Chapter 551 - It Can Only Be Me!

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Chapter 551: It Can Only Be Me!

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Now that the Song Family was in trouble, they came looking for Song Qingsong to ask for his help… even at his age, Song Tianshan still felt a little embarrassed.

“Uncle Shan, it’s fine. Just say it.”

Song Qingsong’s lips curled up slightly. This small action of his caused his handsome features to reveal an indescribable elegance. He was like a celestial being, exceptionally handsome… For a moment, even Song Tianshan felt dazzled!

The feelings in his heart were extremely complicated!

This outstanding child was originally from the Song Family, but now, it was the will of heaven playing tricks on him. Sigh…

“Um, I heard from the Family Head that… the Song Family seems to have offended Commander Ning.” Meeting Song Qingsong’s clear eyes, Song Tianshan could not help but lower his head slightly, and his voice became weaker and weaker. “Can you see if you can use Mo Chu to plead with Commander Ning to let us off this time…”

“… Offend Ning Yiyuan?”

Song Qingsong muttered a few words, his expression slightly restrained. After a while, he asked, “What is the leverage Ning Yiyuan have… over the Song Family?”

If they had simply offended Ning Yiyuan, why would the Song Family be so flustered? They had even come to him!

They had obviously made a huge mistake and ended up in Ning Yiyuan’s hands!

“Leverage?” Hearing this, Song Tianshan could not help but be stunned for a moment. Obviously, he did not know the inside story. He shook his head and said, “Umm… I’m not sure.”

“Uncle Shan,” Song Qingsong raised his head and said seriously, “You should know that my relationship with the Song Family isn’t good. I’m afraid… I don’t have the magnanimity to plead for them!”

“I still remember clearly how the Song Family treated me back then!” As he said this, Song Qingsong’s eyes could not help but darken. “To be honest, if you hadn’t pleaded for them today, I would definitely have given them a good beating!”

In other words, regarding the matter of the Song Family, it was already good enough that he did not take the initiative to add fuel to the fire, let alone think that he would do anything for the Song Family.

“Song Qingsong! Do you have a conscience?!”

Before Song Tianshan could speak, an angry shout sounded from the side first!

Turning around, Song Tiancheng was walking out from the Drive Machine Machine at the side. His face was red with anger as he walked toward them with anger!

Song Tiancheng originally thought that by playing the family card and letting Song Tianshan take action, Song Qingsong would definitely waver. When the time came, he would know the pros and cons, and this matter should be settled.

However, he had never expected Song Qingsong’s attitude to be so resolute! His hatred towards the Song Family had actually reached such an extent!

From what he had said just now… He really was an unfilial grandson!

“Song Qingsong.” Song Tiancheng walked in front of them and pointed at him with a face full of disappointment. He shouted angrily, “Tell me, how did the Song Family let you down?”

In Song Tiancheng’s mind, they had done their best to nurture Song Qingsong, and that was already very benevolent. After that, he suffered from a genetic collapse, so the family naturally could not provide him with resources.

And Song Qingsong, whose strength was declining day by day, could no longer survive in the family. Leaving was his only choice…

In short, their Song Family did not make any mistakes in dealing with Song Qingsong!

“… Heh!” Song Qingsong was stunned by Song Tiancheng’s brazen shamelessness for a few seconds before he could laugh. His tone was full of mockery. “Not bad, not bad! It’s indeed the typical style of the Song Family. They invert black and white, don’t distinguish right from wrong, and play it so thoroughly! Family Head Song is even more outstanding among them!”

Song Tiancheng was usually a person who was highly praised and respected by people. Who would have thought that he would encounter two troublemakers today!

One was Ning Yiyuan, and the other was naturally Song Qingsong!

It was fine with Ning Yiyuan. After all, his status was high, and he had something on them. He could not directly confront Ning Yiyuan!

But what about Song Qingsong?

He was just a junior who was expelled from the Song Family. How dare he treat him like this?

Sensing that his authority was being challenged, Song Tiancheng’s face darkened, and there was a hint of threat in his voice. “Song Qingsong, are you really not going to help me with this?”

“Hmph!” Song Qingsong snorted coldly. “It’s understandable that Family Head Song’s hearing is declining due to his age… Then I’ll say it again. I absolutely… won’t do anything for the Song Family!”

Song Qingsong’s resolute attitude made Song Tiancheng’s hair stand on end!

He had prepared a few soft words to persuade Song Qingsong, but now, they were all cast aside!

The Song Family had not collapsed yet! Song Qingsong dared to humiliate them like this. Did he really think that the Song Family had nothing left?

Song Tiancheng waved his hand, and several experts walked out from the Drive Machine behind him. They all stared at Song Qingsong covetously…

“Bring him back!” Song Tiancheng growled and stood at the side with his hands behind his back.

He had a shrewd plan in his mind. Since Song Qingsong was not willing to help them plead for mercy, then forcefully bringing Song Qingsong back would have the same effect!

After all, with him in the Song Family, Ning Yiyuan would naturally be wary of taking action, and they would also have a chance at survival.

Seeing this scene, Song Tianshan’s expression changed. He hurriedly went forward to stop him. “Big Brother! What are you planning to do? Can’t we talk things out properly? Do you have to take action?”

“Do you think I want to do this?” Song Tiancheng raised his head to look at his cousin and sighed softly, “To tell you the truth, our Song Family has really reached a life and death juncture this time. Whether you want to protect Song Qingsong or our family, you can decide for yourself!”

Once these words were said, Song Tianshan stiffened. He said in a serious voice, “Big Brother, our Song Family… What exactly happened?”

“Don’t worry about it!” Song Tiancheng waved his hand at him. “In any case, we won’t mistreat Song Qingsong this time. Don’t worry!”

“Really?” Song Tianshan still did not believe it.

“Yes!” Song Tiancheng glanced at Song Qingsong, and his voice slowed down slightly. “Isn’t he not married yet? Once we return, we’ll set him up with a female with a B gene rank. That way, he can start a family and start a business as soon as possible!”

As long as they tied Song Qingsong to their boat, he did not believe that Ning Yiyuan would really dare to clash head-on with them!

After carefully weighing the pros and cons, Song Tianshan hesitated. In his heart, he had always wanted Song Qingsong to return to the Song Family. Perhaps this was the best opportunity…

“If Song Qingsong really gets married…” Along with the sound of footsteps, a handsome and slender figure appeared before everyone. “Then that person he marries… can only be me!”

Upon hearing these arrogant words and seeing Mo Yang suddenly appear at the door, Song Tiancheng and the others could not help but reveal a few traces of shock on their faces!

This… what was going on with this Mo Yang?

Could it be… their gazes swept over Song Qingsong and Mo Yang, and the astonishment on their faces could not be hidden at all!