Chapter 289 - The Zhou family Making Trouble

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“Lin Yiwei, you bastard! How dare you introduce your village’s jinx to buy my family’s land?”

In front of Lin Yiwei’s house, a dark and thin woman stood with one hand on her waist and the other pointing angrily at Lin Yiwei’s house. The expression on her face was unusually angry. She cried and complained, “What are you up to? Look at what you’ve done to my husband. My dear, you’ve really suffered…”

As she spoke, she squatted down and hugged Zhou Ping, who was lying on the ground and started crying.

Everyone looked over and was shocked. Zhou Ping’s face was deathly pale, and his body was hunched over. His legs were wrapped in an old cloth, and it looked like his legs were injured. He was unconscious.

“Father, you don’t deserve this.” Zhou Lin, who was standing behind Zhou Ping, immediately cried and complained, “We just sold our land to them. Why would we be jinxed? Now you’ve broken your leg and almost lost your life. Now we don’t have land or money. What should we do, father?”

“Husband, what should we do?” Madam Zhou cried even louder as she complained, “just because we sold our land to a jinx, we got into this trouble for no reason. We don’t even have the money to treat you now. What is my son and I going to do?”

The people who were watching the show understood the reason.

From what they said, it seemed that the Lin family Village’s jinx, Lin Yuelan, had bought their family’s land. Lin Yuelan cursed them, and now they were making a scene.

‘The jinx has bought some fields? When did she do that?’

For farmers, the fields were the foundation of the family. Having land was more worth it than having money.

Therefore, when they heard that Lin Yuelan had bought land, they felt jealous and envious. If this was Lin Yuelan from the post, they would think of ways to occupy her land. But the Lin Yuelan of the present made them afraid. Other than cursing in their hearts, they could not do anything else.

Liu Liujiao was always there wherever there was a commotion. She looked around carefully. After making sure that there was no sign of a certain someone, she immediately asked loudly, “Hey, which village are you guys from?” Since no one in the Lin Family Village heard about the jinx buying land, so she must have bought the land from the other villages.

“Zhou Family Village!” Zhou Lin quickly replied.

Liu Liujiao asked again, “did you really sell your own fields to that jinx? Why?”

Liu Liujiao had recovered from the shock of spending one night on Mount Da Ao. However, after she recovered, what she gained was not self-reflection but the need to take revenge. She would take revenge on Lin Yuelan no matter what. However, the chance of her succeeding was very low. Unfortunately, Liu Liujiao didn’t have that self-awareness.

Madam Zhou said, “I didn’t know that my family’s land was sold to your village’s jinx. Your village chief came and bought my family’s land at a low price. Now my family is in deep trouble!” She stood up again and shouted at Lin Yiwei’s door, “Lin Yiwei, you coward! Come out now!”

Lin Yiwei was the chief and was respected by the Lin family Village.

Even if he was biased towards Lin Yuelan, he was still respected by the people in the village.

When Zhou Ping’s scolded Lin Yiwei, the villagers were not happy.

“Woman, how can you call our village chief a coward? Your field was sold to the jinx, so you should go and bother her. Why are you making a scene here instead?”

“If you insult our chief again, you can go back to your village!”

Zhou Lin and his mother were shocked when they heard the villagers.

Madam Zhou immediately said timidly, “It was your village chief’s idea for us to sell our family land to your jinx.” In other words, he was responsible for their bad luck too.