Chapter 256 - When Do We Take the Oath (5)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:45

“Don’t worry, as long as you spend some time with her, you will definitely fall in love with her.” Ning Yiyuan recalled Mo Chu’s personality. She was really the type of person who would be liked by all the older, middle, and younger generations! She was really good at making people like her!

“So you’re still not willing to give up?” A hint of anger appeared in Elder Ning’s eyes. “Do you really have to make an oath with that little girl and become her Guardian?”

“Yes,” Ning Yiyuan replied indifferently, but the determination in his eyes was not to be underestimated.

“Forget it.” Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Ning Zhenhai quickly stood up and gave Ning Yiyuan a look. “You just came back. You’d better go and rest.”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan looked at Elder Ning’s angry red eyes, thought for a moment, then nodded and walked upstairs.

There was no hurry. He could still slowly plot his next move. As for the matter of swearing an oath, he could make preparations first.

Mo Chu had already returned to District 3.

Other than bringing back the magical plant, the ‘Flower Tree’, her terminal was also filled with all the gifts that the people of District 12 had given her. Her attitude was extremely warm!

However, the happiest was Roundy. It was so happy that he almost burst into tears!

“Owooo–” This is great! She’s finally back.

It had been a whole month since it last had a bite of delicious food! It was even friendly towards Little Flying Fox!

Looking at the two little fellows hugging each other affectionately, Mo Chu and Mo Yang could not help but look at each other. They revealed a knowing smile. They had been extremely busy in District 12 for the past few days. They had also been stuffing their mouths with food, they did not taste anything at all. It was purely to fill their stomachs.

Now that they had the time, they had to cook a sumptuous meal to properly reward everyone.

The seafood that had been sent along with the salt had yet to be processed. Now was a good time to take it out and taste it. After making up his mind, Mo Chu turned around and walked into the kitchen. This action instantly caused the eyes of Roundy and Little Flying Fox to light up!

After taking out eight hairy crabs from the terminal, Mo Chu took out a small brush and washed them one by one. Then, she took out some Water Weed and cut them into sections. She placed them on the bottom of the steaming tray.

After that, she placed the cleaned crab belly facing up and directly placed it on top of the ginger slices to steam. After the pot was opened, she steamed it for 15 minutes.

The remaining Water Weed were cut into small pieces and placed on a small plate. Then, she added a little of her homemade soy sauce and balsamic vinegar as a seasoning.

Finally, she took out the steamed crab and placed it on the plate. This steamed crab was considered a success.

“That’s it?” Mo Yang asked curiously. With this simple process, perhaps he could try it in the future.

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded. Looking at the red hairy crab on the plate, she almost drooled. “You want the freshness of the crab. There’s no need to add too much seasoning, and it doesn’t need to be steamed for too long. Just this taste alone is already very good.”

“Come, take it to the table and try it. It tastes better when it’s hot.” Mo Chu handed the plate to Mo Yang and took the squid out from the terminal. She was ready to make another stir-fried squid to have a seafood meal.

Mo Chu first removed the parts that could not be eaten from the squid, then tore off the skin of the squid. She cut the squid tentacles into small pieces. This way, the squid was considered to be ready.

Then, she blanched the squid with boiling water. During this time, Mo Chu cut the Water Weed into filaments, then cut the chili into sections and put them aside for backup.

She heated the wok and put in a proper amount of oil. She heated it over a high heat and fried the ingredients first. After the fragrance was out, she poured in the squid and the chili and stir-fried them quickly. Finally, she added some salt and pepper to season them.