Chapter 422 - Departure (2)

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Chapter 422: Departure (2)

When the demonic aura descended, he managed to protect Uncle Qi, who was sitting beside him. He couldn’t save the others in time.

“I should’ve thought of it,” Xu Jingming said softly. “I repeatedly killed the demons of Dongming Mountain, so it’s completely possible for Mountain Lord Dongming to seek revenge. I also guessed that Mountain Lord Dongming would come, but I didn’t expect so many people to be implicated.”

“Nobody is perfect,” Wu Qi said. “Young Master, you never expected Mountain Lord Dongming to implicate the innocent.”

“No.” Xu Jingming shook his head. “It’s me. I never thought about these ordinary people.”

He subconsciously believed that this was only the virtual world, and these ordinary people were planetary lifeforms that had their memories blocked. They would wake up in reality after death, so Xu Jingming subconsciously didn’t care too much.

Coupled with the fact that he had everything under control since his descent, he killed demons one after another without affecting ordinary people.

“The stronger the demon, the more terrifying the danger,” Xu Jingming said. “Peak Earth Demons have such destructive power. What about Heaven Demons? Once a Heaven Demon attacks, even I will find it difficult to resist.”

“If I want to refine demons, I will attract more and more hostility from demons,” Xu Jingming said. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have a fixed residence. A fixed residence… will only become a target.”

When Wu Qi heard this, he felt that his young master had been agitated by the deaths of a large number of people in a few kilometers. He immediately said, “Young Master, you don’t have to worry. How can demons not wreak havoc? I became an orphan because of demons. Later on, Miss saved me and allowed me to enter the Wu family. Young Master, you killed so many demons and reduced the trouble caused by so many demons. The suffering of the people in Cheng’an Prefecture has decreased because of you.”

“For example, you just killed Mountain Lord Dongming. You’re the benefactor of countless commoners in Cheng’an Prefecture,” Wu Qi continued. “If it weren’t for you, Mountain Lord Dongming would’ve been a hundred times more dangerous if he started wreaking havoc. It wouldn’t be impossible for him to wipe out the city.”

Xu Jingming glanced at Wu Qi and comforted him. “Uncle Qi, don’t worry about me.”

This time, Xu Jingming only realized that as he became stronger, the demons he provoked would only become stronger. It required him to be more cautious.

Huh?Xu Jingming looked up and saw Qi Chen and the tall black-robed woman, Qi Xiao, flying over together. Soon, they landed in the ruins.

“I worked hard to get my sister to rush over.” Qi Chen glanced at Wu Qi, and his words became a little slurred. “I was afraid that you would die at Mountain Lord Dongming’s hands, so I got my sister to rush over to save you. Who would’ve thought that you would finish off Mountain Lord Dongming alone?”

“Thank you, Brother Qi Chen. Thank you, Sister Qi Xiao,” Xu Jingming thanked.

He knew that Qi Xiao didn’t visit the Demon Vanquishing World often. Her coming online was a testament to her kind intentions.

“You’re Redeye’s junior brother, not an outsider.” Qi Xiao smiled. She had been spending the sweetest time with Redeye recently, so she naturally had a good impression of Xu Jingming, who helped them get together.

Moreover, she also knew that Redeye and this ‘Wu Ming’ were peerless geniuses of the Primordial Research Institute. They would probably be Origin lifeforms in the future.

She naturally respected such a figure.

“Brother Qi Chen, Sister Qi Xiao,” Xu Jingming said. “After killing Mountain Lord Dongming, I plan on leaving Cheng’an Prefecture and traveling the world.”

“You are leaving Cheng’an Prefecture?” Qi Chen was stunned.

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded. “With Mountain Lord Dongming’s death, none of the demons in Cheng’an Prefecture are worthy of my attention. I naturally have to find stronger demons to hone my mind.”

Qi Xiao nodded. “You’re advancing by leaps and bounds now, so you naturally have to press forward. I only met your senior brother when I was traveling the world back then.”

“Oh right.” Xu Jingming suddenly said seriously, “Before Mountain Lord Dongming died, he asked his master for help. I feel that he wasn’t acting. Perhaps he really had a master hiding in the surroundings.”

Qi Chen nodded as well. “I’ve been watching the entire battlefield from afar and heard his cries for help. He pleaded for help numerous times, so I doubt it’s fake.”

“You have to be more careful if it’s true that there’s someone hiding in the shadows,” Xu Jingming remarked. “Brother Qi Chen, you’ve been living in Cheng’an Prefecture.”

“Even if you leave Cheng’an Prefecture, you have to be careful,” Qi Chen said. “Mountain Lord Dongming’s master might spy on you.”

When he came to Demon Vanquishing World, he sought to hone his mind.

“Also, the five maids and servants in my residence are dead,” Xu Jingming said. “Brother Qi Chen, please help me comfort their families and take care of them.”

“It’s nothing.” Brother Qi Chen nodded.

Xu Jingming took out a piece of paper and naturally left his Demon Vanquishing Dharmic powers on it before handing it to Qi Chen. “Brother Qi Chen, it probably won’t be easy to meet you in the future after this farewell. This is my contact number.”

Qi Chen’s eyes lit up as he received it happily.

This was his contact information in the virtual world.

“Let’s keep in touch in the future.” Xu Jingming smiled. Having stayed in the prefecture capital for more than half a year, Brother Qi Chen had taken good care of him in every aspect. He still remembered this favor.

This was his character. He naturally had to return the favor he received.

“Let’s keep in touch.” Qi Chen nodded.

Qi Xiao smiled as she watched this scene.

That heartless man had only gotten his junior brother to find her and give her his contact information after he suffered a mental blow. Look at how nicely his junior brother wrapped things up.

“I’m leaving.” Xu Jingming also noticed from afar that many Demon Vanquishers were rushing over. After all, many people had watched the battle from afar with secret techniques.

They only dared to rush over after seeing Mountain Lord Dongming die. They were a little slower than the Qi family siblings.

However, he didn’t want to deal with these people anymore. After all, he might not return to Cheng’an Prefecture in the future.

“Uncle Qi, let’s go,” Xu Jingming said.

“Alright.” Wu Qi nodded.

To Wu Qi, he had been following his young master after his mistress’s death! He would follow his young master wherever he went.

The two of them walked with starlight surrounding them. Every step they took spanned hundreds of meters, and they quickly disappeared into the distance.

“Brother,” Qi Xiao said with a smile, “how impressive. You made Wu Ming willing to give you his contact information in half a year.”

“It was okay,” Qi Chen whispered. “Sister, who is this Wu Ming in reality?”

“You’ll know in the future.” Qi Xiao also gazed at the Demon Vanquishers rushing over from afar. “I’ll log off first.”

Qi Xiao burrowed into the ground and went offline.

She wouldn’t come to the Demon Vanquishing World unless it was something important.

Outside Cheng’an Prefecture.

Xu Jingming and Wu Qi headed south.

“Young Master, where are we going?” Wu Qi asked.

“It’s a huge world out there. Let’s travel around and broaden our horizons,” Xu Jingming replied. This world was cruel and dangerous, but he needed to use the obsessions of stronger demons to hone his mind so that he could become an Origin lifeform faster.

Demons were the resources for his growth.

The Chen family—one of the top families in White County—had long split into three branches. The old patriarch and some others who didn’t want to wander around remained In White County. The other two branches had left White County.

With Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming’s shadow looming over them, the Chen family was destined to decline. By splitting up and leaving their hometown, they had a chance of rising again.

“Master, the caravan outside is reporting a piece of news,” an old servant reported.

The Chen family patriarch had aged considerably, and he had lost all his vigor. He glanced at the old servant with drooping triangular eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“The caravan said that more than a month ago, an enraged Mountain Lord Dongming charged straight for Mr. Wu Ming’s residence due to his excessive demon killing. An earth-shattering battle happened, and that battle affected a radius of several kilometers, causing countless casualties,” the old servant exclaimed in surprise.

“Mountain Lord Dongming and Wu Ming?” The old patriarch’s triangular eyes lit up. “What’s the outcome? Is Wu Ming still alive?”

“In the battle, Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming killed Mountain Lord Dongming!” the old servant answered.

The old patriarch was stunned.

“All the demons in Cheng’an Prefecture are afraid of Mr. Wu Ming. He’s also recognized as the strongest Demon Vanquisher in Cheng’an Prefecture,” the old servant said.

The old patriarch waved his hand, and the excited old servant could only stop and leave obediently.

“He killed Mountain Lord Dongming?” The old patriarch murmured in a low voice, “This brat is getting stronger and stronger. Why didn’t he reveal it at all when he was in the clan? He’s getting stronger and stronger now. I want to live on; I want to see how long you can remain mighty.”

The old patriarch’s life’s work was wasted with the family’s decline. He hated Chen Qi with all his heart.