Chapter 262 - Lovers’ Day (4)

The Domineering Glutton Of The Future Yan Shi 2022/9/13 16:31:48

“Yes.” Mo Yang softly explained from the side, “These masks were drawn by the shop owners themselves. There won’t be any duplicates.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu took a closer look. It was indeed so! The magical plants and magical beasts on the masks were all different. None of them were duplicates.

“However, there will always be one or two types of masks sold by so many shops that will overlap. If we encounter the same magical plants or magical beasts on the masks while we are parading on the streets, we will tacitly agree to play together.”

Oh… upon hearing this, Mo Chu finally understood. It was like an invisible pairing?

Then, he looked at Qin Yue beside him, and his choice was extremely complicated!

After choosing left and right, there were still three masks left in his hands. Unable to make up his mind, he could only look at Mo Chu. “Little Chu, come, help me take a look. Which one is better?”

Mo Chu took a closer look and could not help but frown slightly.

These three were all gorgeous flower-shaped magical plants. They were indeed beautiful, but if they were paired with Qin Yue’s burly face, it would be a little strange.

“You like this kind of style?” Mo Chu swallowed her saliva and only asked after a long time. In her opinion, Qin Yue should have chosen the kind of fierce and powerful magical beast. Why would he choose such a soft flower?

“What do you know?” Qin Yue gave Mo Chu a look and whispered into her ear, “I’ve put in a lot of effort. Girls will definitely choose this kind of magical plant. At that time, won’t we be able to play together?”

Oh… So this was Qin Yue’s strategy!

“However,” Mo Chu thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “What if most girls deliberately choose a fierce magical beast mask in order to pair with the boy they like?”

Qin Yue was instantly dumbfounded when he heard Mo Chu’s words. That’s right, why did he not think of this?!

“Forget it, Little Chu, you’d better pick one quickly.”Looking at Qin Yue’s dumbfounded look, Mo Yang couldn’t help but chuckle, “Speaking of which, this is your first time participating in this festival! It’ll be more lively and fun when there are more people!”

Hearing Mo Yang’s words, Mo Chu was somewhat interested.

She looked around the shop and suddenly saw a mask on the top of the shop. Her eyes lit up, “I want that!”

The shop owner took off the mask and handed it to Mo Chu awkwardly. “Do you really want this? This is the old one from last year. It hasn’t been sold yet.”

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Qin Yue curiously looked over, “No wonder! This Blood Luminescent Beast is famous for its cruelty and ferocity. Ordinary people really wouldn’t dare to take this thing. Mo Chu, if you wear this mask, prepare to go alone tonight!”

That’s right! The mask in Mo Chu’s hand coincidentally had the Blood Luminescent Beast drawing on it!

Different from Roundy’s usual gluttonous and cute appearance, this Blood Luminescent Beast’s face was ferocious and scary. That bloodthirsty and cruel aura seemed to be gushing out from this mask. However, that pair of bright red eyes showed that it and Roundy were of the same race.

“I’ll take this.” Mo Chu smiled and wore the mask on her face with great interest, only revealing a pair of clear black eyes and tender lips.

Seeing that Mo Chu had already put on the mask, Mo Yang also casually took one.

In the end, only Qin Yue was still in a dilemma!

He could not help but mutter, “Err… This one is more beautiful, girls should like this one. No, the color of this one is also not bad. Sigh, no! If this really goes according to what Mo Chu said, wouldn’t I be parading on the streets with a burly man?”

Thinking of that scene, Qin Yue was so scared that his whole body shivered! No, this was too scary. In the end, he simply chose a magical beast mask and put it on his face.