Chapter 505 - Methods

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Jiang Zhennan said seriously, “Village chief, please don’t say that. I’m the one who brought trouble to the Lin family Village, so it’s my responsibility to protect the Lin family Village.”

If Liefeng hadn’t asked Lin yuelan for help, if Lin yuelan hadn’t saved them, if they hadn’t followed her to the Lin family Village, perhaps Lin yuelan would still have been content with living in a corner, quietly living as an ordinary farmer’s daughter, and the Lin family Village would still be an unremarkable village. However, all of this had changed because of their arrival.

He knew that Lin yuelan was showing off her abilities because she wanted to prove that she could lead the farmers to wealth and provide them with food and clothes. She would make those who wanted to deal with her think twice before they act.

Although Lin yuelan had said she saved them for three hundred thousand taels of silver, he knew that she had a tough mouth but a soft heart. She had worked hard to protect everyone.

Jiang Zhennan pondered for a moment before he turned to Lin yuelan and said, “Miss Yue ‘Er, believe me. I will never let those people bring trouble to you, the village chief, and the Lin family Village. I will not let them have the slightest chance to hurt you!” His expression was very serious, and his eyes were very determined. He was making a promise to Lin yuelan.

The meaning of his words was obvious. He would definitely be able to return to the capital during this period. As long as he returned, he would have the ability to protect Lin yuelan and the Lin family Village.

Lin yuelan nodded at Jiang Zhennan and replied, ” well, you must remember what you said. If you break your promise, you should know the consequences!”

The meaning of these words was that if Jiang Zhennan returned to the capital and completely forgot about his promise, Lin yuelan would definitely chase them all the way to the capital!

Jiang Zhennan and the others knew very well that she had this ability, so they would never think that Lin yuelan was just joking and boasting.

After getting Jiang Zhennan’s promise, Lin Yiwei temporarily put his worries aside. However, he had another purpose for coming today.

Lin Yiwei said awkwardly, ” Lan ‘Er, before your rice was harvested, everyone thought that you would have a harvest of more than seven stones. I didn’t expect that you would have a harvest of more than eight stones. Such a harvest has amazed all of us. Many people have come to me to ask for advice on how to … How to farm.”

His words were already very tactful. In fact, when those people squeezed into his house, they obviously had a strong tone and wanted to force Lin yuelan to hand over her family’s farming methods for free.

Lin yuelan smiled, but her eyes were sharp. She asked softly, ” Grandpa village chief, I’m afraid those people are trying to force me to hand over those methods for free, right? ”

Lin Yiwei’s expression immediately became awkward, but he quickly said, ” Lan ‘Er, don’t worry. I won’t let them get your method for nothing!” This meant that there was a reward.

Lin yuelan nodded and asked sharply, ” then what am I getting?”

Lin Yiwei choked and asked, embarrassed, ” then, what do you want them to exchange for it? ”

Lin yuelan’s right hand gently stroked the Jade bracelet on her left hand. In fact, she was communicating with Little Green in her mind, asking him to find out what these people had in their hands. She didn’t want the most expensive things, but only the most valuable things.

A moment later, Little Green sent back a message. Lin yuelan said seriously, ” Grandpa village chief, tell them I can teach them my farming method, but I have to specify what they have to offer in exchange. How about it? ”

Lin Yiwei was also in a difficult position, but then he thought about it. Most of the people in the Lin family Village were poor farmers. They knew what valuable things or family heirlooms they had, so he was not worried that Lin yuelan would ask for a sky-high price.

After thinking for a while, Lin Yiwei made a decision and nodded. “Yes!”

After Lin Yiwei left, Jiang Zhennan asked with some doubts, ” miss Yue ‘er, as long as you teach one person this farming method, he can teach the others. There’s no need for them to come to you one by one to learn, right? Are they willing to pay the tuition fee and pay for it?”

They had been involved in farming from the beginning to the end. He felt that it was not difficult at all, as long as they followed the steps.

So, wasn’t Lin Yuelan’s method a bit silly?

Lin yuelan nodded with a smile and said, “You’re right. They might do that! However, “She pointed it out sharply, “This would only happen if the person who learned it from me first were selfless.

“However, the reality was that human nature was selfish.

“If your family is poor, I can pity you and sympathize with you. But if your family suddenly becomes better than mine, it will attract jealousy. Therefore, people will not share valuable knowledge for free. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Jiang Zhennan frowned slightly and asked, “You’re saying that the first person who learns it may not be able to teach it to the best of his ability even if he receives the tuition fee? This is because he’s worried that the person who learns it from him will do better than him and earn more than him. Is that right?

“So, those people would rather spend more money and directly learn from you?”

Lin yuelan nodded and said, “That’s right!”

This was human nature!