Chapter 362 - An Impossible Miracle!

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Wang Tianyi’s strength was obvious.

Everyone in the Chinese chess world knew about it.

In the Chinese chess world, Wang Tianyi was a legend.

In the past five years, Wang Tianyi had participated in many competitions.

Each time, he was the champion.

As the most important figure in the Chinese chess world, Wang Tianyi’s strength and experience were enough to crush other chess experts.

Wang Tianyi was already quite familiar with all the ways to play Chinese chess.

It was no exaggeration to say that if Lin Fan could defeat Wang Tianyi, he would have absolute top-notch skills among the Chinese chess experts!

Although they had only met by chance in the Chinese chess app, this opponent in front of him was the strongest opponent Lin Fan had ever met in his life!

An opponent who might lose if he made even the slightest mistake.

This time, Wang Tianyi made his move first.

“D*mn, Brother Fan has met the Chinese champion.”

“That’s right. Wang Tianyi is the champion and the best at Chinese chess. Many professional players are not Wang Tianyi’s match. I’m afraid Brother Fan won’t be able to defeat Wang Tianyi.”

“I’ve seen top Chinese chess experts of the same level. Even if they tried their best, they could only tie with Wang Tianyi. I’m afraid only AI can defeat Wang Tianyi, right?”

“Brother Fan’s Chinese chess skills are very strong, but the other party is Wang Tianyi. It’s extremely difficult to defeat him. It’s almost impossible unless Wang Tianyi makes a mistake first.”

The audience in the livestream all recognized this big boss.

In the Chinese chess world, just hearing the name Wang Tianyi made countless Chinese chess players feel afraid.

This was like hearing Lu Bu’s name in the Three Kingdoms. Who dared to fight him?

Faced with such a strong opponent, Lin Fan focused.

His opponent in the 172nd game of Chinese chess was extremely powerful.

Lin Fan felt that his current level of Chinese chess hadn’t reached the top level.

There was still a lot of room for improvement.

As for how big the difference was, he would know after playing Chinese chess.

Whether Wang Tianyi would be serious or not, Lin Fan was already serious about this round.

In another livestream, Wang Tianyi was focused on talking about chess.

As for his opponent Lin Fan, who had 171 consecutive wins, Wang Tianyi didn’t care much.

In terms of consecutive victories, he had never lost in any competition in the Chinese chess world. He did not feel very proud of such results.

In this game, Wang Tianyi took the first move.

The first step was for Wang Tianyi to take over the middle with the cannon and prepare to attack Lin Fan at any time.

Lin Fan’s response was to shift his horse diagonally from the second to the third column to defend.

In a short period of time, both parties completed their opening moves.

Wang Tianyi smiled and said, “This ID… I think he’s called Lin Fan. His level should be pretty good. I haven’t met a strong opponent in this app. I finally met one today.”

Then, the two sides started playing chess.

Wang Tianyi attacked fiercely.

Lin Fan could only choose to defend.

Ten minutes later, the battle between the two sides had reached a stalemate.

Now, it was even more of a test of their abilities.

Lin Fan felt like he couldn’t breathe.

Wang Tianyi was indeed the champion of Chinese chess for five consecutive years. The suppression of his attacks made Lin Fan feel immense pressure.

Furthermore, when Wang Tianyi made his next move, he could already predict 15 steps away.

In fact, if Lin Fan took any wrong step, Wang Tianyi could expand his advantage and defeat Lin Fan in the end to obtain the final victory.

When it came to the middle game, it tested both parties’ abilities.

The middle game was also the best at distinguishing how profound a player’s ability was.

If it was a normal opening, many amateur players would have a certain pattern. There were only a few variations to the opening of Chinese chess.

The changes after the middle game were the most frequent and also the most testing of one’s planning ability.

Faced with such pressure, Lin Fan chose to defend and look for an opportunity.

In the livestream, Lin Fan was no longer chatting happily. Instead, he was focused on calculating every move in the game.

There were still beads of sweat on Lin Fan’s forehead.

This was the first time in his life that he felt so much pressure.

This pressure even made Lin Fan’s hands tremble.

One wrong step meant defeat.

Lin Fan’s mind was also spinning rapidly. All the Chinese chess knowledge in his mind surged and gradually connected into a line.

Lin Fan had already used all his energy to play chess with Wang Tianyi.

He had improved his Chinese chess skills through self-learning.

In the past six months, Lin Fan had filmed four television dramas, built a company, and hired many actors.

The girls like Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Kexin were all nurtured by Lin Fan.

For the past six months, Lin Fan had been very busy. He had very little time to study Chinese chess, but Lin Fan had still been working hard to learn it.

He did not rely on the system to have his current ability in Chinese chess.

Lin Fan had only played 171 Chinese chess games in total. He had never even lost before. It was said that failure was the mother of success. If Lin Fan lost, he could increase his experience and make his Chinese chess skills stronger.

But now, Lin Fan had not lost a single match and he was asked to fight the number one person in the Chinese chess world, Wang Tianyi.

Lin Fan chose to attack Wang Tianyi directly.

In return, he faced Wang Tianyi’s exquisite defense.

The pieces on both sides were exchanged.

Until now, the match between Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi had ended in a draw.

It was very easy to tie in Chinese chess. As long as they could not attack and the other party did not have any chess pieces to advance, they would be tied.

A draw was very normal.

At this moment, the results of Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s game were out.

After the game was over, Xia Wanqiu walked into the room. She held a towel and looked at Lin Fan. “Meow, meow?”

Lin Fan smiled and held Xia Wanqiu’s hand. He wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He tried his best and finally reached a draw.

Lin Fan also wanted to win and defeat Wang Tianyi directly. However, there was still a difference in strength.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and smiled sweetly. “It’s fine. Wang Tianyi is the champion to begin with. It’s already very amazing that you can tie~”

Hearing Xia Wanqiu say that, Lin Fan smiled.

The audience in the livestream was excited.

They hadn’t expected Lin Fan to be able to tie with Wang Tianyi!

Even though it was only a draw and the 171st consecutive victory was interrupted, Lin Fan had created a miracle!

In history, only the top Chinese chess professional had fought Wang Tianyi to a draw.

The other professional Chinese chess players were all defeated by Wang Tianyi.

But today, Lin Fan had tied with the top Wang Tianyi.

This was already an almost impossible miracle.