Chapter 263 - Lovers’ Day (5)

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Chapter 263: Lovers’ Day (5)

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After the preparations were done, they walked towards the center of the street.

It was indeed very lively!

At this moment, Mo Chu was looking around excitedly. There were all kinds of lights on both sides of the road. The streets were colorful and noisy, and everyone wore a different mask. It was very novel and interesting!

Qin Yue kept looking left and right, hoping to find a beauty who wore the same mask as him!

“Mo Chu, I was wrong!” Not long after he left, Qin Yue’s depressed voice sounded.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Chu turned around and asked.

“Look!” Qin Yue pointed to the middle of the road.

There were people coming and going around. “What are you looking at?”

“Look at that girl!” Qin Yue’s voice was filled with regret. “That girl’s mask is obviously a pair with the one I chose just now! I actually missed her!”

“Look at her figure. She must be a gentle and soft girl. God, how could I miss her?”

“Hmm…” Mo Chu opened his mouth helplessly. There were so many people here. She didn’t see any girl at all, okay?

“Forget it, let’s go forward,” Mo Yang comforted him, “Maybe we’ll meet someone better later!”

“Sigh, I have no choice but to do that.” Qin Yue sighed softly and followed behind them silently.

After following the crowd for about ten minutes, Mo Chu suddenly raised her head curiously. “What’s that?”

There were quite a number of masked people standing on the high platform. Judging from their figures, they should all be girls.

“Oh.” Seeing this situation, Qin Yue instantly perked up. He did not look as dejected as before. “This is a beauty contest.”

“Beauty contest?” Mo Chu was stunned. “But they’re all wearing masks. How are they going to compete in beauty contest?”

“Sigh!” Qin Yue glared at Mo Chu in disappointment. “This beauty contest is naturally different from ordinary beauty contests. It’s not just about looks, it’s also about quality in all aspects.”

“Oh, why?” Mo Chu asked curiously.

“The competition here is huge. Usually, the confident girls will automatically sign up to participate. After three rounds of selection, only three girls are left. Only at this time will the masks on their faces be removed and the first, second, and third places will be determined according to their looks.”

“The top three will not only get prize money, but they will also be able to choose a man to be their companion for today’s game.”

“Sigh!” As he said this, Qin Yue couldn ot help but sigh. “It’s such a good thing, but why isn’t there a men’s competition?”

If that was the case, why would he need to spend so much effort choosing a mask?

Suddenly, Qin Yue’s eyes lit up, “Little Chu, why don’t you go and try it?”

“No, I don’t want to go.” Mo Chu shook her head with a look of refusal. “I’m not interested in this…”

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“What do you mean by not going? Are you afraid of embarrassing yourself?” Before Mo Chu could finish his sentence, a female voice suddenly came from the side. “That’s true. You really don’t stand a chance when it comes to beauty contests!”

When they heard the voice, they looked over. A slim woman was standing beside them. Her eyes were filled with disgust and disdain when she looked at Mo Chu.

Damn it! Didn’t this girl go to District 12? How could she still be fine and unharmed like this? She was really lucky!

Mo Chu’s eyes narrowed. “You are… Qiao Hongmei?”

“Hmph!” A familiar cold snort sounded. It was indeed her. They were really enemies. How could they bump into each other like this!

“Heh, if you can dare to do it, then go ahead! Don’t spout nonsense here!” Qin Yue could not stand seeing her like this. His expression immediately changed as he coldly mocked her.

“Of course I dare.” Qiao Hongmei’s eyes rolled. Qiao Hongmei had always been very confident in her own charm. “But does Mo Chu have the guts? If she were to be eliminated in the first round, how embarrassing would that be!”

How Could Qin Yue endure these words? He immediately replied, “Little Chu, let’s go!”

“Really?” Qiao Hongmei did not expect her goading method to work so quickly. This Qin Yue was really a brainless boor! Hmph! She wanted to take this opportunity to ruthlessly stomp on Mo Chu in front of everyone, and to show them who was the most powerful.

“Alright, I’ll sign up.” Meeting Qin Yue’s expectant gaze, the corners of Mo Chu’s mouth could not help but curl up into a smile. When his gaze landed on Qiao Hongmei, it became even colder.

This person had provoked her time and time again. Did Qiao Hongmei really think that she could bully her? Since she was so confident, Mo Chu was ready to defeat her again!