Chapter 503: Splitting the Heavens with a Flick of a Finger, Ascending to the Heavens to Avoid Calamity (2)

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Chapter 503: Splitting the Heavens with a Flick of a Finger, Ascending to the Heavens to Avoid Calamity (2)

Under such a huge collision of power, even the aftershock could turn them to ashes.

It was only at this moment that they understood that only their realm and strength were the foundation. Other than that, everything else was fake.

But it was too late to wake up now.

In the confrontation between the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens of the Outer World, during the process of the 21 lights colliding, an unprecedented destructive power appeared in this Heaven Realm.

Countless colors overlapped and intertwined with each other. Under the strange scene, countless laws collapsed, and the sea of Heaven Earth Origin Qi collapsed.

Now the stronger the cultivation realm, the more dangerous it was for the experts who were closely related to everything in the world. Every moment, gods or Heavenly Gods would suddenly explode.

As for the experts who had stepped into the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm, the Heaven Gate characteristics in their bodies were also pulled and shook, showing signs of explosion.

Such a situation almost spread throughout the entire Heaven Realm. It was far more serious than the Scarlet Calamity 500,000 years ago.

If this continued for a longer time, the entire Heaven Realm might suffer a disaster.

However, neither the Lord of the Heavenly Court nor the Nine Heavens could back down at all. Once they retreated at this moment, they would definitely be consigned to eternal damnation.

“Master, the Heaven Realm is going to be in chaos!” Pei Qingshu felt the changes in the nomological Dao runes in the world and said in shock, “How many living beings in the Heaven Realm can survive such a calamity?”

“This is the time for the Yellow Heaven Sect to be effective,” Cui Heng said in a low voice. “As long as one joins the Yellow Heaven Sect, they can be protected by my power and not be swept away by the aftershock.”

As for the others who had not joined the Yellow Heaven Sect, they could only pray for themselves.

Next, he would capture the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens. He would also capture the 21 lights.

At that time, the source of the calamity would be captured, and the people in the Heaven Realm would naturally not be in any danger.

“Now, I want to bring over some people from the starry skies below.” Cui Heng’s eyes closed slightly, as if he was sensing some kind of connection.

“Bring over?” Pei Qingshu was stunned.

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded slightly. “The Heaven Realm is the core of the Great Dao laws of a galaxy. It will directly affect the myriad worlds and starry skies below. Now that the Heaven Realm is in such turmoil, the commotion below will be even greater.”

Then, he raised his hand and pointed at the void in front of him. A door of light appeared out of thin air. A vortex spun in it, as if it led to an unknown place.

Pei Qingshu, Hui Shi, Zheng Nanxun, and the others all felt a familiar aura from the door of light. Their faces immediately revealed expressions of disbelief as they exclaimed in unison.

This door of light was clearly connected to the Heaven Realm and the mortal world. It was completely identical to the normal Door of Heaven.

“Something like that.” Cui Heng nodded.

At this moment, he already knew the Heaven Realm extremely well.

Especially after seeing the strength of the Nine Heavens and the Lord of the Heavenly Court, his understanding of the Heaven Realm immediately became more comprehensive.

This also allowed Cui Heng to communicate more deeply with the Heaven Realm.

While this increased his cultivation speed, he also understood many unknown deep Great Dao laws of the Heaven Realm.

One of them was the operating principle of the Door of Heaven.

To Cui Heng, since he knew the principle, he could easily create another Door of Heaven.

It was not difficult.

Now, this door of light had established a connection with the starry skies below.

Hence, Cui Heng shouted in a low voice, “Open!”

There was a trembling sound.

The vortex in the middle of the door of light immediately opened, and the dark and deep boundless starry sky immediately appeared.

Immediately after, streams of light flew out of the door of light and entered the boundless starry sky.

As the Heaven Realm was the core of the laws and principles of a galaxy, with such a huge commotion appearing in the Heaven Realm, the myriad worlds below were naturally affected.

At the same time that the light wheel and ring collided, causing the Great Dao laws of the Heaven Realm to collapse, an incomparably terrifying calamity happened in the endless starry skies.

One star after another was instantly extinguished, and entire galaxies fell into darkness. Then, they were reduced to ashes in a huge energy fluctuation and ceased to exist.

Even the most incomparably powerful civilizations of the past seemed insignificant in the face of this sudden disaster. They were all like the most humble ants, unable to resist at all.

Under such a great calamity, be it ordinary people without any cultivation or Ascension Realm experts standing at the peak of the Nine Realms of the Immortal World, there was no difference.

If they wanted to live, they could only rely on luck.

However, the range of the energy fluctuations and nomological fluctuations this time was too huge. Moreover, it was still rapidly expanding with the Heaven Realm as the core, almost affecting the entire Star Field.

With such a huge range, Taihong Star, the Five Views Realm, the Purple Sun Realm, and other places were actually already within the range of influence. The laws inside and outside the realm also began to collapse.

Only the area where Daozhou Star was located was not affected at all. It was as stable as ever.

All of this naturally could not escape Cui Heng’s perception.

He had left many Spirit Marks in the starry skies below using the Myriad Heavens Teleportation Immortal Incantation. Now that these Spirit Marks had turned into his perception points, he could sense the surroundings through them.

Just as the living beings in these areas were feeling despair, a door of light suddenly descended from the sky and entered their eyes.

Immediately after, a dignified voice sounded.

“You can ascend to the heavens and avoid the calamity!”

Cui Heng’s voice sounded in many starry skies and realms at the same time.

Countless living beings heard this voice, immediately reigniting hope in the people who had already fallen into extreme despair.

Especially the people from the Five Views Realm and the Purple Sun Realm.

“It’s Exalted Immortal Cui Heng’s voice!”

“That’s great. Exalted Immortal Cui Heng has come to save us!”

“Exalted Immortal, please bless us. We’re saved!”

Countless people cheered and flew into the sky.

Although there was only one door of light, it was not crowded at all.

That was because as long as one reached a certain height, they would be enveloped by the light falling from the door of light and brought inside to ascend to the heavens.

At this moment, Li Mingqiong, who was originally using all her strength to mobilize the power of the country’s luck in an attempt to collect the entire Purple Sun Realm into her Divine Court, immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Her entire body relaxed.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness Master is here.” She bowed respectfully to the door of light in the sky and issued an order to the entire Great Zhou.

“All the people of the Great Zhou will ascend to the heavens and head to the Heaven Realm to avoid the calamity!”

In the palace where Cui Heng was in the capital of the Wood Nation.

The Miniature Thousand Mile Court was quietly unleashed, directly expanding the space of the palace courtyard countless times.

Although the space here looked the same as usual on the surface, it had actually expanded into an incomparably vast world that was enough to carry the people who had ascended from the starry skies of the myriad worlds.

Soon, people walked out of the door of light one after another. However, just as the joy of surviving a calamity surged in their hearts, they saw the countless belts of light that enveloped the sky.

Immediately after, there was another world-shaking bang, and an incomparably terrifying power fluctuation filled the world.

Although these power fluctuations did not affect the palace, they still shocked these people who had just escaped the calamity and arrived in the Heaven Realm.

Was there also a calamity in the Heaven Realm?

“It’s time,” Cui Heng suddenly said.

His voice felt like a spring breeze, causing everyone present to calm down.

At this moment, he had completely confirmed the strength of the 21 lights.

He could ensure that nothing would go wrong!

Hence, he raised his right hand and opened his fingers. A ray of five-colored light flowed in his palm, as if it contained all the Great Dao and laws.

He grabbed in the direction of the battle between the Lord of the Heavenly Court and the Nine Heavens!