Chapter 315 - : Confiding in Shen Tianzhuo

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Lin Yi had just finished washing up when there was a knock on his door.

After opening the door, Ji Qingyan walked in from outside, looking to invite Lin Yi for dinner.

For the next two days, the three of them lived a very simple life.

Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya were busy with their work.

Meanwhile, Lin Yi constantly shifted between Microsoft and the hotel.

However, from what Ji Qingyan could tell, Lin Yi had been staying in the hotel every day. He was probably going to grow moldy soon, which made her feel extremely guilty.

Lin Yi didn’t make any further moves over the next two days.

Apart from typing the code, he chatted with Shen Tianzhuo about everything in his hometown. It was as if they were old friends.

Lin Yi was extremely grateful to the system for giving him a reward in the form of the sage’s wisdom.

Apart from computers, knowledge in other fields was also easy to come by.

On the other hand, Shen Tianzhuo was extremely amazed by Lin Yi’s breadth of knowledge.

He looked like he was only in his twenties, yet he was knowledgeable in other fields not relating to computer chips.

After a careful comparison, he realized that he couldn’t compare to Lin Yi at all.

If he continued like this for a few more years, Lin Yi’s future at Microsoft might even outshine his own.

In the office, the printer buzzed. Lin Yi typed out a few documents, but he didn’t hand them to Shen Tianzhuo.

Shen Tianzhuo didn’t ask any more questions. This was his personal matter, and he had no control over it.

That afternoon, Lin Yi stretched lazily. The string of dizzying code on the screen was an infinite treasure in Shen Tianzhuo’s eyes. It was more attractive than roses and diamonds.

“You’re really something.” Shen Tianzhuo sighed.

“My RD team would have taken at least three months to complete this. I didn’t expect you to complete it in three days. It’s my honor to be your colleague.”

Shen Tianzhuo was excited. He stayed here to meet better colleagues so that he could carry out advanced RD.

Meeting Lin Yi now was a stroke of good fortune.

Moreover, the two were from the same hometown, so they immediately hit it off.

“You’re too polite. It’s nothing,” Lin Yi said. “It’s not as impressive as you think.”

“You’re being too modest, kid.” SHen Tianzhuo said.

“I’m going to file a report soon to see if I can resolve the problem surrounding your position. With your ability, I feel like even the title of executive vice president will be selling you short.”

“You don’t have to apply for the position for me,” Lin Yi said seriously. “I’m going to leave.”

“Leave?” Shen Tianzhuo panicked. He didn’t expect Lin Yi to say something like that.

He and Lin Yi had been getting along quite well. It had only been a few days, so why was he leaving?

“I’m planning to go back to the country.”

This was Lin Yi’s plan from the start.

Although Shen Tianzhuo was a key factor, he couldn’t waste all his time on him.

After spending so many days here, he had done all he could. The rest was up to fate.

Therefore, Lin Yi decided to lay his cards on the table.

“Why are you going back? Is it because you have a better opportunity?”

Lin Yi didn’t answer directly, but looked at Tianzhuo with burning eyes.

“Boss Shen, if someone was willing to give you money and unlimited freedom to conduct your RD, would you be willing to go back?”

In reality, Lin Yi could have asked this question at the beginning.

However, it was too risky.

After so many days together, the two had become friends who talked about everything. With this relationship now established, Lin Yi thought that his chances of success would be higher.

“How could such a thing be possible? Stop joking.” Shen Tianzhuo waved his hand. “Capitalists aren’t stupid. They won’t do anything without seeing the benefits.”

“But don’t forget, this is America. Do you think the capitalist system is better here?” Lin Yi said. “Money flows through their bones.”

Shen Tianzhuo didn’t say anything. He had stayed in America for so many years, so he naturally understood how scary capitalism was.

Although he was an executive of this financial unicorn, he was only a relatively high-level tool maker.

The so-called freedom was only in relative terms.

Lin Yi stood by the window, picked up a cigarette, and lit it with a pretentious and lonely expression. He sighed emotionally.

“We’re in the same boat, Director Shen. If there wasn’t a suitable opportunity, do you think I would choose to return to the country at this time?”

As he spoke, Lin Yi turned back, his eyes pure and deep. “Although we’ve only worked together for a few days, we’ve already formed a deep friendship. I can’t bear to part with you!”

“Did they really promise you that?”

This time, Lin Yi didn’t answer directly, but looked at Shen Tianzhuo with a hopeful gaze.

“Director Shen, if such an opportunity really existed, would you be willing to leave?”


Tianzhuo laughed and took a cigarette as well. “If there really was such a good thing, of course I’d be willing to leave.”

“Are you sure?” Lin Yi asked.

“Of course,” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile. “As long as you give me enough funding and academic freedom, I wouldn’t need to stay here.”


Lin Yi laughed wretchedly as he held Shen Tianzhuo’s hand excitedly. “Director Shen, on behalf of the Longxin Research Institute, I’d like to welcome you to join us.”

Tianzhuo was stunned.

It was as if he was watching a warm and friendly cartoon, and the style suddenly changed without warning and turned into Jurassic Park.

What the hell was this?!

“Didn’t you hear me?” Lin Yi said with a smile. “Let me introduce myself. I’m the president of the Longxin Research Institute in Zhonghai, Lin Yi. You’re welcome to join us.”

“You… you’re from the Longxin Research Institute?” Shen Tianzhuo’s eyes widened. “Two people came to see me before, and they said they were from the Longxin Research Institute.”

“That’s right. They were my men, but they didn’t succeed, so I came out myself.”

Shen Tianzhuo didn’t react for a while, feeling like he’d fallen into a trap.

“You joined Microsoft just to get close to me?”

“More or less. If you can’t complete a task head on, you have to choose a corner to do overtake.”

Lin Yi straightened his expression, and took out an encrypted USB drive from his pocket.

“This is the source code for our Chip 2.0. It’s comparable to Intel’s latest technology, but when we bought the photolithography machine, someone tricked us, so we decided to make it ourselves.”

“Are you kidding me? You want to make a photolithography machine yourself?”

Shen Tianzhuo was excited. “It took ASML so many years to achieve its current global status. Who knows how many years it will take for the country to make a photolithography machine?”

“That’s true,” Lin Yi said. “But someone has to do it, right?”

Lin Yi sighed, “Why are the house prices in Huaxia so high? Isn’t it because they need these things to help boost our domestic GDP? When one day, Huaxia’s high-end manufacturing industry is at the forefront of the world, all these problems will be solved.”

“Huawei is a good example of this. Don’t you find the way America treated it disgusting?

“I believe that one day, after the results of your project come out, your hometown will become a place that you can only look at from afar, but never return to.