Chapter 308 - The Plan to Overtake at the Corner Starts Now!

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“Are you sure?”

Ji Qingyan nodded shyly. “Yeah.”

Lin Yi didn’t respond, but instead started fiddling with his fingers as if he was calculating something.

“What are you doing?”

“I just did a rough calculation. It’s a safe day today, I don’t think I need to take any precautions.”

Ji Qingyan’s face turned even redder. She was embarrassed and angry at the same time.

“What are you thinking of? If you continue like this, you’ll sleep on the sofa tonight!”

“Okay, I’ll set aside the evil thoughts first.”

“Don’t just set them aside, dismiss them at once!”

After that, Ji Qingyan took her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of running water could be heard. Lin Yi leaned against the sofa and opened his email, reading the information on Shen Tianzhuo repeatedly.

The profile consisted of three parts.

The first part detailed his personality and hobbies, which included all of his personal attributes.

From his favorite sports and food, to his personality and even the places he often visited on vacation, everything was clearly listed.

The second part detailed his work characteristics, which showed a clear hands-on style.

He took only two years to become a vice president of the department after joining Microsoft.

He then moved around the various departments, becoming the senior vice president of Microsoft three years ago.

He Yuanyuan even gave him high praise in her report.

This was the ceiling of a Huaxian working at Microsoft!

Lin Yi didn’t have much to say in front of such a person.

Getting this guy would be awesome!

The third point mentioned his lifestyle.

Lin Yi discovered that Shen Tianzhuo’s charitable donations accounted for almost one-twentieth of his total expenses. With his current salary, that was a very high figure.

Most of the places he supported were in the poor mountainous areas in the Zhejiang province.

This seemed to be a new breakthrough for Lin Yi.

Lin Yi looked down again. There was one more thing that was worth looking at.

Shen Tianzhuo had been working at Microsoft for eight years, but he had been coming back to Huaxia almost every year since four years ago. Apart from visiting his family, he also gave lectures at various universities.

The schools he went to were very interesting as well. They weren’t famous schools like Tsinghua or Yan University, just ordinary schools like 211 and 985. This was pretty interesting.

Lin Yi glanced at the rest of the contents, then closed the document. He rested one hand on his head as he fell into deep thought.

According to the information, Shen Tianzhuo had a lot of traits he could exploit. He wasn’t a blockhead.

However, winning him over would be a problem.

Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu had chased after him for two days, but he didn’t even give them a chance to meet. It was enough to prove that he was a serious person. After all, Lu Ying’s legs were very attractive.

After thinking about it, Lin Yi gave up on his usual tactics. He had to take a curved path to save the country when facing someone like Tianzhuo.

“Eh?! When did you get out?”

While thinking about Shen Tianzhuo, Lin Yi was shocked to see Ji Qingyan standing in front of him in her pajamas.

“I’ve been standing here for a minute.” Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi with interest.

“It seems like you’re not sleepy at all since could daydream about your life at this time.”

Lin Yi lifted her up by the waist. “I wasn’t sleepy just now, but now I’m sleepy.”

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

“The floor is slippery, it won’t be good if you fall down,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You have an ulterior motive.”

Ji Qingyan puffed up her cheeks. “What a hooligan, you don’t have any shame.”

Lin Yi carried her back to her room and prepared to sleep when he saw how cute she was.

After the lights were turned off, Ji Qingyan knelt on the bed. “I’m giving you the bed as a reward. You have to be more obedient.”

“My head will definitely be obedient. I won’t move it at all.”

“Who said anything about your head? I’m talking about your hands and feet!”Ji Qingyan said. “Don’t move them.”

“The goddess in the hearts of all the male employees in Chaoyang Group is lying next to me. If I don’t move, it’ll be the biggest insult to your looks and figure!”

“Don’t try to fool me, I won’t fall for it.” Ji Qingyan was already resisting, and she said unwaveringly.

“If you dare to move, I’ll sue youand send you to jail.”

“Do you really have the heart to make your child grow up with no father?”

“No father…”

“Lin Yi, if you continue like this, I won’t let you sleep on the bed.”

“The main concern is that your request is too much. I can’t help it anyway.”

Ji Qingyan thought for a moment. “Then you can only hug my stomach. Don’t have any other bad thoughts.”

“No problem.”

The two of them lay down with their clothes on. As Lin Yi hugged her gently, Ji Qingyan’s heart pounded. This was such a bold move.

As she listened to Lin Yi’s even breathing, Ji Qingyan’s nervous mood slowly relaxed.

An unprecedented sense of satisfaction and steadiness filled her, and she slept exceptionally soundly.

The next morning, when Lin Yi woke up, he found Ji Qingyan curled up in his arms.

Her skin was fair, and her eyelashes were long. Her long and tight thighs were almost exposed, like a lazy cat, making one feel the urge to kiss her.

Ji Qingyan opened her eyes as if she felt Lin Yi looking at her.

She had already been awake, but she didn’t want to get up.

“Wake up. We have to go to Washington soon.”

“Okay.” Ji Qingyan nodded, her face still blushing.

After getting up, the two of them packed up and went to the airport. They bought a set of woman’s formal attire at the duty-free shop.

Because they didn’t want to talk about work this time, they didn’t bring any formal clothes, so they could only buy a set now.

After buying the clothes, the two of them didn’t waste any time and took a plane to Washington

The two of them met Guan Ya at the hotel near the airport. The latter had been waiting here for a long time.

Guan Ya’s outfit always carried a hint of power and sharpness.

Her red dress was matched with black silk and high heels, and in terms of height, she was almost as tall as Ji Qingyan, who was wearing flats.

“Director Guan, sorry for making you wait.” Ji Qingyan said, embarrassed.

“I just got here, too.” Guan Ya said.

“Director Ji, what are your plans? We can take a day off and start tomorrow.”

Guan Ya didn’t know what Lin Yi was planning. She only needed to be a useful accesory to him during this trip.

Ji Qingyan was silent for a few seconds. “If it’s possible, let’s start today and try to finish early.”

“Alright, I have plenty of time here. I’ll follow Director Ji’s arrangements.”

“Director Guan, please wait for me for a moment. I’ll go and change my clothes.”

After Ji Qingyan changed into the uniform that she had just bought, she looked like a different person. Her temperament was outstanding and she had a domineering and beautiful aura that surpassed all others.

Guan Ya secretly sighed. Standing next to such a woman, she was sure to be overshadowed.

“Do you want to come with us? It’s your business, after all.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“I’m not interested. You guys can do it. I might as well play my games in the hotel.”

“Alright, you’ve been tired these days. Rest in the hotel.”

Ji Qingyan knew that Lin Yi wouldn’t go, so she didn’t have much hope when she asked this question. After seeing that her clothes were fine, she left with Guan Ya.

After confirming that the two of them had left, Lin Yi took a taxi to Microsoft’s headquarters.

Forty minutes later, Lin Yi got out of the car in front of the main entrance of Microsoft’s headquarters.

He saw the magnificent headquarters and the rushing crowd.

Lin Yi sighed in his heart. “This is a real f*king financial unicorn!”

Thinking of this, Lin Yi rubbed his palms together.

The plan to overtake at the corner starts now!