Chapter 228 - Quite Tiring to Have Nothing to Do

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“Is there any work you want me to do?” he asked.

“I see!” An Feng believed him and nodded earnestly. “You can do some light work. Miss Qian is bundling straw over there. Why don’t you go do that?”

Upon hearing this, An Gouzi looked in Qian Yiyun’s direction and saw her bundling straw. It was an easy task, and he knew how to do it.

However, he glanced in An Jiuyue’s direction.

He suspected An Jiuyue would come over and beat him up to vent her anger if he snatched Qian Yiyun’s job.

No, An Jiuyue would definitely do it!

“That’s a woman’s job. How can I do it? I’d better chop wood.”

He shook his head and decided not to snatch Qian Yiyun’s job. It was safer to chop firewood as he would not be beaten up.

“You can chop the wood slowly since you’re not well, Brother Dog. We’ll do the rest,” An Feng reminded worriedly.

“Got it, got it,” An Gouzi responded weakly, but he wondered if he could really chop slowly.

That tigress, An Jiuyue, would claw him to death if he worked less. He could not defeat that woman and would only be beaten up. He had better work honestly.

An Jiuyue was about to lift a tree trunk on the ground when Qian Jiyun stopped her.

“We’ll do that. You must be tired after your trip down the mountain.”

He gestured for Yan Nuo to carry the tree trunk that An Jiuyue had taken a fancy to.

An Jiuyue was speechless.

She felt good after beating up An Gouzi. She was not tired.

However, she was too embarrassed to say she was not tired. She nodded against her conscience.

“I’m a little tired.”

It was quite tiring to have nothing to do. Everyone seemed to have discussed it beforehand and were fighting for work with her.

In reality, it was not that An Feng and the others did not want An Jiuyue to work. They were just afraid she would call them lazy after doing all the work. Hence, they did not dare to let her work.

Qian Jiyun, on the other hand, was afraid she would be too tired.

Besides, these were all menial tasks. He felt that An Jiuyue was a lady and should not be doing such things.

“You didn’t sleep well last night. Go and rest. Leave this to us,” the man said and returned to building the straw shed.

An Jiuyue turned around and was about to walk towards Qian Yiyun when the latter looked up and said, “That’s right, Sister Jiuyue. Go and rest. Leave this to us.”

Am I the idlest now? That’s fine. I can relax, I don’t have to work. Nobody wants to be busy.

Since she really had nothing to do, she turned and went up to the treehouse.

An Jiuyue could not enter the microcosmic space to do anything since people were working under the treehouse. Hence, she could only lie on her bed and communicate with Wei Na.

“Master, the points are increasing. It seems like this epidemic disease will be cured soon,” Wei Na said.

They would know when the epidemic disease was over by looking at the points. If it stopped increasing, it would mean that nobody needed the prescription anymore.

“Let’s hope so.”

An Jiuyue dared not have too much hope.