Chapter 312 - I Opened My Mouth

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“If that’s the case, should I ask her to get out? Maybe move to another hotel?”

“You really can’t focus on anything else. It seems taking advantage of me is your number one priority.”

“That’s right, we can’t let others take advantage of us.” Lin Yi said. “I have to protect my cabbage patch.”

Ji Qingyan smiled happily. “I’m not a cabbage, I want to be a rose.”

“That’s good, I’m a master of flower arranging. We’re a perfect match.”

“Master of flower arranging?”

“Yeah, didn’t you say you are a rose?”

Ji Qingyan understood what Lin Yi meant and grabbed the soft meat around his waist. “You’re a hooligan. You don’t know what to say and only try ti take advantage of me. You have to develop a sense of shame.”

“What do you mean by shame? Let’s talk about it after we’re satisfied.” Lin Yi took his phone and prepared to call Guan Ya.

“I’ll tell her to move to another hotel now.”

“What do you mean? Don’t say such things.” Ji Qingyan warned.

“With Guan Ya’s intelligence, if you say that, she’ll definitely know that something is up between the two of us.”

“Does she even need to guess? It’s obvious that something’s up, okay?”

“You can’t do that,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Anyway, we’ll sleep in separate rooms tonight. We definitely can’t be in the same room.”

The two chatted in the room for a while longer. Ji Qingyan said that she wanted to organize today’s documentation, so she chased Lin Yi away.

Lin Yi was happy to be free. He returned to his room and found a random reason to chat with Shen Tianzhuo for a while more.

Their revolutionary friendship seemed to have improved by leaps and bounds, and they were undoubtedly growing to become close.

The next morning, after the three of them finished eating, Guan Ya and Ji Qingyan went out for their inspection as usual.

Ji Qingyan was a little reluctant to leave Lin Yi alone in the hotel.

However, she knew that a person like him who couldn’t stay idle wouldn’t be able to stay in the meeting room for even an hour. He might as well stay in the hotel and be at ease.

“I’m leaving first. If you’re bored, go out for a walk. Don’t just stay in the hotel.”

“Without you, I’d be lonely wherever I go.”

“What are you talking about?” Ji Qingyan said shyly.

It was fine to talk when no one was around, but it was too embarrassing when Director Guan was here.

Guan Ya turned around sensibly, not wanting to see them flirt.

“I’m telling the truth.” Lin Yi said, his face neither red nor pale. “If it weren’t for you, all this scenery wouldn’t fill me with awe, but rather melancholy.”

Ji Qingyan covered her mouth as she chuckled. “Where did you get all this nonsense? I think you’ll be fine without me.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan looked at Guan Ya, who wasn’t far away. “Alright, I’m leaving now. I won’t bother with you today. Make your own arrangements. I’ll try to come back earlier.”

After comforting Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya left together.

Guan Ya looked back and forth between the two of them.

She had a feeling that although she didn’t know what Lin Yi would do today, he definitely wouldn’t stay in the hotel.

A person like him couldn’t stay idle at all. His upper body might be able to stay still, but his lower body would undoubtedly start moving around.

After making sure that the two of them had left, Lin Yi took a taxi to Microsoft.

“Lin Yi?”

Just as he reached the entrance of the office building, he heard someone talking.

He raised his head and realized that the person who was talking was Zhao Zhengyang. His assistant, Qu Nan, was also beside him.

How could he bump into this retard here?

Lin Yi recalled that he met this guy at the airport the other day. It seemed like they were going to take the same flight as him.

The flight that he was on stopped over in Washington before landing in Orlando. It was very likely that they were here to discuss business with Microsoft.

However, he was the vice president of Microsoft’s global marketing department. Did this opportunity really just fall into his lap?

Oh my God, did you send me down here to play Zhao Zhengyang to death?

“Director Zhao, I’m really sorry for delaying you. You didn’t have to delay any of your meetings, did you?” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I’m here to discuss business today. I’m not in the mood to talk to you.”

“What a coincidence. I know a few people here. Do you need me to contact them for you, Boss Zhao?”

“Hmph, do I need you to contact them?” Zhao Zhengyang snorted.

“We’re almost done with this project. I’m here to sign the contract. I don’t need you.”

“I’m just being nice.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“There was an old monk who once gave a parable on kindness. His words were very accurate. Don’t you believe him?”

“Believe my *ss!”

Zhao Zhengyang cursed, “Lin Yi, let me tell you, even though we have a feud, I just don’t have time to play with you. After this period is over, I’ll have a good fight with you. I’ll see who can protect the person that I, Zhao Zhengyang, want to attack!”

“No problem.” Lin Yi made an OK gesture and walked out of the Microsoft building while shaking his head.

Zhao Zhengyang gritted his teeth when he saw Lin Yi’s smug appearance, but he couldn’t do anything about it at the moment.

“What do you think he’s doing at Microsoft?” Zhao Zhengyang asked.

“His company doesn’t seem to be involved in the business here.” Qu Nan thought for a few seconds. “Maybe he’s accompanying Ji Qingyan.”

“Alright, don’t bother with him.” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“Go and sign the project contract first. We can deal with him at any time, but we can’t forget the serious business.”

“Okay, after this project is over, let’s deal with him properly,” Qu Nan said.

“With the Zhao family’s strength, it’ll be very easy to toy with him to death.”


Zhao Zhengyang let out a cold laugh like a retard. “It would be a pity if such an interesting person were to be toyed to death. It would only be interesting if we make him kneel and beg for mercy first.”

Under Zhao Zhengyang’s influence, Qu Nan smiled like a retard as they walked into the Microsoft Building.

When Lin Yi arrived at Shen Tianzhuo’s office, he realized that he wasn’t the only person in the office.

There was also a man and a woman inside.

The man was in his forties and the woman was in her thirties. Judging from their looks and temperament, they should be members of Microsoft’s management team. It just so happened that they were both also Huaxian.

“Lin Yi, let me introduce them to you,” Shen Tianzhuo said. “This is Shang Wenzhong, the general manager of the global marketing department. You two will be partners from now on.”

“This is Shao Jie, the director of the marketing department. She’ll be your subordinate. I promoted both of them; they’re both good people. If you have any questions, you can ask them. You can look for me when it comes to things relating to technology. Again, the marketing department is just a temporary springboard for you. Don’t worry.”

“Director Lin, we are colleagues from now on. Please take care of us,” Shang Wenzhong said politely.

According to professional etiquette, it was more appropriate for Lin Yi to say this.

However, both of them knew about Lin Yi’s situation. They had also heard about the incident that happened in the building yesterday. .

He must not be an ordinary person to be praised by Director Shen for his technological skills.

He was definitely going to be a vice-president of the company.

He was assigned to the marketing department since he had nowhere else to go. He was just treating this as a stopover.

Although he was just a vice-president, he commanded the utmost respect.

“You guys are too polite. We’ll be colleagues from now on. Let’s watch out for each other.”

Lin Yi shook hands with both of them in greeting.

Dang dang dang dang…

“Come in.”

There was a knock on the office door, and Shen Tianzhuo responded.

His secretary, Jessica, pushed the door open and entered. “Director Shen, Director Shao’s secretary came to see me just now. He said that the client has arrived and is wondering when you will go over.”

“I’ll go over now,” Shao Jie replied and prepared to leave.

“Director Shao, I want to ask, is the person you’re going to receive a client from Asia called Zhao Zhengyang?”