Chapter 338 - Willing to Call Him Father

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Chapter 338: Willing to Call Him Father

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The other deputy generals expressed their criticisms.

“That’s right, General. Prince De is nothing like his titlesuggests1. If he comes to the military camp, he’ll wreak havoc.”

Was the Emperor muddle-headed? Even if he wanted to weaken Prince Zhan Yun’s military power, he should not send a second-rate scum to manage the military camp, right?

“You don’t think it’s a good idea?” Qian Jiyun asked when he saw their faces flush red with anger.

The deputy generals exchanged looks and wondered if the General thought this arrangement was good.

“Just coax Prince De along,” Qian Jiyun replied immediately.

Prince De was the Emperor’s youngest son and was doted on the most.

If he could coax him and make him happy, the spoiled prince would probably be willing to call him father. He would probably not care if his biological father was waiting for him in the capital to handle matters.

“Coax him?” Deputy General Sun and the others were dumbfounded.

“He can do whatever he wants when he’s far away from the Emperor, and no one will discipline him here. How good is that?” Qian Jiyun remarked faintly.

Everyone was enlightened.

“That’s right! Let’s do that. We’ll just coax him.”

“The Emperor likes to send his son to the border, right? Then we’ll show him that some people will never want to leave after coming!”

How good would it be to spend time at the border without anyone disciplining him?

Prince De would be here for half a year. During this time, they would coax and play with him, and he would not be admonished. He would probably refuse to return to the capital at the end of it.

“Don’t worry, General. We know what to do.” Deputy General Sun patted his chest confidently.

Coaxing a child to play was a piece of cake. Moreover, he was a spoiled child! He would probably be overjoyed if they told him he was the best.

“General, when will you be leaving?”

“I won’t wait for Prince De to arrive. I’ll set off in ten days,” Qian Jiyun replied.

According to the dates given, Prince De should be able to reach the border in 10 days if he hurried here on his horse as quickly as possible.

However, he was a wealthy second-generation heir. To put it bluntly, he had long been spoiled rotten. He would probably travel leisurely and reach the border after two months.

And if he did not return to the capital in time, the old Emperor would have something to say again.

“When Prince De comes, casually mention to him that some places have serious epidemic disease outbreaks. We can let him take a look,” he instructed.

The deputy generals were speechless.

A wealthy second-generation heir like him would cherish his life dearly. Why would he go to those places?

“Yes, General. We understand.”

“I don’t know when I’ll return from my trip to the capital this time. You are not allowed to clash with any forces at the border,” Qian Jiyun added.

Prince Lei Ting laid motionless in another tent.

The days passed like years. He had heard that Qian Jiyun had written a memorial to the throne reporting all that he had done to the Emperor.

He had been cursing Qian Jiyun in his heart, but he did not dare to provoke him because he was in his territory and could not move freely.

He gritted his teeth, wishing he could skin Qian Jiyun alive.

Unfortunately, he was not capable of that. After Young Master Tan had schemed against him, he fell victim to another assassination attempt in the military camp. His life depended on Qian Jiyun’s protection.

No one would understand why he did not wish to return to the capital.