Chapter 259 - Lovers’ Day (1)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:47

“Young Master, look!” Uncle Wang suddenly exclaimed. His eyes shone with ecstasy, and the finger pointing at the terminal trembled slightly.

What’s wrong? Song Qingsong turned his head when he heard the voice. When his gaze fell on the reply on the terminal, his originally gloomy eyes suddenly lit up!

“Young Master, there’s a treatment plan.” A simple line of words on the terminal almost made Uncle Wang cry with joy. His eyes were slightly red. “There’s definitely no problem this time. Your illness will definitely be cured!”

“He replied. He actually replied.” Looking at the conversation that popped up on the screen, Song Qingsong felt as if he had seen a ray of light from the darkness. At this moment, he did not know that this ray of light was enough to light up his entire life.

“That’s right.” Uncle Wang was also extremely excited at this moment. He did not forget to remind him, “Young Master, hurry up and reply.”

That’s right. Song Singsong nodded.

His fingers tapped on the terminal. He was obviously very familiar with typing, but because his hands were shaking, he struggled to finish his sentence. It took him almost half a minute to type the word ‘Okay’.

“I’m sorry.” Seeing Song Qingsong’s response, Mo Chu pursed her lips. “Something happened earlier and I couldn’t get to the terminal in time. I’ve made you wait for a long time, right?”

“It’s fine.” Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Song Qingsong replied much faster this time. “Um… Can my illness really be treated?”

Even when he saw the words on the terminal, he still could not believe it. He had visited so many medical experts over the past ten years, but none of them were optimistic about his illness.

“Yes.” Domineering Roundy’s attitude was very straightforward and sincere. “The treatment plan is available, but the success rate is only 50% . Are you willing to accept it?”

Song Qingsong was stunned, but Uncle Wang, who was standing at the side, was the first to become anxious. “Young Master, don’t worry. When Domineering Roundy treated big neck disease, he said that the success rate was only 50%. In the end, he easily cured it. Your illness will definitely be fine!”

When he heard this, Song Qingsong’s eyes lit up even more. However, he had too many failures in the past, so he had to suppress the excitement in his heart and calm down. “I’m willing to accept the treatment.”

This conversation naturally attracted the attention of countless netizens. When Song Qingsong said this, even Mo Yang, who was on the other end of the terminal, heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Yang still trusted his sister very much. Little Chu said that there was a 50% success rate, but in reality, he had a 60-70% chance of success. When he thought about how his idol could return to the altar and continue to shine, Mo Yang’s heart was filled with excitement!

“Very good.” The corners of Mo Chu’s mouth curled up as she told him her plan. “I will first give you a set of Medicinal Cuisine. You will take it three times a day. During this period, do not take any medicinal pills. After that, send me your latest body report every other day. I will then change the contents of the Medicinal Cuisine in a timely manner.”

Previously, Mo Chu was still troubled by this illness!

However, she was gradually getting to know more about it. According to the physical examination report, there were no problems with Almighty Song’s physiology. However, his special ability was gradually declining. This was very likely due to him taking Federation food for a long period of time. This caused his genes to have a certain level of flaw. Before this, it had not been exposed, so it was fine. However, once he encountered a triggering point, it would flare up.

Previously, Song Qingsong had described to Mo Chu in detail the process of his illness as well as the cause of his illness. The most crucial point was that during those few days, he had continuously taken a medicinal pill produced by the Qiao Family. It was said that it could increase his cultivation and could also increase his affinity with the elements.