Chapter 506 - Becoming enemies with the Yan family

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Chapter 506: Becoming enemies with the Yan family


It was just as Jiang Zhennan had said, and it was just as Lin yuelan had expected.

Other than Lin Yiwei, Lin Yuelan did intend to collect tuition from others when they taught others.

If it was someone else but Lin yuelan, they would have definitely scolded them, turned hostile, and fought with them. This was equivalent to taking their jobs. How could they not resist?

However, Lin yuelan wasn’t interested in the money. Moreover, she could accurately grasp the hearts of these villagers, so she wasn’t in a hurry at all.

There were two people who came to Lin yuelan’s house to study. One was the local landlord, the Yan family, and the second was the rich villager, Lin Changzhi.

Lin yuelan sternly rejected the Yan family.

Back then, when she had transmigrated, and her original host had died, the main culprit was the Yan family’s youngest son, Yan Xiaoyong.

If it wasn’t for Yan Xiaoyong’s loathing of Lin yuelan, giving each of them a copper coin to beat up the host…

From Lin Xinlan’s point of view, she had to thank Yan Xiaoyong for being able to reincarnate as Lin yuelan.

However, when she accepted this body, she also accepted her memories and all her emotions.

She, Lin Xinlan, was already Lin yuelan, and Lin yuelan was her.

Lin yuelan’s past, present, and future were all connected to her.

As such, Yan Xiaoyong, the initiator of Lin yuelan’s death, had to bear most of the responsibility.

Therefore, as Yan Xiaoyong’s educators, the Yan family bore the brunt of the responsibility and was also fully responsible for Yan Xiaoyong.

No one from the Yan family had come to apologize to Lin yuelan since the incident.

Now, hearing that Lin yuelan’s family had a good harvest and had a farming method, he was the first one to come and ask for it.

The Yan family’s steward’s face darkened as he asked sternly, ” the Yan family offered a hundred taels of silver to buy your method, and you’re actually not selling? One has to know that one hundred taels are an income that even a few years of farming will not be able to achieve. I’m giving you a hundred taels now because I think highly of you. Don’t be ungrateful when I give you face!” If he hadn’t heard that her family had a good harvest, his master wouldn’t have bothered to send him here.

The Yan family was the landlord and had more than a hundred mu of land, of which thirty mu were planted by their own family. Of course, with their living conditions, they did not need to personally farm the land. They only needed to hire long-term workers.

The remaining one hundred mu of land was rented to the Lin family Village or other villages. He only needed to collect 40% rent for each mu. In a year, the grain he collected occupied the entire granary.

The Yan family’s current plan was, if there were really a yield of eight stones per mu, he would take back all the fields that he had rented out and plant them himself. Of course, all the grain he received would be sold for money.

At this time, one Jin of rice was at least twelve Wen or at least fifteen Wen. One stone of rice was 106 Jin. In total, one stone of rice could be sold for thirteen to eighteen taels.

One and a half stones of grains could be turned into one stone of rice. Therefore, if one mu of land could yield eight stones of grain, one could get five stones of rice. In this way, one mu of land would at least earn 60 to 70 taels of rice. After paying the taxes, one mu of land could earn at least 40 taels of rice.

This was three times more than before.

In the past, he could only earn five or six taels of silver from one mu of land. That was why he was willing to rent the land. But now, it was obvious that it was more cost-effective for him to farm. So, he planned to take back all the land after he got Lin yuelan’s farming method.

However, no matter how much he thought about it, he had never thought that Lin yuelan would refuse to sell him the method.

He was really infuriated.

Lin yuelan looked at the Yan family’s steward, whose face was livid with anger, and said with a poker face, ” who do you think the Yan family is? Do I need to serve you? Steward Yan, please! I don’t care about the one hundred taels!” She had more than 30000 taels of silver in her interspace, so she didn’t care about the 100 taels.

When steward Yan heard Lin yuelan’s order, he immediately felt embarrassed. He glared at Lin yuelan and said angrily, ” Hmph, don’t you regret it!”

After saying that, he planned to leave in a huff.

Just as he turned around and took a few steps, Lin yuelan’s clear and stern voice rang in steward Yan’s ear. She said, ” steward Yan, go and tell your master that every injustice has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. The Yan family owes me, Lin yuelan, a life, and I will get it back sooner or later!”