Chapter 260 - Lovers’ Day (2)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:47

Mo Chu also looked up this pill on the Starnet. The recipe was kept secret, and only the main ingredients were announced.

One of them was the ‘Blood Ginseng Vine’.

This thing was a bit like the ginseng of the 21st century. It was definitely a great tonic. After taking this thing for a long time, it could indeed increase one’s cultivation. However, taking too much would lead to overkill.

This was what happened to Almighty Song.

It was like a half-filled water bag. When you add water to it, in the beginning, you would naturally see the water level rise. The effect was obvious. However, in the end, the water bag simply could not hold it anymore. With a ‘pop’, a hole was created! Not to mention the water that was added, even the first half of the bag of water would flow out!

Mo Chu had to find a way to fill this hole in him right now!

“I can’t take any medicinal pills?” Looking at Domineering Roundy’s request on the terminal, Song Qingsong was slightly taken aback. Although he felt that it was strange, he still agreed in the end. “Alright, I understand.”

As for Mo Chu’s side, she had already started preparing the Medicinal Cuisine for Almighty Song.

Mo Yang was still somewhat unable to recover from his shock as he asked in astonishment, “So you’re saying that the medicinal pill that the Qiao Family produced was the direct cause of Almighty Song’s genetic collapse?”

One had to know that the Qiao Family was an aristocratic family of medicinal pills. In the entire Federation, no one had ever dared to question the quality of the medicinal pills produced by them.

“Yes.” Mo Chu nodded. Seeing that her Big Brother had yet to recover from this, she added, “Does it make sense? We only need to see if Almighty Song’s condition has improved after eating this medicinal meal.”

Mo Yang thought for a moment, it really made sense!

After Little Flying Fox sent away Almighty Song’s medicinal meal, Mo Chu finally heaved a sigh of relief. Lying on the sofa, she closed her eyes to rest.

In the end, she only squinted for a short while before opening her eyes to look!

Damn! A big face was right in front of her!

Mo Chu was so scared that she immediately straightened her body. After taking a closer look, she relaxed. “Qin Yue, what are you doing? You scared me!”

“Hey, I was just worried about you guys.” Qin Yue took a few steps back and looked at her carefully. When he saw that she was safe and sound, his heart finally relaxed. He clicked his tongue and sighed. “That’s true. You’re Lucky Star. What could happen to you?”

Then, he sat down next to Mo Chu and opened the terminal. “Haven’t you been to District 12 recently? I guess you don’t have the time to watch the reality show that we shot.”

“Let me tell you, we are now completely famous!” When this topic was brought up, Qin Yue’s face lit up, his thick brows and large eyes brimming with excitement.

“During the month that you guys went to District 12, the second season of ‘Who Is the Strongest?’ has already been broadcasted to the third episode. The number of people watching it online has already reached 60 million. This is simply a record in the history of the Federation’s entertainment industry!”

Thinking about it carefully, it was incredible! This meant that two-thirds of the people in the entire Federation already knew them!

“Look!” Seeing Mo Chu’s curious look, Qin Yue’s desire to confide grew even stronger. His finger swiped a few times on the terminal. “There’s even someone who specially created the popularity rankings for the few of us online!”

Mo Chu took a closer look!

The first place was naturally the famous Almighty Song.

What Mo Chu did not expect that she was the second place on the popularity ranking!

“Yeah.” Qin Yue also looked as if he was proud of himself, “Your nickname o Lucky Star is getting more and more famous now. Look at this ranking, it has trampled over quite a few popular movie stars. You’re bringing glory to our group!”