Chapter 311 - Even the Nest Is Destroyed

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Shen Tianzhuo clearly heard Lin Yi’s voice.

“Mr. Lin, do you still want to return to the country?”

“Don’t you have any thoughts of doing the same?” Lin Yi asked.

“With your current level, you don’t even need to return to the country to look for new opportunities. Even while you’re here, there will be countless people coming to visit you.”

Shen Tianzhuo smiled bitterly. “That is indeed true. A few days ago, there was a research institute called Longxin that sent some people to look for me, but I didn’t give them the chance to meet.”

Lin Yi’s expression didn’t change. He didn’t give Shen Tianzhuo any clues.

“You didn’t even give them the chance to meet. I guess you don’t have any plans to return to the country.”

“It’s not that I don’t have any plans. No matter what, I’m from Huaxia. No matter how good this place is, it’s not my home.” Shen Tianzhuo sighed.

“Just like you said, no matter how delicious the Yangmei soup outside is, it can’t compare to the taste of home.”

“Then why do you still stay here?”

“Because I want to do academic research,” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“I can find countless people who share the same interests here. No one will interfere with my work, and it will allow me to release my ability to the greatest extent. This is what I want the most.”

“Do you think that the domestic academic level is not good enough?”

“That’s not true. It’s just that the environment is not very good,” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“You know, RD is a bottomless pit. No matter how much money is invested, it can all go down the drain. If there’s no one to support it, the project won’t be funded, and the research won’t be able to proceed. I’m not a sociable person, and I don’t want to waste my time on relationships, so the plan has been put on hold until now.”

Lin Yi didn’t know if this was true or not, but he nodded. Although he wasn’t actively involved in the research field, he had a certain understanding of the situation they faced.

Just like what Shen Tianzhuo said, no one was willing to throw money into a bottomless pit without first seeing the benefits.

Furthermore, the problem with relationships was a tale as old as time.

This was indeed a hindrance to academic development.

Tianzhuo saw that Lin Yi didn’t say anything and smiled.

“You’re the most talented young man I’ve seen in all these years. With your strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get a salary of ten million a year back home, yet you came here for the same reason as me.”

Lin Yi chuckled. “There is indeed a reason for that.”

“That’s why we’ll stay here for the time being. We’ll go back when we have the chance.” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile.

“And I’ve decided that when I go back, it won’t just be me. I want to bring my team back with me.”

Lin Yi’s eyes lit up. He didn’t expect Shen Tianzhuo to say something like that.

Wouldn’t it be great if he and his team were poached and brought back?

Lin Yi put his hands behind his head and sighed.

“If there was a place that didn’t restrict my funding and gave me enough freedom in research, I’d want to go back now.”

Shen Tianzhuo laughed.

“That’s easy to say, but it’s too hard to do. To be honest, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity all these years. After all, the moon in my hometown will always be brighter than the moon in other countries.”

“Hahaha, that’s so true…”

Lin Yi felt that his probing was beginning to bear fruit.

Shen Tianzhuo wasn’t a person who worshipped foreign things, but rather, lived a clean and pur life.

If someone could provide him with such an environment, he might have left a long time ago.

When Lin Yi thought about it carefully, wasn’t this person himself?

If he wanted money, equipment, and an independent environment, where else could he find such a boss?

Despite this, it was not the time to lay his cards on the table.

When it came to a person like Shen Tianzhuo, one had to cast a long line to catch a big fish.

He had to get to know Shen Tianzhuo well before he could make a move.

“Boss Shen, what project are you working on now?”

“The company has asked my team to head the development of a new security system. The program that you wrote is exactly what we need.”

“In truth, my strengths are all centered on the chip field. The program that I wrote was also achieved by squeezing out the computational power of the chip. Therefore, I can help you in this aspect.”

“That’s even better. We’ll be in charge of the technical structure at the top, and you’ll be in charge of the chip’s internal programming. I believe that this project will be solved very soon in this way.”

Lin Yi nodded. “I have the same confidence, but you just said that the project you’re in charge of was assigned to you by the company. Do you have your own project?”

“My current research direction is mainly centered on computer vision, and it’s related to lithography machines. You’re an expert in the chip field, so you should know something about this.”

“I know a little, but I don’t know much.”

Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

By now, he had pretty much understood everything about Shen Tianzhuo.

Just like Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu had said, Tianzhuo was indeed an expert in this field. He was indeed the most important factor in their goal of making the lithography machine.

The next step was to get close to him, and once they got along well, they could steal him and his team away.

Lin Yi wasn’t sure if he could succeed, though. After all, he was a big shot, and his intelligence was unquestionable.

The rest was up to fate.

Despite this, Lin Yi had an inexplicable confidence that it wouldn’t be a problem to take down Shen Tianzhuo.

If he couldn’t take down Shen Tianzhuo himself, he’d have to abuse his looks and think of a way to get along with his wife.

It wouldn’t be too much of a problem for his wife to fill his head with pillow talk.

Still, this was looking at the next drift right after overtaking a car on a curve.

He still had to focus on the task at hand, or else he’d easily flip the car.

“Then that’s it for now. I still have to cook dinner for my wife tonight, and I’ll come back tomorrow.” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile

“No problem. At our level, we aren’t time-boxed.” Lin Yi said with a smile

After a brief chat, Lin Yi left the Microsoft building.

Looking at Lin Yi’s back as he left, Shen Tianzhuo nodded in satisfaction and muttered to himself,

“The young man is not bad, he’s quite a family man, and he has the same style as me back then.”

Coming out of the Microsoft building, Lin Yi stretched his back.

Today’s progress was beyond his imagination. He would be able to pull the net back in a few days.

Not long after he returned to the hotel, Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya returned as well.

There was also an Apple laptop in Ji Qingyan’s hands. It looked like she had just bought it.

After tidying up briefly, the three of them had their dinner in the Western restaurant next to the hotel before returning to their rooms.

“It must have been boring staying in the hotel for the whole afternoon,” Ji Qingyan said apologetically.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Lin Yi said that on purpose so that he could show how he felt wronged without being too obvious.

Lin Yi was amazed by his own acting skills.

Seeing Lin Yi’s sullen expression, Ji Qingyan felt guilty.

Lingyun Group was so busy with work, but Lin Yi rejected all of them and went out to have fun with her, but she abandoned him because of work.

Thinking of this made Ji Qingyan felt bad.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Ji Qingyan said.

“I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible. I won’t make you wait too long.”

“It’s okay. Although you’re an important part of Wangjiang Dock, it’s still my business. I’m also responsible for this, so I can’t blame you.”

“But I still left you behind. It’s my fault.”

“Don’t feel too guilty. Just think of a way to make it up to me.”

“Humph, I think you have some ill intentions,” Ji Qingyan said.

“I’ve already made it up to you once that day. Don’t even think about getting another chance.”

“Sigh, then just leave me alone in the hotel to die alone.”

“Don’t say that,” Ji Qingyan said anxiously.

“It’s not just the two of us. President Guan is also here. If she learns that we sleep in the same room at night, it would be too embarrassing.”