Chapter 290 - The Zhou Family Making Trouble

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Some villagers respected Lin Yiwei, but of course, there were also some who disliked him. This became more obvious when Lin Yiwei showed a clear bias toward Lin Yuelan.

Liu Liujiao asked, “Doesn’t our chief tell you that the person who bought your family’s land is the jinx of our village?”

“No, not at all!” Mrs. Zhou and her son, Zhou Lin, immediately shook their heads.

Liu Liujiao was very satisfied with this answer. She immediately said sarcastically, “this is the village chief’s fault. Even if he was biased towards that girl, he couldn’t keep this a secret, right? Doesn’t he know that the jinx will curse anyone who gets too close to her? Hasn’t he learned the lesson with his own family?” She was talking about Lin Mingqing.

At that moment, the door to Lin Yiwei’s courtyard opened.

Lin Yiwei and his eldest son, Lin Mingliang, happened to hear Liu Liujiao’s last sentence.

Lin Mingliang was furious. He yelled at Liu Liujiao, “Liu Liujiao, we don’t need you to meddle in our family affairs!”

Lin Yiwei’s sharp eyes also swept across Liu Liujiao’s face. His calm and dignified aura made Liu Liujiao panic.

She just wanted to ruin Lin Yiwei’s image in front of the villagers, but she didn’t want to really offend him. Everyone knew that the village chief could easily make their lives miserable if he wanted to.

Liu Liujiao backed off guiltily and shut up.

Lin Yiwei only gave Liu Liujiao a sharp look, then asked Zhou Ping’s wife and Zhou Lin, “what’s going on?”

Lin Yiwei was feeding his younger son at home. Then, he heard a commotion outside, so he followed his eldest son out to take a look. He was shocked to hear Liu Liujiao demeaning him before he came out.

However, when he saw Zhou Ping’s family of three, he frowned and did not know what was going on.

As soon as Madam Zhou saw Lin Yiwei come out, she lowered her head and was slightly happy.

Then, she pointed at Lin Yiwei’s nose and scolded him bitterly, “Lin Yiwei, what are you trying to do? How dare you introduce your village jinx to buy my family’s land? Are you trying to get my whole family killed?”

When Lin Mingliang saw Madam Zhou pointing at his father and scolding him, he immediately shouted angrily, “Shut up!”

Madam Zhou immediately knelt down and hugged Zhou Ping’s head. She cried, “Husband, wake up! Look at how our family has been bullied. No one is standing up for us…”

As Lin Yiwei listened, there was a faint trace of anger on his face. However, his good upbringing made sure that he didn’t lose his temper.

He asked again, “Zhou Ping’s family, explain yourself clearly. What do you mean by I’ve harmed you? I am a righteous man. What have I done to you?”

Zhou Lin seemed to have been waiting for Lin Yiwei to say this. His face was instantly filled with anger, and he shouted, “Lin Yiwei, you know that the person you brought to buy our land is a jinx. Why didn’t you say anything? Look at what had happened. Your jinx caused my father’s leg to be broken. He’s still in a coma because of poor treatment. ”

Hearing this, Lin Yiwei’s face darkened. He said sternly to Zhou Ping’s wife, “Zhou Ping’s wife, when your family wanted to sell your land, I told you that the buyer is a young lady from my village. She has a bad reputation and is known as the jinx. However, you were in a hurry to get the money, so you agreed to sell without thinking. ”

As he said this, his sharp and majestic eyes shot toward Zhou Ping’s wife.

Madam Zhou’s eyes flickered, and a look of panic flashed across her face. At this moment, she could not admit that Lin Yiwei was telling the truth.

She gritted her teeth and said, “no, you definitely didn’t say that!”

After all, only Lin Yiwei, Zhou Ping, Zhou Ping’s wife, and Lin Yuelan were there that day. As long as they did not admit it, no one could prove that Lin Yiwei had said it.

Zhou Lin seemed to be even more furious now.

He pointed at Lin Yiwei and shouted, “Lin Yiwei, don’t think that you can force my parents to admit to your falsehood because you’re the chief of the Lin family Village! You clearly tried to scam my family. My father’s injury is caused by you!”