Chapter 355 - Meow Meow?

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In just two hours, the popularity of Lin Fan’s livestream had reached 10 million!

Ten million popularity!

Such popularity made many big streamers feel intimidated.

Only very few big streamers could achieve a popularity of ten million.

For example, the once glorious Paratrooper One Lu Kaikai, had once set a record for livestreamers.

But Lu Kaikai stopped being a livestreamer and his name became a legend.

The real popular person in the livestreaming world, the person who stood at the peak, was a professional player surnamed Lu.

And now, in the Douyu livestreaming world, Lin Fan had already gained so much popularity after casually livestreaming for two hours!

Because his name… was Lin Fan!

At the same time, the fact that Lin Fan’s livestream had reached ten million popularity shocked everyone in Douyu.

In Douyu, the executives gathered, their faces filled with disbelief.

“That’s ridiculous. In two hours, Lin Fan has ten million popularity.”

“Look at the bullet comments. It’s so dense that you can’t see it clearly. This is the traffic and popularity that Lin Fan brings.”

“Most importantly, how can Lin Fan be so good? Damn, isn’t he a big star? Why is he so good at Chinese chess?”

“That’s right. Lin Fan’s popularity is indeed too high. It’s a pity that he’s not our streamer. Otherwise, with a little promotion, he would definitely be the most popular streamer on the Internet!”

“Is there a need to promote him? Lin Fan is already the most popular celebrity on the Internet. All the television dramas and movies he filmed have been recognized by the audience.”

“This is Lin Fan’s popularity. He originally thought that he just wanted to casually entertain himself. Who knew that Lin Fan was a technical player? He’s so good at Chinese chess.”

Many executives were watching Lin Fan play Chinese chess.

Lin Fan turned on the camera. He had no idea how many fans were in the livestream and staring at his face.

The main thing was that there were very few people who were as handsome as Lin Fan.

At the same time, in Lin Fan’s livestream, many big streamers came to give gifts.

[Little Tuan Tuan gave Lin Fan ten super rockets!]

[Little Sima gave Lin Fan five super rockets!]

[DDP gifted Lin Fan 20 super rockets!]

[Faker gave Lin Fan three super rockets!]

[Little Momo gave Lin Fan 20 super rockets!]

Countless gifts flooded the screen.

These people were popular Douyu streamers.

When they heard that Lin Fan was livestreaming, they were extremely excited.

All the big streamers had come to give Lin Fan gifts.

Lin Fan didn’t look at how many gifts there were backstage, but there were so many gifts that the livestream was about to explode.

One super rocket cost 2,000 dollars. Ten would cost 20,000 dollars.

There were also many small gifts like airplanes and rockets that no longer appeared in the livestream.

The main thing was that there were far too many people giving gifts!

Seeing so many people supporting him, Lin Fan smiled.

“Thank you all for the super rockets. Thank you very much.”

“But don’t give me too many gifts. I’m richer than most people. I just want to play Chinese chess and chat with you guys.” Lin Fan smiled and said seriously.

He had not thought to collect so many gifts.

Lin Fan felt a little helpless after receiving so many gifts at once.

He liked money, but he did not start his livestream with the purpose of making money.

The fans kept sending gifts but these fans had limited money.

After all, no matter how rich the fans were, they could not compare to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s current assets were indescribable.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“666666, I like Brother Fan’s honesty.”

“Brother Fan, continue playing Chinese chess. We like to send gifts. If I earn 5,000 yuan a month, I’ll use 4,900 yuan to buy gifts for Brother Fan, and 100 yuan for instant noodles and pickled vegetables.”

“We all know that Brother Fan is rich. Hahahaha, Brother Fan is telling the truth, but we… don’t mind!”

“Brother Fan, what’s the next television drama you’ll be filming? I’m looking forward to it!”

“Brother Fan, and when are you going to hold a concert? I want to hear you sing. The main reason is that your singing is too good. I often listen to your songs on repeat now.”

[Xiaomo gave Lin Fan 30 super rockets!]

[Brother Happy gave Lin Fan 20 super rockets!]

[Dongbei Luandun gave Lin Fan two super rockets!]

[Lin Fan’s loyal fan gave Lin Fan 50 super rockets!]

The gifts were piling up.

The fans’ enthusiasm was growing.

Actually, all of these fans knew that celebrities were richer than them.

However, they were still willing to give Lin Fan gifts.

Because they liked Lin Fan to the point of fanaticism. That was all.

Lin Fan took a glance and shook his head, realizing that he might as well not have said all this.

He wanted to dissuade the fans from sending gifts, but they went even crazier.

Immediately after, a message completely made the livestream explode!

[Xia Wanqiu gave Lin Fan a hundred super rockets!]

[Congratulations to Xia Wanqiu for becoming the first emperor of Lin Fan’s livestream!]

Even Xia Wanqiu came to give Lin Fan gifts.

A hundred super rockets in one go.

And a hundred super rockets cost two hundred thousand!

This was how much face his girlfriend gave him.

Who would have thought that just by coming to watch a livestream, they would be fed dog food?

The comments in the livestream also turned into one sentence.

[Hello, Sister-in-law!]

Xia Wanqiu looked at the comments in the livestream and smiled.

Lin Fan also smiled. “Wife, it’s time to sleep. Don’t send gifts anymore. I’ll play Chinese chess for a while more. I’ll rest later.”

The fans all stood up in the livestream.

This was a public display of affection!

Xia Wanqiu would definitely be able to hear Lin Fan’s words in the livestream.

Xia Wanqiu sent Lin Fan 100 super rockets and became an emperor.

An emperor costs a fortune.

Xia Wanqiu became the first emperor in Lin Fan’s livestream.

Xia Wanqiu was also the person who gave Lin Fan the most gifts that night.

The 200,000 yuan gift was directly given out.

Lin Fan stopped Xia Wanqiu from giving any more gifts and even openly called her his wife.

Who could withstand this?

All the fans couldn’t take it anymore.

The bullet comments in the livestream went from “Hello, Sister-in-law” to—

[I want to see Sister-in-law!]

[Brother Fan, is Sister-in-law home? Can you let her come out for a while?]

Lin Fan looked at the bullet comments and smiled bitterly.

“Qiuqiu went to rest. Everyone should continue watching me play Chinese chess,” Lin Fan said.

Just as Lin Fan was about to start the next game of Chinese chess, Xia Wanqiu walked into the room.

In the livestream, Xia Wanqiu gently poured a glass of water for Lin Fan in front of tens of millions of viewers.

“Meow, meow?” Xia Wanqiu asked.

“I’ll sleep later, just a little longer,” Lin Fan said.

“Meow, meow…” Xia Wanqiu left and made a cute gesture.

It was this cute action that melted the hearts of all the viewers in the livestream.

When had they ever seen Xia Wanqiu like this?

Xia Wanqiu had never been like this before.

Today, they saw Xia Wanqiu meowing at Lin Fan. She was simply… too cute.

Countless fans were envious and jealous.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s relationship was still so good.

Girls only knew how to wheedle and act cute in front of the person they loved.

They had also seen Xia Wanqiu’s cute side today.