Chapter 309 - The Criteria for Evaluating Programmers

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All kinds of people from all over the world could be seen here when one walked into Microsoft’s headquarters.

There were even more people from Huaxia.

Lin Yi looked around before walking toward the front desk.

“Hello, are you applying for a job?”

Seeing that Lin Yi was here for a job, a white girl stood up and handed him a form.

“Please fill out the form and go back to wait for our notice.”

Lin Yi didn’t think that he’d be just in time for Microsoft’s recruitment season. It was much more convenient that way.

Lin Yi took the form and filled it out briefly before handing it back to the white girl.

The white girl glanced at it. She didn’t pay much attention at first, but when she saw the job application and salary, she lost her composure.

“You want to apply for the position of executive vice president?! You want a salary of 3.5 million US dollars?”

“That’s right,” Lin Yi said.

“I know you think it’s unbelievable, but I hope that you can hand this report to your president. I think he’ll be interested.”

The white girl obviously didn’t believe him. Although she was a receptionist, she had still been qualified enough to work at Microsoft.

“I’m sorry, I won’t hand in materials like this because there are a lot of swindlers like you who come here every day.”

“I know you don’t believe me, but I have the ability to improve the chip’s original computational architecture and improve the operating system’s smoothness and stability. Isn’t that worth 3.5 million a year?”

“Sir, I think you’re lying. God won’t forgive you if you continue like this. I have a lot of Huaxian colleagues who are very humble and hardworking. I hope you won’t ruin my good impression of the Huaxians.”

“If you don’t believe me, I don’t mind showing you.”

Lin Yi had thought of this before he came.

If he wanted to enter the company in the shortest amount of time and get in touch with Shen Tianzhuo, he had to show some real skills.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to waste on you.”

Was there such a big difference between the aesthetic standards of foreigners and Huaxians?

‘There is no way to use my looks anymore!’

He was losing his mind!

“Kelly, what are you guys arguing about?”

Just as Lin Yi was about to launch another attack, he heard someone speak behind him.

He turned around and saw two people standing behind him. Coincidentally, both of them were Huaxian.

The person who spoke was a Huaxian woman. She was wearing a white suit and black high heels. She had a badge around her neck and was very serious.

Her English name was Jessica, and she was the vice president’s secretary.

The other person’s English name was Carson, an intermediate engineer in the technical department.

“He’s here for the job, but he’s applying for the position of executive vice president. I was just about to chase him away.”

“Applying for the position of executive vice president?” Jessica was stunned for a while.

He didn’t look like he was messing around. Huaxian people still had a kind of self-respect and rationality.

Even so, it didn’t make sense for him to be so handsome.

Jessica took Lin Yi’s information and glanced at it.

“Mr. Lin, given your age, I have doubts about your ability. I hope you will have some self-respect.”

“What’s wrong? Can’t I be awesome despite my young age?” Lin Yi started speaking in Huaxian.

“When I was young, I peed on the electric cooker that was on fire. My mom said that I would definitely grow up and do great things back then.”

Jessica, “…”

Your mom was lying to you!

“Anyway, I have my own way of judging candidates, and I think you’re joking with me.” Jessica also started speaking Huaxian.

“What’s your way of judging?”

Jessica glanced at Lin Yi, then pointed at the IT elites in the building in a hurry. “How can you compare to them?”

Lin Yi, “???”

“How? Apart from not wearing a suit and not having a computer, I’m not lacking in any way.”

“You’re much worse” Jessica said:

“There are ten people there, but none of them have a full head of hair like you do. How dare you still claim that your skills are good!”

It was a f*cking irrefutable reason.

“There’s something you might not know. This is a wig. When I was three years old, I went bald because of my computer skills, so I do possess impressive abilities.”

“Jessica, stop talking nonsense with him. Just chase him away,” Carson said from the side.

“I think we can give him a chance.” Jessica smiled. “This person is a bit special.”

“What’s special about him? Why can’t i tell?”

“He’s very handsome.”

Carson, “…”

Lin Yi held Jessica’s hand. “No wonder you became the CEO’s secretary. Your abilities are pretty good, unlike your colleague who’s gone blind at such a young age.”

“What are you saying?!”

“Alright, stop talking.”

Carson was about to lose his temper when Jessica stopped him. She turned to Lin Yi and asked, “Can you let go of my hand now?”

“Uh… Sorry, it’s an occupational disease.”

Jessica was starting to regret what she said earlier.

What kind of IT engineer would touch someone else’s hand?!

Did my hand look like a keyboard or a mouse?

“Due to your special circumstances, I need to give you a simple assessment,” Jessica said.

“Only after you pass the assessment will I help you hand in the entry materials.”

“Of course, no problem,” Lin Yi said. “Where is the assessment?”

“Our work structure is relatively simple. There aren’t that many rules. Just find a random place to sit down,” Jessica said. “How about the sofa over there?”

“The sofa is fine too. I’m more familiar with that place.”

Jessica, “???”

Seeing Jessica and Carson sitting down on the sofa with Lin Yi, and even pulling out their computers, many people looked at them curiously.

“Hey, Carson, is he your friend? What is he doing? Is he writing code here?”

The person who spoke was a Caucasian young man. He was about 30 years old, but he was bald.

Carson smiled. “This guy is here to apply for the position of executive vice president. He even said that he has the ability to improve the computational architecture of the chip to improve the smoothness and stability of the operating system. Don’t you think he’s amazing?”

“Haha, my God, the youngest vice president of our company is already over 40 years old. With his age, he might not even be comparable to a junior engineer.”

“I don’t know about that, but he said it himself, so I’m here to watch the show.”

“What the two of you are doing is wrong,” a black man said.

“Don’t tell me that because he is Huaxian, we should make an exception and give him a chance? People like him should be immediately chased away.”

“We also wanted to chase him away, but he shamelessly stayed on. There’s nothing I can do.” Carson shrugged and said.

“Does he think that just because he has some skills, he is very powerful?” The black guy said exaggeratedly.

“Oh my God, has there been a mistake? This is Microsoft. Even PhD students from famous universities can’t make it here.”

“I don’t know. If he wants to try, then give him a chance. Let him understand how small he is, and then he will leave,” Carson said.

“Sigh, I’ve lost my good impression of this braggart.”

Jessica frowned when she saw more and more people gathering around.

“Let’s start. Don’t waste time.”

Lin Yi opened the computer that Jessica borrowed and said casually,

“I think it’s better for you to call someone better. I’m afraid that they won’t be able to understand the code I write.”