Chapter 360 - Shock in the Chinese Chess World, Lin Fan's 141 Consecutive Wins!

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When Lin Fan started the livestream, a large number of viewers quickly flooded in.


It was indeed out of everyone’s expectations that Gu Qinger was able to break through, but he was a trial-taker and had a proper identity. To the Holy Palace, this was a good thing.

The only thing worth thinking about was…

“Supreme Master, do you think his breakthrough will affect the internal world of the Divine World?” Bai Lian asked solemnly as he retreated.

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment.

Theoretically speaking, no one could simply shout a few words and breakthrough on the spot, right?

“I hope…” Mu Ling only uttered two words and didn’t say anything else.

Bai Lian fell into deep thought.

He wondered if his supreme master’s “I hope”, meant that it would affect the internal world of the Divine World, or… that it wouldn’t affect it?

Unlike the few people who knew little about the ancient swordsman and hid in the way of the heavens, the scruffy-looking man was petrified in the spatial fragment.

The 129,600 golden swords shocked him to the extreme.

“Nine Swords Technique, in infinite number?”

“This idiot with an empty brain actually comprehended the first realm of the Nine Swords Technique? He broke through here?”

“How old is he?!”

On the other side, Gossip was also deeply shocked.

No wonder Lin Fan could obtain 140 consecutive victories.

“So Lin Fan is so strong… He was able to obtain 140 consecutive victories because of his strength.”

“My setup just now would have killed any amateur chess player. Only Lin Fan could dodge my attacks and counterattack.”

“Lin Fan’s strength is indeed extraordinary,” Gossip said.

“However, as a professional Chinese chess player, I can’t lose. Lin Fan, let’s fight!” Gossip said as he focused on this battle.

In this Chinese chess battle.

The tension was building.

Gossip was a professional player.

Lin Fan was an expert with 140 consecutive victories.

In his 141st win, Lin Fan encountered an incomparably powerful opponent.

There was no way out. He had to defeat Gossip to maintain his winning streak.

Not even a draw could be tolerated.

Therefore, Lin Fan had to defeat Gossip. He had to calculate better than Gossip.

Lin Fan would consider every move he made before making a decision.

So much so that every move was calculated to ten steps later, carrying out various changes and killing moves.

Finally… after 20 minutes, Lin Fan found a loophole!

He broke through in one fell swoop!

After finding the loophole, there was an earth-shattering defensive battle with Gossip.

By the twenty-eighth minute, only one of Gossip’s pieces was left.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan still had two pawns left. Just the two pawns.

No matter how many pieces remained, the end result…

Lin Fan had obtained 141 consecutive victories!

At the top of the screen of the Chinese chess software, a full-screen announcement!

[Congratulations to Linfan for winning 141 consecutive victories and defeating Gossip!]

Lin Fan felt himself playing a round of Chinese chess to his heart’s content.

This was the charm of playing against a professional player. After 28 minutes of bitter battle, Lin Fan obtained a 141-win streak.

He was the final winner.

Now, he had successfully crossed the threshold of a professional Chinese chess player!

Lin Fan’s strength was equivalent to a true professional player!

The livestream was in an uproar.

“He won, He won!!”

“Brother Fan is awesome. No way. The other party is a professional Chinese chess player. Brother Fan actually won against a professional Chinese chess player!”

“Although Gossip isn’t the most powerful person among the professional Chinese chess players, Brother Fan’s strength is obvious!”

“Oh my god, 141 consecutive wins. Who else can stop Brother Fan? Who else?”

[Little Yue’er gave Lin Fan 20 super rockets!]

[Cute little fan gave Lin Fan ten super rockets!]

[Gossip gifted Lin Fan a super rocket!]

The fans in the livestream began to crazily give Lin Fan gifts.

The audience in the livestream was shocked.

The Chinese chess world was equally stunned.

Gossip’s group of experts, Gossip himself, the many Chinese chess experts, and even the entire Chinese chess forum were shocked.

Professional Chinese chess player Gossip had lost to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan had also set a historical record in the Chinese chess world!

141 consecutive wins!

Moreover… with Lin Fan’s current strength, even a professional Chinese chess player like Gossip could not stop him!

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