Chapter 356 - How Can Lin Fan's Chinese Chess Skills Be So Ridiculous!

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Seeing Xia Wanqiu like this, Lin Fan felt very sweet.

He really wanted to turn off the livestream and rush to Xia Wanqiu’s room. Then…

But he couldn’t yet.

It was not long before he had to meet Xia Wanqiu’s father.

Lin Fan had to improve his Chinese chess skills before he met Xia Wanqiu’s father.

“Okay, okay, enough chatting. I have to focus on playing Chinese chess.”

“Qiuqiu will be angry if I sleep late later.” Lin Fan smiled.

He and Xia Wanqiu were already living together. This news had long been trending and the fans knew about it.

Even if Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu lived together and had sex, the fans wouldn’t run away.

It was mainly because Xia Wanqiu had long been Lin Fan’s girlfriend, and Lin Fan had even publicly proposed to Xia Wanqiu at the Zhejiang Television Gala.

Such a scene had long been imprinted in the hearts of the fans.

In the eyes of the fans, other than being Lin Fan’s girlfriend, Xia Wanqiu was also his fiancée.

With such a relationship, there was nothing wrong with living together.

Moreover, when the fans watched the livestream, they realized that although the two of them were living together, they were not sleeping together.

The fans were also a little disappointed by such a discovery.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu should have gotten married a long time ago.

If only they could have a baby.

After showing off their love, Lin Fan prepared to start his 41st Chinese chess game.

Now his rank was 6–3 with a 40-game winning streak.

Lin Fan didn’t know what level he could reach with his own abilities, but he would keep working hard.

He knew that Xia Wanqiu’s father was at a professional level.

Although Xia Wanqiu’s father was not a professional Chinese chess player, Lin Fan could be evenly matched against Xia Wanqiu’s father when he reached a professional level.

In Chinese chess, the most important thing was experience.

In Chinese chess, there were many complicated ways to play, and each move could lead to a different outcome.

The two sides sparred, in terms of brainpower, the way they set up their pieces, and their understanding of Chinese chess.

After opening the Chinese chess game, Lin Fan also focused on his 41st match.

Lin Fan’s opponent this time was also 6-3.

This time, the opponent went first and chose the central cannon opening.

If one went first, he would have a small advantage. He would have the initiative and the power to attack.

And in this match, the opponent began to attack wildly.

However, all the attacks were blocked by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s setup was flawless.

Moreover, Lin Fan didn’t have much time to think about his moves. Every setup, every defensive move, and every attack by the opponent formed a chess record in his mind.

Six minutes later, his opponent couldn’t take it anymore.

“D*mn, how can this id called Linfan be so impenetrable when he’s playing Chinese chess?” His opponent looked stunned as all his attacks were blocked.

“Holy sh*t, my little chariot.”

“D*mn, my cannon was captured!”

“D*mn, d*mn, my other chariot was also captured!”

“F*ck, all my pieces were captured!”

The opponent lasted eight minutes and surrendered.

His pieces were all captured by Lin Fan.

Except for the pawns who were not captured, the chariots, carts, horses, elephants, and advisors were all captured.

On the other hand, Lin Fan only lost a few pawns, a cannon, and a horse…

Lin Fan had completely won!

He had completely won this match in 8 minutes!

A line of text also appeared on the top of the QQ Chinese chess app.

[Congratulations to Linfan for achieving 41 consecutive victories!]

Unknowingly, three more hours passed.

This time, Lin Fan played Chinese chess very quickly. He kept playing against different opponents.

In three hours, he played dozens more games of chess.

And now, Lin Fan’s rank had already rushed to 8-2.

Lin Fan’s winning streak also went from 41 to 81 wins in a row!

He was winning every match.

They were all hearty victories.

Before 8-2, Lin Fan was slaughtering his opponents like he was bullying noobs.

No matter what kind of opponent it was, it was difficult to resist Lin Fan.

And it was already two o’clock in the morning.

Lin Fan was so engrossed in playing Chinese chess that he lost track of time.

It was two o’clock in the morning. A lot of the audience should have gone to rest already.

But today happened to be Friday, and many of the audience members had the next day off.

Therefore, Lin Fan’s livestream was still very popular.

At this moment, Lin Fan’s livestream exploded!

“Awesome, awesome, awesome…”

“D*mn, how did Lin Fan do it? 81 consecutive wins. Lin Fan has already obtained 81 consecutive wins!”

“What level is Brother Fan at? F*ck, is he an artificial intelligence? Why is he slaughtering his opponents in Chinese chess? I suspect that Brother Fan is cheating.”

“Even if he cheats, he might not be able to win 81 consecutive victories. There would be a chance of drawing. However, Lin Fan has been winning continuously and can defeat his opponents every time.”

“Lin Fan’s Chinese chess skills are really high… Is he still human?”

Lin Fan picked up his beer and took a sip.

Come on, get on with it!

He felt his blood boil now.

This was not because Lin Fan was arrogant, but because he felt that all the knowledge he had learned had been used when he played actual matches today and entered his mind.

The knowledge in the books would be converted into experience and completely digested in Lin Fan’s mind.

Lin Fan realized that he had already forgotten almost all the knowledge points such as the thirty-six ways to checkmate in Chinese chess that he had learned in the books.

It was like how Zhang Wuji had forgotten all his moves.

Forgetting the moves was the real way to learn.

Because he had already mastered these moves!

Lin Fan had obtained an 81-game winning streak, and his winning streak was still ongoing!

This record even alarmed the various big shots in the Chinese chess world!

And many groups in the Chinese chess world were shaking.

“Does anyone know who this Linfan is? Oh my god, he has already won 81 consecutive victories. On our software, the highest winning streak is only 61 consecutive victories.”

“How can anyone win 81 consecutive matches?”

“I suspect this person is cheating. He can’t be that good otherwise.”

“Yeah, Linfan must be cheating. But we don’t really know who this guy is yet. He’s definitely cheating. After all, humans are no match for artificial intelligence right now.”

“Linfan’s awesome. Maybe he’s running a smurf account to bully noobs. He could have done it.”

At the same time, a discussion was also started in a rank 8 Chinese chess group.

“Linfan’s got an 81-game winning streak. Should we stop him?”

“With all due respect, players below rank 8 don’t really know how to play. They don’t understand the essence of Chinese chess. Our group is made up of elite Chinese chess players. It’s time to take action.”

At this moment, the group leader came out.

The group leader’s ID was called Gossip. Gossip was also a Chinese chess streamer on Douyu. He was very strong.

“Linfan, 81 consecutive victories? What’s there to brag about? Is it hard?”

“There aren’t many experts above rank eight in the first place. More than half of them are already gathered in our group. Now… let’s all move out.”

“Attack Linfan. Let Linfan know there’s always someone better.”

“Let’s start matchmaking together now. Whoever matches with Linfan, screw him over immediately!”

A smile touched Gossip’s lips.

Linfan was just a rookie.

81 consecutive wins were indeed nothing to be proud of. He didn’t even have to take action himself.

If Lin Fan had not cheated, the various Chinese chess experts in that group would be able to bully him a hundred times.

With that in mind, the group leader Gossip went to bed.

After waking up, Lin Fan would be completely defeated by the 60 people in the group!