Chapter 295 - Cold-blooded and Heartless?

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“Girl, what illness does Liu Liujiao have?” Someone asked out of curiosity.

What kind of illness would cause these symptoms?

Lin Yuelan smiled and said, “Auntie Liu has hemorrhoids!”

What is hemorrhoid? The villagers didn’t understand.

“Hemorrhoids are the things that grow in one’s butt!” Lin Yuelan explained.

The villagers had their faces turn red as Lin Yuelan repeated words like asshole and butts. These were all private parts. Even a mature man wouldn’t dare to say them so casually. But this uncultured child talked about it in public.

However, someone wanted to confirm what Lin Yuelan said, so he stopped Liu Liujiao and asked in a soft and audible voice, “Liujiao, she said that… there’s something growing there. Is that true?”

Liu Liujiao was so embarrassed that she wanted to crawl to the ground. How was she supposed to answer this?

Lin Yuelan continued, “Oh, by the way, if people don’t treat their hemorrhoid, it will develop into a more complicated disease. People with that kind of disease usually can’t live for more than a year! Aunty Liu, from what I can see, you’ve been sick for at least three years, and it’s getting more and more serious. Soon this normal hemorrhoid will become a complicated disease. ”

Liu Liujiao’s face turned pale as soon as Lin Yuelan finished speaking.

She glared at Lin Yuelan and angrily shouted, “Shut up! You wretched girl, are you cursing me?”

Lin Yuelan sneered, “Do you think I’d waste my time doing that? Don’t think too highly of yourself. In my eyes, you’re nothing more than a pest.” Lin Yuelan spoke sarcastically, not afraid of offending anyone, “As for whether I’m telling the truth or not, I think you know it in your heart!

“Regardless, I hereby declare that while I, Lin Yuelan, can cure your illness, I will not help you. We’ll see how long you can last.”

Clearly, Lin Yuelan was taking revenge but so what? Back then, they were even more hateful when they tried to kill her. Now, she didn’t even harm Liu Liujiao, and she would merely be a bystander and not help her.

The crowd furrowed their brows. ‘Isn’t this girl too inhumane?’

Lin Yiwei furrowed his brows as well. However, this was Liu Liujiao’s own doing, so she had to bear the consequences.

“Girl, aren’t you being too cold-blooded and heartless?” Someone criticized in dissatisfaction.

Of course, this person was good with Liu Liujiao. Like her, she was also a village gossip.

“Is Miss Yue ‘Er cold-blooded and heartless?” Before Lin Yuelan could answer, Jiang Zhennan’s deep, magnetic, and charming male voice suddenly rang out, “Before this, Miss Yue ‘Er led a miserable life that was worse than death. She was often beaten and scolded by others. Who did that to Miss Yue ‘Er? Is it not because of her?” Jiang Zhennan pointed at Liu Liujiao.

Jiang Zhennan had asked his men to find out about Lin Yuelan’s experiences in the past three years. He knew Liu Liujiao, the village gossip, had played a huge role in Lin Yuelan’s suffering.

“So what right do you have to say that Miss Yue ‘Er is cold-blooded and heartless?” Jiang Zhennan’s sharp eyes swept across the crowd as he said with a sharp sneer, “Even if she is cold-blooded, is that not because you have made her so? So why would she help her now?”

Jiang Zhennan’s words shocked everyone because they didn’t expect someone to jump to defend the jinx.

“And who are you? What right do you have to question us?”

“You’re this girl’s lover, right? After all, you two sleep together!”

“Look at that ugly scar on your face. You’re probably an ugly man who can’t get a wife. So, you’ve taken a fancy to this jinx, right?”