higher than Song Yunyuan’s. The expression on his face only froze for a moment before he quickly recovered. He frowned and said, “Is there a misunderstanding between us?”

“Weren’t you the one behind Uncle’s company’s slander?”

“How could I…”

Su Yayan interrupted his explanation. “Grandpa was slandered for taking kickbacks and claiming credit for the research results of others. Do you dare to say that you didn’t do it?”

“I…” Cheng Fenglang looked into Su Yayan’s eyes. His heart trembled slightly and a trace of guilt flashed across his eyes.

However, he also understood that he could not admit his involvement in this matter, because once he admitted it, he would really be doomed!

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I’ve also heard about Uncle and Old Master Cheng. I also hope that these things aren’t true, but my parents have been causing a lot of trouble recently, and I can’t take care of myself, so I didn’t take the time to care about Uncle and Old Master Cheng. You can’t think that this matter is related to me just because of this. You can even think that I’m the one behind this. What benefits can I get from Uncle and Old Master Cheng getting into trouble?”

“Grandpa and Uncle getting into trouble are indeed not good for you. But in this world, there is a kind of person who, even if he hurts others and doesn’t benefit himself, still likes to hurt others. It’s just because of his frail vanity.”

“Yanyan, you…” Cheng Fenglang frowned and wanted to explain, but Su Yanyan interrupted him again.

“Why do you think you’re here? Do you think I would tell you this without concrete evidence? Do you think the police would arrest you without concrete evidence?”