Chapter 1739: Retaliation

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Chapter 1739: Retaliation

Sam's shadows came back with all the information they could get and so did the beasts.

And they came with some fresh information from the shadows. It is about the people that chased Jack. They are obviously the clan members and most of them are in their Astral Plane transcendence and initial and middle stages of Consummation.

Jack is almost at the peak, these people are not even a challenge for him. The only reason they were even able to do that to him, is because he couldn't think of any other scenario than holding back.

Now with the newly added info that Sam and Jack got, they got a fair understanding of the power level and what the next move of these people is going to be.

They actually want to capture both Jack and then their ultimate goal is to capture Habi. It seems like it is also very urgent to capture Habi.

The people that followed Jack were all scolded and are being punished.

"So, you just escaped from their trap? What did they tell you to lure you in?" He asked Jack.

"They said they want some product designs in exchange for the antidote. So, I took some from the design department and went there. I was ready to give up a few designs to save Habi first. But it seems like they wanted to capture me.

The trap is a bit sophisticated, but it didn't last more than three sword strikes.

I escaped. I was actually on verge of killing them. I really wanted to. But Habi's beast and the girl are both in their hands."

Sam didn't say anything for a moment. He only spoke after he reorganized his thoughts and said.

"The day Habi went back into the city, I think something happened there. When I looked into his soul, he is actually in extreme rage and it is fueled by betrayal.

Who is close enough to invoke such rage through a betrayal? If it is not someone from the Dusk organization who even has such power?

I can speculate, but from what you said, that speculation cannot be real at all. The second thing is the beast. The connection between him and the porcupine has been getting stronger. It is actually not that uncommon thing, but in the two times I checked his soul, I already saw some minute difference.

It seems like they are communicating even in that state. So, they must not be too far away.

The kid is in the late stage of Astral Plane initiation. But his soul is actually way stronger than it should be for that level.

As for the poison itself. I think the nature of it is to get in conflict with the cells within his body and soul before killing him slowly. But he survived, because of his strong will and unique body.

The dusk members managed to find a way to keep him alive by alleviating the conflict a bit.

This made the poison accommodate within the body. But it is temporary, it will sooner or later affect him one way or the other.

Since I am here, you can forget about the problem of the antidote, I will figure out a way to deal with the poison. You get aggressive with the investigation.

Try to find out what happened to the porcupine and the girl. Try to get as much information on her as you can. I got a basic understanding on how this clan works, but I need more detailed info.

If we can get that detailed info, it will help."

"I think we have a lot of information on them already. Check it out, if you need anything more, just let me know, I will get it.

Now that you are here, I will show them what happens, when someone messes with Dusk."

Jack left on his hoverboard.

And he took out a very special object from the storage.

"I am going to use this, you don't have any problem right?"

As he was about to leave the area, he turned around and showed the object to Sam and asked.

"Go ahead and do what you want. And don't forget to give them a strong message."

Sam didn't worry about the clan anymore. He directly went to Habi to take care of the situation. There is nothing important to him at this point other than saving his student and for that there is an immediate solution he thought of.

To make the change the healers made a permanent one. If Habi's body goes through the change and permanently accepts the poison as a part of it, then not only would it save him, it might even benefit him in the long run.

And at this point, it is not that difficult for Sam to finish the procedure. The only thing he needs to do at the moment is to find a way to identify the nature of the poison and how he can safely assimilate it through the soul and the body without affecting him.

So, he is going to use that on the test samples that the healers collected from Habi. While he stayed on that, he waited for the information to come.

Hours passed and Sam began his procedure. The initial part is to stabilize the organs, blood and marrow, and everything else that got assimilated with the poison so that there is no conflict throughout the procedure.

And while he concocted something with Mia's venom that could help with the assimilation and injected it into Habi's body, he got the results he needed.

As Jack said the clan only got into power over a year ago. At least the power they are displaying right now. And there is something interesting about this clan that he noticed.

The women of the clan are mostly just used for political marriage and stuff.

They are not given any power or authority. In all the information that they gathered, there is not a single mention of a female elder, a female clan leader in the history of involvement of women in anything that really matters.

Except for two women of course.

There used to be one woman in the clan who actually fortified the finances of the whole clan. She is responsible for the financial growth of the clan which gives them more than sixty percent of their current income.

She left the clan after she set up that system and nobody knows where she went.

And after generations, there is another woman that surfaced in this strictly patriarchal system of this clan.

That person happened to be the young lady that stole Habi's heart.

She has the drive. But she didn't have enough strength or ability to actually accomplish anything. She didn't have the financial acumen to create a business empire like her predecessor, she didn't have enough cultivation talent to completely overcome all of her rivals in the clan.

She is good at many things, but just not good enough to excel at a level that makes everyone else jealous or makes the clan come out of their strict ways.

She is not even half as good as the lady that set up the business. She is just average and when he compares her to the other kids in the Dusk organization, she is much less than average. She didn't identify her strengths, didn't identify her weaknesses, and didn't find a proper way to maximize her potential.

She just goes with the flow and constantly complains that she is not getting any results.

Personally, Sam didn't have a great impression of her, but he held off the judgment because Habi liked her.

He looked through the rest of the information and one thing caught his attention.

The clan worships Zeus himself. The lightning god of Olympus.

And he is the reason that these people managed to get one person to break through.

This made Sam extremely angry. This is another one of the ploys of these gods. They are extremely irritating to the point that Sam felt like killing them every time he thought of them. He thought things will be limited to just him. Now his friends and even his students are getting involved, there is no way, he can stay tolerant of this anymore.

But before that, he has to finish saving his student.

After that, he will leave a remarkable message to the gods and their minions through these organizations.

He changed his attire and started the surgery. Mia acted as his assistant as she had the best poison control.

She made the perfect assistant.

After he finished the surgery, he waited for Jack to come which didn't take much longer.

"So, you left them a message?"

"Yeah, you fixed the kid?"

"Yes, he is going to wake up by tomorrow morning. And he will be a completely new person. Now, we can all focus on giving this clan a great present."