Chapter 359 - Come, Fight!

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At the headquarters of Douyu.

The manager reported the news that Lin Fan had received 80 million yuan worth of gifts in one night to his supervisor.

The supervisor: “???”

The supervisor was a little dumbfounded. “Lin Fan received 80 million after one night of livestreaming? That’s too terrifying. It doesn’t make sense.”

The manager nodded. “Yeah, but that’s how good Lin Fan is. He’s so popular. No one else compares to him.”

The supervisor was a little surprised. “It’ll be great if Lin Fan comes to become a livestreamer. Contact Lin Fan immediately and change the profit split ratio from now on. Lin Fan will get 90%, and we’ll only get 10%.”

The manager was a little puzzled. “Why? If we can get 50%, won’t we earn more?”

The supervisor shook his head and said, “After all, Lin Fan isn’t our streamer. Being able to get so many gifts has nothing to do with Douyu.”

“Believe it or not, if other livestreaming platforms see that Lin Fan is so powerful, they will definitely come and rope him in. I want to tell you that Lin Fan is now the CEO of two major entertainment companies. He can even set up a livestreaming platform himself. Do you believe me?”

“As long as we can rope Lin Fan in, even if we don’t get that 10% of profits, our company can pull in a lot of traffic if Lin Fan comes over to livestream. Do you understand?”

Then it dawned on the manager.

Lin Fan was worth much more than 80 million!

After some discussion, Douyu finally decided to give all profits from the gifts to Lin Fan.

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This was the best way to rope Lin Fan in.

Moreover, Douyu had also chosen to increase Lin Yushi’s contract fee. As long as Lin Yushi could be tied to Douyu, Lin Fan would definitely start livestreaming on Douyu in the future.

That day, 81.23 million yuan was transferred to Lin Yushi’s account.

Lin Yushi transferred 81 million yuan to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan: “???”

Lin Yushi said, “Brother, I’m not short of money. It’s all yours. I’ll look for you when I’m short of money~”

Seeing how good his sister was, Lin Fan could only shake his head.

He wanted to give all the money to Lin Yushi. After all, Lin Fan was not short of money now.

Meanwhile, Lin Yushi was thinking for Lin Fan. Of the 81,230,000 yuan, she only left 230,000 yuan for herself.

Lin Fan said, “Okay.”

Lin Yushi said, “I’m a rich woman now. 230,000 yuan is enough for me to spend for years.”

Lin Fan said, “Buy all the cosmetics you want. Skincare is the most important thing for girls.”

Lin Yushi said, “Ghastly face.jpg. Brother, you just gave me so many cosmetics last time~~”

Lin Fan smiled and said nothing more.

Some women were gold diggers who wished they had more money to spend.

On the other hand, Lin Yushi didn’t care at all. It was one thing for her to be outstanding in her studies, but even her character was so good.

Still, it was nice to have a sister to spoil.

In Gossip’s group.

“Gossip. We were all thrashed by Linfan. I suspect Linfan was cheating.”

“How did he get a 140-game winning streak? That’s already breaking records.”

“That’s right. Even Liu Xinyi lost. I suspect that this person is cheating. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so powerful. He must be a Gundam. He might have used computer software to play against us.”

“I curse his whole family to die!”

“I thought Linfan was pretty awesome. Who knew he was a cheater?”

For a moment, the group was discussing Lin Fan’s cheating.

They didn’t know that Lin Fan was livestreaming. They only knew that the ID Linfan had won 140 consecutive victories.

Moreover, Lin Fan’s rank had already increased to 9-1.

It could be said that 9-1 had already touched the threshold of professional Chinese chess players!

Most professional Chinese chess players were at rank nine.

An excellent professional Chinese chess player would be at rank 9.

Above rank 9 was God.

However, at the moment, no one could break through 9-3 unless they hacked and used computer software.

When people played Chinese chess with one another, there were many flaws.

In rank 9, it was easy for many people to draw their Chinese chess matches.

It was too difficult to defeat their opponents. This also led to most professional players being at this rank.

However, it was unheard of for someone to maintain a 140-game winning streak to reach 9-1!

After hearing such news, Gossip was shocked.

Although the strength of these group members in his group was not top-notch, they were definitely not weak.

But none of them had been able to defeat Linfan.

Who exactly is Linfan?

Gossip said, “If Linfan really cheated, the officials will definitely ban him. We still don’t know if Linfan is cheating. If he isn’t cheating, then this person’s Chinese chess skills are not ordinary.”

“Tonight I, Gossip, will challenge Linfan to a duel!”

“I’ll let Linfan experience what it means to have a baptism of fire.”

“I’ll let him know how powerful professional Chinese chess players are. Tonight is the moment to end Lin Fan’s 140-game winning streak!”

Gossip’s post immediately caused an uproar in the group.

Everyone was an expert. Without concrete evidence, they couldn’t say that Lin Fan was cheating.

If he used cheats and used computer software to play Chinese chess, the current humans would not be able to defeat the computers in Chinese chess.

But it was obvious when computer softwares played Chinese chess.

Whether it was a real person playing Chinese chess or a computer, it could be felt by professional players.

Soon the news spread.

Gossip. A professional Chinese chess player. A famous presence in Chinese chess.

Gossip had already reached the level of a professional player, one level higher than someone like Liu Xinyi.

In Chinese chess, there are only two levels.

There was a huge difference between amateur players and professional players.

After spreading the news, they quickly discovered that Lin Fan did not cheat.

“D*mn, the ID Linfan happens to be the big star, Lin Fan. His 140 consecutive wins were all livestreamed, so he’s not cheating.”

“Lin Fan is really at this level. D*mn, then he’s very powerful.”

“But it’s impossible for Lin Fan to win against Gossip. Even the most powerful person in our group can’t win against Gossip.”

“Gossip is a professional Chinese chess player. Lin Fan is just an amateur. He might really lose.”

“That’s right. A hundred amateurs might not be a match for a pro.”

“There’s no way to compete with professional players in sports like Go and Chinese chess that rely on brainpower and experience. ”

After confirming that Lin Fan did not cheat, the professional player Gossip issued an invitation to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan would taste the baptism of professional players in this battle!

He would also witness the power of professional players.

Luntai, Tieba, Weibo, the group, and all the major discussion centers of Chinese chess began to advertise it.

During the livestream at night, Lin Fan found out about this.

After knowing that a professional player sent him a challenge, Lin Fan was overjoyed.

He had no idea what his level was now.

What was certain was that Xia Wanqiu’s father was also at the level of professional players in Chinese chess.

If he wanted to defeat Xia Wanqiu’s father, he had to reach a professional level in Chinese chess.

And tonight was the best opportunity for Lin Fan to test himself.

he would be fighting against a famous professional Chinese chess player in the country!

Everyone knew the power of Gossip.

After entering the room invited by Gossip, Lin Fan started the livestream and prepared to experience the baptism of a professional player.

whether he could defeat a professional player at his current level!