Chapter 294 - Cold-blooded and Heartless?

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Lin Yuelan felt that the time was right to treat Lin Mingqing.

Since the Zhou family had come to cause trouble and said that she was the one who had caused Lin Mingqing’s incident, why not take advantage of the situation and tell everyone about this news?

Lin Yiwei couldn’t suppress his excitement. He walked to Lin Yuelan and asked in a trembling voice, “girl, are you serious? Is it true?”

Lin Mingliang had the same excited expression as his father, and he couldn’t suppress his joy as he asked, “Lan ‘Er, can you really cure little brother?”

The crowd was completely silent. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for Lin Yuelan’s answer.

Lin Yiwei had invited many doctors to look at Lin Mingqing. Even their family from Beijing had sent the best doctors over. However, all of them only frowned and shook their heads. Gradually, everyone accepted the fact that Lin Mingqing would lie in bed for the rest of his life.

But the jinx suddenly said that she could cure Lin Mingqing. Was she serious?

Before Lin Yuelan could answer, Liu Liujiao emerged from the crowd and said disdainfully, “Girl, don’t go around talking big. Many doctors have seen Mingqing’s condition. Even the doctors from Beijing can’t do anything. How long have you been learning medical skills from Doctor Zhang? Even Doctor Zhang can’t cure Ming Qing, but you can? Who would believe it!”

In reality, almost everyone had the same thoughts as Liu Liujiao. However, they didn’t voice it out in a disdainful tone as Liu Liujiao did. They were afraid of offending the jinx and the village chief.

Lin Yuelan glared at Liu Liujiao and studied her. Then, she said, “Your face is dark yellow, your eyes are dull, your spirit is low, your feces are dry, your anus is swollen. You feel pain and itchiness, and you’re bleeding around your anus. Am I right about these symptoms, Auntie Liu?”

Lin Yuelan’s words stunned everyone for a moment, but they quickly recovered and looked at Liu Liujiao with a strange look before laughing out loud.

“Haha…” It was humiliating for a woman to have her private parts diagnosed so openly. However, everyone was more curious about whether Lin Yuelan was correct or not.

Hence, everyone looked at Liu Liujiao with a strange expression.

Liu Liujiao’s face turned red and white. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

She had never thought that Lin Yuelan would actually insult her in public.

In ancient times, a woman’s modesty was very important. Therefore, many women wouldn’t go to see the doctor even if they were in extreme pain if the pain affected their private parts.

Therefore, other than noble ladies, common citizens wouldn’t even dream of visiting a female doctor.

In this era, female doctors were both high and low in status.

They were respected because they were rare. Female doctors were usually secretly trained by the big families to treat the women in the family. Therefore, in the eyes of the common people, their reputation was quite high.

They were disrespected because the families who trained them normally treated them as servants.

With Liu Liujiao’s illness, naturally, she didn’t go see the doctor. It was too embarrassing. She didn’t have the money too. Therefore, she had to endure the discomfort.

However, with Lin Yuelan’s diagnosis, Liu Liujiao felt as if she had been stripped naked and was being watched, despised, and ridiculed by everyone.

Seeing Liu Liujiao’s blushing face, someone asked in surprise, “Liu Liujiao, is what the girl said true?”

Liu Liujiao’s cheeks were red from holding back her anger. She didn’t answer the man but glared at Lin Yuelan with her mean eyes.