Chapter 226 - All the Same

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“What… what kind of attitude is this!” The housewives were furious when they saw An Jiuyue leave.

We offer her advice out of kindness, but she thinks we have malicious intent! She didn’t listen to us at all.

“Chief, Junior Officer, look at Jiuyue. Look what she has become!”

“Is she planning to look down on us for the rest of her life just because she saved our village? She’s spoiled. I think we should all ignore her in the future!”

The Chief and the Junior Officer’s expressions darkened when they heard what the housewives said.

Ignore An Jiuyue? Do you really think she wants to bother herself with you either? You ungrateful b*stards!

“I think Jiuyue is right. We should let An Gouzi and the others steal food from your houses. That way, you’ll be happy and comfortable!” The Chief glared at them and shouted.

Upon hearing the Chief’s words, the housewives fell silent immediately.

They dared to say those words to An Jiuyue because they were older than her. However, the Chief was the head of their village. They did not dare to speak against him.

The Junior Officer was also furious at these women, who always caused trouble in the village.

He gestured at them and scolded them, “Do you have nothing to do at home? Hurry up and get lost!”

The women did not gain anything and could only turn around and leave.

They badmouthed An Jiuyue as they left, claiming that the Chief and the Junior Officer sided with her because she had bewitched them.

“These people are really…”

The Junior Officer wanted to chase after them and scold them when he heard what they said.

However, on second thought, it did not seem right for a grown man like him to chase after a few women to scold them. He gave up on it.

“They’re all the same.” The Chief sighed and shook his head.

“People only remember the kindness of those who help them when they are in trouble. They forget everything when they are living comfortably.”

If the situation continued, An Jiuyue would not come to rescue them again if there was another disaster. What was the point of saving them? They were all ingrates!

Suddenly, the Chief remembered something and asked the Junior Officer, “What happened when you went to the county last time? Can it be done?”

The Junior Officer’s expression darkened. “I’m afraid it can’t.”

He shook his head and recalled what the people in the county had said. He could tell it would not work.

Confused, the Chief asked, “Why not? We can spend money to build a few houses on the mountain. We don’t have to build big houses. We just need them for shelter.”

It’s not like we don’t have money. Building houses on a mountain is normal, right?

Hunters frequented the mountains in the past and would build a place to rest. Why can’t we do this? Why did they even reject this?

“This isn’t about spending money.” The Junior Officer shook his head.

He had always known that the mountains outside An Clan Village were not something commoners like them could touch.

But this time, he finally understood that they could not even get a piece of land there even if they spent money.

“The county’s official in charge of household registration said that the Lianjing Mountain Range is not under Tufeng Town’s jurisdiction. Our villagers may enter it, but we can’t build a house along its borders.

“In other words, all the mountains beside An Clan Village are owned by other people. We can’t build houses there.”