Chapter 257 - When Do We Take the Oath (6)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:46

Carrying a large plate of fragrant squid out of the kitchen, Mo Chu was surprised to find that Roundy and the other foodies had left the hairy crabs untouched. This was simply too amazing!

“Why aren’t you eating?” Mo Chu asked curiously as she placed the stir-fried squid on the table. Could it be that they were waiting for her to come to the table before they started eating?

Very quickly, Mo Chu realized that she was overthinking things.

“Well…” Mo Yang’s face revealed a rare hint of awkwardness. “We won’t, won’t eat this thing.”

“Ao ao–” Roundy also cried out in a timely manner. This thing was hard and doesn’t smell very fragrant. It definitely doesn’t smell good!

However, when its gaze landed on the stir-fried squid at the side, the saliva immediately dripped down, and its bright red eyes shone brightly!

Seeing its gluttonous appearance, Mo Chu could not help but let out a soft laugh. It was probably because it had not been able to eat anything good for quite some time. Now, the hard shell was making it difficult for Roundy!

“Alright, then you guys eat this first.” She scooped some of the stir-fried squids into Roundy and Little Flying Fox’s bowls. As soon as the remaining plates were placed on the table, the two little fellows began to eat while snorting!

Mo Yang also scooped a piece of squid and fed it to his mouth. Mo Chu used the stir-fried technique and added the chili to remove the fishy smell of the squid completely! Only the crispy and refreshing taste of the squid was left. It was tough and elastic. Coupled with the fragrance of the Chili, it blended into the tip of his tongue. It was an endless enjoyment!

Not to mention the two little ones at the side. Their actions were bold and bold. They directly picked up the bowl and fed it to their mouths!

The stir-fried squid was quickly taken care of.

At this moment, Mo Chu became a teacher and taught them how to eat this hairy crab.

Mo Yang was very smart. He quickly learned from Mo Chu’s actions. At first, he thought that this method of eating was too troublesome. However, when the crab roe entered his mouth, the taste instantly conquered his taste buds. It was delicious, too delicious! Other than these two words, he really could not think of any other adjectives.

Now, he had eaten two of them in a row, and he still wanted more.

On the other hand, Roundy and Little Flying Fox were drooling. Seeing that they were enjoying themselves, their hearts were burning with anxiety. It just so happened that eating crabs was a delicate job. They really had the heart but not the skills. They were so anxious to the side that they cried out!

“Come, try it!” It was Mo Chu who spoonfed the two magical beasts. Just they tasted it, the eyes of the two beasts immediately lit up. As soon as Mo Chu opened the crab, they directly stuffed the crab into their mouths, with a crunching sound, they began to bite. They were so happy that their eyes narrowed.

Following that, the hairy crab successfully entered Roundy’s ‘favorite list’ and became neighbors with the spicy crayfish that it liked.

After a full meal, Mo Chu’s small belly slightly bulged.

Before she could sigh, a familiar heat wave suddenly surged in her body. It was nearly twice as intense as before. Feeling the surging elemental energy in her body, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth could not help but curl upwards.

It seemed that her Spirit Food Shop could serve new dishes again!

After the elemental energy in her body had completely subsided, Mo Chu opened her eyes in joy. These two dishes had allowed her to directly charge up to tier 7, officially stepping into the ranks of the Federation’s first-rate experts.

Mo Yang’s harvest could not compare to Mo Chu’s, but it was not bad either.

The two of them looked at each other, the smiles in their eyes melting together.

After resting for a while, Mo Chu opened the terminal. Thinking carefully, it had been almost a month since he had entered the Spirit Food Shop’s home page. After entering the editing mode, Mo Chu slightly modified the layout of the store, and just refreshed it. Then, the netizens who had been lurking in the comments section all scurried out like cats who had smelled fish!