Chapter 258 - When Do We Take the Oath (7)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:46

“Oh my God, what did I see?”

“Don’t worry, this isn’t just your imagination, I saw it too!”

“The number of Spirit Food has increased! This is too exciting! Does this mean that there will be one more slot every month?”

“Right, shopkeeper, come out quickly and tell us about it!”

These netizens reacted quickly. Mo Chu had just finished modifying the content of the Spirit Food when they realized that the excited comments were popping up one after another!

“I hereby inform you,” Mo Chu typed on the terminal, “Our shop has a new Spirit Food, so the quota of five per month has been increased to six. Thank you for your support!”

“Aiya!” As soon as the announcement was made, everyone was instantly energized! One more quota! They just might be the next lucky person!

“Huh?” Mo Yang watched from the side and asked curiously, “Why didn’t you put that steamed crab on it?”

Whether it was the taste or the effect of increasing elemental ability, it was not bad.

“I wanted to do it.” Mo Chu sighed and spread his hands helplessly. “But the point is, even if I put this dish on it, they won’t eat it!”

If they were like Roundy, and they merely swallowed everything, then the delicacy would be greatly discounted, and the effect of the Spirit Food might be diminished. Her Spirit Food Shop’s reputation would not be justified.

Thinking back to the cute and silly look on their faces when they saw this hairy crab, Mo Yang could not help but agree that Mo Chu’s idea was reasonable.

Suddenly, a ‘ding dong’ sound rang out from the front page.

Opening it, she realized that it was a private message — “I’m sorry, but is there no way to treat my illness?”

Hmm? Mo Chu was stunned at first. When she saw the words ‘Song Qingsong’ at the title, her expression changed!

Oh no! How could she have forgotten about Almighty Song’s illness! It had taken her more than half a month to get to District 12. Could it be that when Song Qingsong saw that there was no movement from her, he thought that he was terminally ill and that he was helpless? This was a huge misunderstanding!

Mo Chu was not wrong. Song Qingsong had been waiting anxiously for almost a month!

His heart was filled with anticipation and worry. Who knew that ‘Domineering Roundy’ would only take away his past medical records and current medical reports, and there would be no more news of them?

With this situation, he could not help but suspect that his illness was too serious, and even Domineering Roundy could not cope with it. In the end, he could only remain silent.

“Young Master, don’t think too much. It will definitely take some time to study this illness, right?” Uncle Wang saw the worried look on Song Qingsong’s face and could not help but console him.

Looking at the silent private message on the terminal, Song Qingsong could not help but laugh bitterly. “Uncle Wang, don’t comfort me. I know about my illness…”

Actually, there were quite a number of people on the Starnet who were paying attention to this matter.

Of course, some of them were looking forward to it, while others were afraid and worried. After all, there were quite a number of people who had bullied Song Qingsong after he was in trouble, so they were naturally feeling uneasy at this moment.

In the end, they did not expect that after being worried for a while, they would discover that other than the initial response, Domineering Roundy had disappeared without a trace. They immediately heaved a sigh of relief. That’s right! It was the genetic collapse disease! How could it be cured so easily?

Just as these people were relaxing, Domineering Roundy actually replied. It was a simple sentence that shocked all the netizens.

“Almighty Song, I already have a treatment plan for your genetic collapse disease. Please contact me as soon as possible.”