Chapter 363 - Another Battle With Wang Tianyi!

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“Oh my god, Lin Fan is really strong…”

“Wang Tianyi is a legend in Chinese chess. It’s extremely difficult to fight him to a draw. It’s already not easy for Lin Fan to fight him to a draw.”

“Although it’s a pity that he didn’t manage to maintain his winning streak, Lin Fan is already too strong. He can even fight such a strong opponent to a draw. After all, his opponent is Wang Tianyi.”

“That’s right. To be able to fight Wang Tianyi to a draw, I really admire Lin Fan. In other words, the current Lin Fan has already reached the top level in Chinese chess.”

“You should think about it. Even someone like Wang Tianyi can only tie with Lin Fan. Even Wang Tianyi can’t defeat Lin Fan!”

“6666666, Brother Fan, forever my idol!”

The comments in the livestream flashed across the screen.

The fans were also giving Lin Fan crazy gifts and tips.

Lin Fan’s livestream had already given these fans a huge surprise.

They had watched the livestream for another five and a half hours today, and it was already night.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I’ll stop livestreaming today. I won’t be livestreaming Chinese chess in the future either. If I do livestream in the future, I’ll inform everyone on Weibo first.”

After logging off, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

He had been playing Chinese chess for so long and was really tired.

On the other side, Wang Tianyi drank a glass of water and smiled brightly.

“This Lin Fan’s skill is indeed extraordinary. To be able to obtain 171 consecutive wins, he deserves his reputation,” Wang Tianyi praised. He was also a little shocked.

“That’s right. Even you can’t defeat Lin Fan. Lin Fan’s ability is excellent. If he practices more, he will definitely be able to become a top chess player,” another top chess player, Hu Weiyong, said.

“No, the current Lin Fan is already a top chess player,” Wang Tianyi said.

“You didn’t even use 70% of your strength just now, right? If you had used 100% of your strength, you might have…” Hu Weiyong smiled. He knew how powerful Wang Tianyi was.

“Haha, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a game of Chinese chess, not a competition.”

“I’m also looking forward to Lin Fan’s Chinese chess skills improving. It’ll be good if I can compete with Lin Fan in the competition,” Wang Tianyi said. “How about this? Send Lin Fan a professional invitation. There’s a professional competition recently. He can sign up and participate in it. Lin Fan’s Chinese chess skills will reach a higher level.”

Wang Tianyi didn’t defeat Lin Fan in his match with him and it shocked the entire Chinese chess world.

Gossip asked in disbelief, “D*mn… really? Even Wang Tianyi can’t defeat Lin Fan? They played a game of chess?”

The group members nodded. “Lin Fan is too amazing. I don’t even know how he did it. That’s Wang Tianyi.”

“I feel that Wang Tianyi hasn’t used his full strength yet. If he uses his full strength, he might be able to defeat Lin Fan.”

“Of course. After all, he’s Wang Tianyi. But Lin Fan isn’t weak either. Lin Fan might be second only to him now.”

After Lin Fan woke up, he received a message from Wang Tianyi.

Furthermore, he received an invitation to a professional Chinese chess competition.

As the largest professional competition in Chinese history, it was held in Shanghai. The prize money was as high as 1.5 million!

Professional competitions were also the place where one could train their chess skills the most.

There were amateurs and professionals who came to the professional arena to play chess.

Everyone was moving towards the highest honor, the championship!

Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi felt their shortcomings in the battle. He also felt that Wang Tianyi hadn’t used his full strength yet.

It was because of this that Lin Fan felt a little excited.

He did not win against Wang Tianyi this time. He had to win against him next time.

There was less than half a month until he could meet Xia Wanqiu’s father. Lin Fan could make good use of this time.

Lin Fan replied, “Thank you. I also have plans to participate in the competition. I have the time recently.”

Wang Tianyi laughed and said, “That’s great. However, if you want to participate in this competition, you have to train well. Participating in professional competitions is different from playing chess on the app. These contestants came prepared and are all very strong. I happen to have a set of chess manuals here. You can study them more if you can’t buy them on the market.”

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, Brother Wang.”

This was why Lin Fan had good interpersonal skills. If Wang Tianyi was willing to help Lin Fan improve his Chinese chess skills, why not?

The moment he spoke, he got closer to Wang Tianyi.

Hearing him call him Brother Wang, Wang Tianyi’s smile became even brighter. “Brother Lin, you have to study it carefully. If you have any questions, ask me. I’ll get someone to send you this chess manual in the afternoon.”

Lin Fan smiled. “It’s my duty. I’ll study this chess record carefully. You didn’t do your best in Chinese chess with me, right? If I can enter the finals, I’ll definitely fight you a few rounds.”

Wang Tianyi nodded. “Haha, sure. They’re all to increase our skill in Chinese chess. Brother Lin, to tell you the truth, I’m already a little old and can’t compare to young people. Physical strength and brainpower are very important when it comes to playing Chinese chess. It just so happens that a few scumbags overseas keep saying that their Chinese chess is better than ours. There are also some scumbags who say that Chinese chess originated from their country. They also say that the art of printing and paper making are from their country. The words “Chu and Han River” are clearly written on the board, but they don’t acknowledge it.”

“These scumbags are very good at chess and are clamoring to challenge us. Therefore, in addition to the bonuses and honor, we participated in this professional competition because we hope to choose a few people to defeat these scumbags from foreign countries and let them know what Chinese chess is.”

“Chinese chess only originated in China. This will never change,” Wang Tianyi said.

Lin Fan said, “Brother Wang, there should be many Chinese chess experts in our country. Why should we be afraid of them? Let’s just fight them.”

Wang Tianyi replied, “Those scumbags are very good at Chinese chess. Previously, when they defeated the top five Chinese chess experts in our country, they started to shout that they are invincible. Therefore, you have to train hard. If you have the chance, you might even be able to represent our country and defeat those scumbags.”

After Lin Fan heard that, he nodded.

Playing Chinese chess in China could improve one’s intelligence, but if some foreigners said that Chinese chess originated from their country, Lin Fan couldn’t agree.

Some things came from China and would forever belong to Chinese civilization. They could not be snatched away by foreigners.

In that case, Lin Fan had even more reason to improve his Chinese chess skills.

After obtaining the chess manual, Lin Fan studied it seriously for five days. His Chinese chess skills had also undergone a huge transformation.

On the sixth day, Lin Fan participated in this professional chess competition. If he won the championship, he would receive 1.5 million yuan.

After playing chess for three days, Lin Fan had already entered the top eight.

After studying the Chess manual, Lin Fan was invincible.

Even professional players weren’t Lin Fan’s match.

Two days later, Lin Fan consecutively defeated his opponents in the top eight and top four and rushed into the finals.

In the other half of the competition zone, Wang Tianyi also displayed his might. He defeated countless opponents and entered the finals.

In a total of five days, Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi entered the finals.

It was the finals between Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi!!

Lin Fan also saw Wang Tianyi and shook hands with him. “Haha, Brother Wang, we meet again. I didn’t win against you last time. This time, we have to play a few rounds of Chinese chess.”

When Wang Tianyi saw Lin Fan, he smiled in relief. “Alright, I’ll tell you first. I won’t go easy on you this time.”

Lin Fan patted Wang Tianyi on the shoulder. “If you dare to go easy on me, I won’t let you. Let’s play chess. No matter if you win or lose, I’ll treat you to a feast.”

Wang Tianyi’s eyes lit up when he heard that. “I’ve long heard that your feast is delicious. Come and play chess. Hurry up and finish your feast.”

Under the gazes of everyone, the official battle between Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi in the professional arena had begun!