Chapter 507 - Becoming enemies with the Yan Family

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Chapter 507: Becoming enemies with the Yan Family


Steward Yan’s departing footsteps came to a halt. Then, he staggered out of Lin yuelan’s house with stiff limbs.

Lin yuelan’s words were to remind the Yan family that Yan Xiaoyong had harmed Lin yuelan once, so Lin yuelan would definitely take revenge.

“What did you just say?”

“Did she really say that? ” a deep middle-aged man’s voice rang out from within the black brick wall.

Steward Yan said carefully, ” old master, that’s what the jinx said. She also said that our young master owes her one life, and he must pay with his life!” Steward Yan said, adding oil to the fire.

“You bastard!” After taking the teacup, he slammed it on the table and shouted, ” who does she think she is? How dare she try to take my little treasure’s life! She didn’t even know if she had the ability to do so! Does she really think that the Yan family is easy to bully?”

The Butler rolled his eyes and said with a worried expression, ” then, master, now that Lin yuelan is not willing to sell the method to us, what should we do? Do we really have to hand the young master over to her?”

” Hmph, ” Yan Lin said with disdain, ” even if we can’t buy it from her, we can buy it from someone else!”

The Butler was stunned for a moment. He immediately reacted and gave Yan Lin a thumbs up. He smiled and said, ” master, wonderful, wonderful!”

That’s right. The Yan family definitely wasn’t the only family that coveted Lin yuelan’s method of farming. Therefore, as long as there was a second family that could buy Lin yuelan’s method, they could buy it at a lower price and make sure that the person couldn’t hide anything because he knew the consequences of hiding it from the Yan family.

However, they had never expected …

Lin yuelan told the public, ” I, Lin yuelan, am the enemy of the Yan family. Anyone who buys the method from me and sells it to the Yan family will be my enemy. You will bear the consequences!”

Lin yuelan’s words shocked all the villagers. Even the Yan family didn’t expect Lin yuelan to be so ruthless.

Bear the consequences?

No one knew what the consequences would be, and it was because they didn’t know that they were even more afraid and fearful.

This was because there was a saying in the village that Lin yuelan was the jinx and anyone who opposed her would not have a good end.

Therefore, for the sake of their family, they definitely wouldn’t dare to brazenly sell the method they bought from Lin yuelan to the Yan family at a high price.

However, it was only natural that some greedy people in the dark wanted to trade in private.

However, could they really hide from Lin Yuelan?

The second one was Lin Changzhi.

Lin Changzhi was one of the wealthier Lin families in the Lin family Village. Back then, Lin yuelan had wanted to buy the land at the back mountain, but he had wanted to delay it and raise the price. In the end, with a small threat from Lin yuelan, he obediently sold the land at a huge loss. He could have sold it for 16 taels per mu, but he had only sold it for four taels per mu.

He had suffered a loss, but he could only grit his teeth and swallow it down. After all, he was the one who had caused this.

This time, he was so eager to find Lin yuelan and buy this method because he had other plans.

Firstly, because his family was rich, they naturally had more land. Although it wasn’t as much as the Yan family, it still had thirty to forty mu. Thus, his thoughts were the same as the Yan family. As long as he bought the method and the harvest really reached eight stones per mu, the money earned from this mu would be three to four times more.

Second, he wanted to take the initiative to buy Lin yuelan’s method and then sell it to the other villagers at a high price. He knew people wouldn’t buy from Lin Yuelan because she was a jinx.

All in all, Lin Changzhi was also a calculative person with some business sense.

Lin yuelan looked at the satisfied Lin Changzhi, and the corners of her mouth curled up. Then, she asked sarcastically, ” uncle Changzhi, how much are you going to pay?”

Lin Changzhi stretched out his hand without saying anything. Lin yuelan’s eyes lit up, and she immediately said in ‘surprise’, ” five hundred taels? That’s great. Uncle Changzhi, I heard that your family is very rich, but I didn’t expect you to be so rich. Alright, five hundred taels. Give me the money first, and I’ll tell you how to farm immediately, okay?” Her sparkling eyes made her look like an innocent child who didn’t understand the world.

When Lin Changzhi heard what Lin yuelan said, the words he wanted to say were immediately stuck in his throat. He couldn’t hold it in, and his face turned red.

He had clearly meant five taels of silver. How did it become five hundred taels of silver from her mouth? His entire savings only amounted to five hundred taels.

He forced a smile on his face and said with a stiff expression, ” Girl, I’m afraid you misunderstood. I said five taels of silver!”

Lin yuelan immediately made a dazed expression, but then she reacted and said angrily, ” Lin Changzhi, are you playing with me? Five taels of silver. I can’t believe you can say that. Do I look like someone who lacks five taels of silver?”

In her heart, she was cursing, ‘how shameless. Does he really think that I am a child that can be fooled?’

Lin Changzhi’s face paled at Lin yuelan’s words. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to buy her farming methods, he would have left immediately. He wouldn’t be angry at a little brat like her.

“Fifty taels!” Lin Changzhi said through gritted teeth.

Lin yuelan still shook her head, ” no!”

Lin Changzhi’s face was ashen as he gritted his teeth again and said, ” five hundred taels is too high. Give me another number, and I’ll consider it!”

Lin yuelan looked at Lin Changzhi’s ashen face and thought of what Little Green had found in his house.

Then, Lin yuelan opened her pink lips …