Chapter 553 - Pregnancy Made Me Become an Idiot

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Chapter 553: Pregnancy Made Me Become an Idiot

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Worry was worry, but everyone still had to rack their brains to think of a way.

Probably before this, no one would have thought that such a group of people with high status and extraordinary abilities would be stumped by such a simple word ‘pregnancy vomiting’!

However, the reality could not be ignored. As time passed, Mo Chu’s pregnancy vomiting became more and more serious..

At first, she only vomited, and her appetite was quite good.

But now, she could not even smell the food anymore!

She had just put the prepared Spirit Food into her mouth, and before she could swallow it, she could not help but turn it upside down! Then, she held that special small basin and vomited until the sky was dark, and the sun and moon were dim…

“Why don’t you try this again, Little Chu?”

Ning Yiyuan tiptoed and took out a few light dishes from the kitchen and carefully asked.

Tell me, how can she not eat?

Not to mention that Little Chu was pregnant with a child, even an ordinary person would not be able to withstand it!

For this matter, Ning Yiyuan directly transformed into a ‘home cook’. Apart from working time, he basically spent all his time in the kitchen, studying all kinds of dishes!

Of course, because of this, his cooking skills skyrocketed, and he was almost on par with the great master, Mo Chu.

You don’t believe me? Look!

In the middle of the dining table was a bowl of chicken soup. The oil had already been removed, leaving behind only a faint fragrance and mellow taste. These wisps of fragrance directly entered one’s nose, making one unable to help but drool!

The remaining few dishes were also slightly bland, but after a careful taste, they were full of freshness! Each and every one of them looked extremely lively and lively. It was very pleasant!

It was not an exaggeration to say that in terms of color, aroma, and smell, the dishes on this table could definitely score more than 90 points.

If it was anyone else, they might not have been able to control themselves and would have rushed forward to snatch the dishes!

Little Chu, who was not far away, could not help but shrug her nose, feeling a little hungry…

To be honest, she was really hungry!

There was not a single thing left in her stomach. When she saw these few dishes, her eyes lit up!

However, her hands subconsciously held the small basin tightly, ready to welcome the arrival of vomiting at any moment!

When she saw Little Chu’s casual action, Ning Yiyuan could not help but feel a tinge of sourness in his nose!

Look, what kind of torture did this have on his little wife? It was a conditioned reflex!

“… then let me have a taste?” Mo Chu pursed her lips. Although she was extremely hungry, the feeling of vomiting from before was too unbearable. It made her feel a lingering fear!

However, she herself knew that she was pregnant! How could she not have nutrition input?

Even if she vomited again, she had to try to eat it!

“How about this, I’ll feed you.”

How could ning Yiyuan bear to let Mo Chu suffer?

He sat down next to her and started serving her.

First, he scooped up a spoonful of chicken soup, then he took a bowl and carefully brought it to Mo Chu’s mouth…

The fragrant chicken soup was boiling with steam. One look and one could tell that it was very appetizing! However, when the fragrance entered Mo Chu’s nose, it was somehow greasy.

With a slight frown, Mo Chu opened her mouth and drank it. However, before she could feel the delicious taste of the chicken soup, another familiar and intense feeling of vomiting assaulted his heart!

Mo Chu hurriedly pushed away Ning Yiyuan’s hand and moved the small basin over. She opened her mouth and groaned, “Urgh–”

She had just swallowed half a mouthful of chicken soup with great difficulty, and now she had vomited it all out!

Not only that, because Mo Chu could not eat anything during this period of time. Her stomach was basically empty. After he vomited, it was purely dry vomiting. She almost vomited the bile out!

“Tsk! Why can’t I eat?”

Ning Yiyuan frowned in frustration. She patted Mo Chu’s back with a heartache and even took a piece of paper to wipe the corner of her mouth.

During this period of time, in order to let Mo Chu eat something, Ning Yiyuan used up all of his cooking skills. The taste of her cooking went from spicy to light

However, Mo Chu could not eat it. The moment she smelled the food, she began to vomit. With this, not only did she lose his appetite, but she also suffered a lot!

“How is it? Do you feel better?”

Ning Yiyuan Fed Little Chu a whole cup of warm water. Only then did she recover.

“Still… uncomfortable…” Mo Chu’s voice carried some grievance. At this moment, she was leaning weakly on the sofa.

Tell me, how could this not be uncomfortable?

Mo Chu was a foodie to begin with. Otherwise, he would notoo have cooked up so much food!

But now that she was pregnant, her morning sickness was intense! Looking at the delicious food in front of her, she could not eat it, and she was craving for it!

This feeling was simply torturous!

Ning Yiyuan watched from the side and was also worried!

At first, he was worried because Mo Chu’s appetite was too good, and he even stopped her from eating too much!

After a short while, the situation had been reversed. It was not that Little Chu ate too much, but she simply could not eat it!

Because of this, the old mansion, which was originally cheerful, suddenly became gloomy..

Even Elder Ning, who had always pretended to be arrogant, could not be happy! When he saw this, he contacted his friends and asked them to help him find something to stop vomiting.

But the point was that no one in the entire galaxy had been pregnant for more than a hundred years. Who would have the time to pay attention to this?

If they were to look for something to stop vomiting now, there was no way to start…

“Ning Yiyuan, take these dishes… take them away, take them all away!” Mo Chu buried her head in Ning Yiyuan’s embrace, her voice was a little blurry.

If she were to look at the food again… the taste was too unbearable!

“Alright, bring it down. I’ll bring it down right away!” Ning Yiyuan nodded and quickly gestured to Zhong Wen who was beside him.

Thus, the few steaming dishes on the table were brought down.

“Alright, alright. The dishes are all brought down. Don’t feel bad, okay?” Ning Yiyuan coaxed Mo Chu gently. It was as if he was hugging a big doll as he carried her like a princess. His right hand was even gently patting her back. His actions were so gentle and affectionate!

Zhong Wen and the others were already used to it.

However, this was the first time Uncle Wang, who had come with Song Qingsong, had seen such a scene. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

Commander Ning, whose fame had spread throughout the entire Federation, actually looked like a loyal dog at home?!

The contrast could not be any more obvious, alright? I was so scared that I almost could not breathe!

Mo Chu inadvertently caught a glimpse of Uncle Wang’s shocked expression and could not help but blush. She quickly pushed Ning Yiyuan’s chest and said in a low voice, “Okay, don’t hug me anymore. Let me sit up for a while.”

“… Okay.” Ning Yiyuan was stunned for a moment and quickly agreed. However, his slightly sharp eyes took advantage of the situation to glance at Uncle Wang.

With this glance, what else could uncle Wang not understand?

He immediately collected his emotions and put on a serious look.

Ning Yiyuan put Mo Chu down and leaned against the sofa. Just as he raised his head, he saw his big brother and Almighty Song’s hands under their sleeves… tightly clasped together!

Hmm… could it be that she was so hungry that she was dizzy and had seen wrongly?

Mo Chu even stupidly raised his hand and rubbed her eyes with all her might. She focused her eyes and looked again!

It was not her imagination!

These two people’s hands were really clasped together!

Mo Chu’s heart instantly trembled, and an ambiguous smile appeared on her face. “Big Brother… What’s going on between you and Almighty Song? Don’t you have to explain yourself?”

The two of them had sneaked across the border without letting anyone know!

If it was not for her sharp eyes, who knew how long they would have to hide it?

“Explain? What’s there to explain?” Mo Yang chuckled. He turned to look at Almighty song, and his voice softened. “Isn’t it just the two of us together?”

Aiya! Look at the way the two of them looked at each other, it was so clingy!

Mo Chu laughed happily!

“Still laughing?” When Mo Yang turned his head, he caught Mo Chu’s small expression. “You… you should pay more attention to your own problems. You can’t eat anything, what’s going on?”

Toward the end, Mo Yang could not help but frown!

“I don’t want to either.” Mo Chu sighed helplessly at the mention of this topic. “But the key is that the body wants to rebel!”

How could she control such a strong and natural physiological reaction? She also felt uncomfortable!

“Don’t worry, we’ll think of a way.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and rubbed Mo Chu’s head, comforting her softly.

But to be honest, among so many people, the one who was the most anxious was probably Ning Yiyuan himself!

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded with a smile. Anyway, she had never heard of a pregnant woman who would vomit for eight or nine months. At most, she would be able to get through this period!

There seemed to be something… wrong?

Mo Chu suddenly came to her senses and stared at Ning Yiyuan and Zhong Wen with a slightly surprised gaze. Why were these people so calm about the matter between Mo Yang and Almighty Song? Could it be…

“You already knew about my brother and Almighty song?”

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan, Zhong Wen, and the others nodded one after another with indifferent expressions.

“Did my brother tell you? Or did you discover it on your own?”

“They’ve already made it so obvious. How could you not see it?” Zhong Wen smiled and continued.

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu’s face instantly darkened.

It’s over, it’s over, she did not see it at all! Could it really be that her pregnancy made her an idiot?