Chapter 225 - Your Future Targets

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Would An Jiuyue give it to them? Of course not.

Hence, they had to think about their children. They could not allow An Jiuyue to spout nonsense and ruin the reputation of An Clan Village.

A few housewives with young daughters began to lecture An Jiuyue.

“That’s right. Jiuyue, you’ll have to compensate him if you injure him. Besides, it’s not right for a woman to hit a man.”

“Do you have to go so far over a small amount of food? Your house is on the mountain. You can just go out and grab some food.”

They had seen An Jiuyue drag wild boars and other animals. She could find anything on the mountain. Why should she get into a fight with these grown men over some food?

Although they also felt that the men had done wrong, they genuinely believed that An Jiuyue was making a mountain out of a molehill.

An Jiuyue glanced at them and sneered.

Why should I care about this? It’s not right to hit a man? Whoever I hit is none of their business!

“Then what do you want? Will you be happy and comfortable if I hand over all my food to you? Do I deserve to be bullied?”

They were stumped by her words, and their expressions turned sour.

A woman felt that An Jiuyue’s words were too harsh and retorted, “We didn’t mean that. Do you have to make it sound so bad? What do you mean we’ll be comfortable? My family didn’t steal your food.”

It would be great if she had so much food at home. Unfortunately, she did not. She could only drink wild vegetable soup and foul-smelling fish soup every day. It had been terrible.

“Then let’s have those people go to your houses to steal food next time. How about that?” An Jiuyue replied coldly.

One would not understand the pain unless they were cut. These people were used to her doing good deeds without taking credit for them. They wanted to control her.

She looked at An Gouzi in amusement and pointed at the blabbermouths.

“An Gouzi, did you hear that? These people are your future targets. They said it’s wrong for a woman to hit a man. They will definitely not retaliate if you go to their houses to steal food.”

“You—” The housewives almost died from anger.

When did we ever ask An Gouzi to steal food from our house? Never!

“An Jiuyue, don’t spout nonsense. We never said that. Stealing food is wrong.”

An Jiuyue sneered again and ignored them.

Now it’s wrong to steal food? That’s not what they said just now. They even said I could easily find a handful of things to eat on the mountain.

Even if it’s that easy, it’s only because I’m capable. What does it have to do with them? Are they thinking I’ll give them half a handful? Perhaps they really think so. That’s ridiculous.

She had previously considered building a house in the village after the epidemic was over so that Zheng’er and Rong’er could have a normal childhood.

However, she decided to forget about it after hearing what these people said to her.

“Chief, Uncle Junior Officer, I’m going back now,” she spoke to them again and turned to leave.

An Gouzi hung his head low. When he saw An Jiuyue leaving, he had no choice but to follow her. His body was in so much pain that he limped.