Chapter 364 - Overwhelming Strength

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Today was the finals of the Chinese Chess Cup.

It was also Wang Tianyi’s sixth year of participating in the Chinese chess competition.

In the first five years, he had won the championship and proven his strength.

This year, Wang Tianyi was still as strong as ever. He had defeated many professional players and reached the finals.

Today’s finals would also be broadcasted live and there would be commentators.

As Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi sat together and were about to start the Chinese chess competition, the commentator’s excited voice rang out.

“Everyone, today is the finals of the 21st edition of the Chinese Chess Cup!”

“There are a total of two contestants who have entered the finals. The first place is Wang Tianyi, who has been the champion for five consecutive years!”

“Second place is the dazzling newcomer of the Chinese chess world, Lin Fan!”

“I think everyone knows that he created a 171-win streak some time ago and is the first man in China to maintain a 171-win streak. His Chinese chess skills are obvious to everyone!”

“I wonder which contestant you think will win. No matter what, these two contestants will bring us the most exciting competition today!”

“The format of the championship competition is best-of-five. It’s a three-win system. Those who win three rounds first will be the champion of this competition!”

“The champion of this competition can receive a 1.5 million yuan reward!”

“At the same time, it will also represent the highest level of Chinese chess!”

The commentator’s excited voice sounded, clearly happy.

It could be said that almost everyone in China knew Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s popularity, ability, acting skills, every television drama he filmed, and every song he sang received the approval of the audience.

Who would have thought that Lin Fan, who had been doing well in the entertainment industry, would step into the Chinese chess industry and obtain very outstanding results?

Countless comments flashed across the screen of the livestream’s audience.


“I can finally watch the competition again and wait for the finals. If I remember correctly, the last time Lin Fan played chess with Wang Tianyi, it was a draw. Furthermore, Wang Tianyi shouldn’t have used his full strength then.”

“That’s right. Wang Tianyi will definitely use his full strength in the finals today. I don’t know if Lin Fan can win, but I feel that Lin Fan’s strength has improved greatly. He might really be able to defeat Wang Tianyi.”

“Not necessarily. Wang Tianyi is the champion for five consecutive years. I feel that Lin Fan is in danger. Ahh, I’m always very excited. I like both of them very much. What should I do?”

At the same time, there were many spectators.

There were also many cheerleaders.

Many Chinese chess fans were supporting Wang Tianyi.

In their hearts, Wang Tianyi was an insurmountable legend.

Wang Tianyi’s varied tactics and powerful strength received everyone’s approval.

In the Chinese chess world, almost all the players would admire Wang Tianyi when they heard his name.

Of course, there were also people who supported Lin Fan.

The girl walking at the front was holding Lin Fan’s sign. She was wearing a long white dress. She was a little cute and pretty.

“Ahwooh, Master is going to the Chinese chess finals today. Master will definitely win!” Su Xiaoyu giggled. She looked at Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s avatars on the screen and kept cheering.

“Boss will definitely win.” Su Muqing nodded and looked at Lin Fan.

“Needless to say, if Lin Fan loses, he will be the first to be punished.” Xu Yang hugged Lin Jingjing’s shoulder and smiled.

Lin Jingjing was holding Xu Yang’s sign and waving it like a fan.

Xia Wanqiu held a cup of milk tea and sat there quietly, feeling very happy.

If Dad saw this, he would be very happy, right?

Lin Fan had been studying Chinese chess for so long. To be able to reach this stage, she felt proud of him.

Pang Duoduo held the roasted chicken and sat down as well. She chuckled. “Needless to say, Brother Fan will definitely win. It’s just that the roasted chicken is a little delicious. Can you buy another one?”

He looked at Lin Qianwei who said unhappily, “You only know how to eat. If you eat more, you’ll reach 100 kilograms.”

Pang Duoduo touched his fat stomach and took a bite of the roasted chicken. He said aggrievedly, “Sister Qianwei, I want to eat. I’m hungry.”

Xia Wanqiu looked at Pang Duoduo with her beautiful eyes and smiled sweetly. “If you eat more, you’ll really reach 100 kilograms.”

Pang Duoduo finally wilted. She finished the roasted chicken in her hand and even licked the oil clean.

Under the anticipation of the audience, Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi also started their match.

Now that they were playing chess, Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi were very serious.

Neither of them would go easy.

When playing chess, the two of them could not speak to disturb each other.

Wang Tianyi chose to attack first or sharply.

Lin Fan tried his best to defend.

Playing chess face to face, Lin Fan felt the strength of a five-time champion.

Wang Tianyi’s all-out attack made it difficult for Lin Fan to resist.

Lin Fan’s forehead was covered in sweat. This was Wang Tian’s full strength.

The perfect attack and suppression from beginning to end made Lin Fan almost unable to catch his breath.

Although Lin Fan was also a top chess player, in the first round, he was still killed by Wang Tianyi.

Lin Fan lost the first round.

After losing the first round, Lin Fan drank a glass of water. His confidence didn’t decrease.

Wang Tianyi had too many tricks and experiences. Before Lin Fan could react, he was already defeated.

This was Wang Tianyi’s true strength.

The commentator also shouted, “Friends, Wang Tianyi won the first round. The score is 1:0!”

“Wang Tianyi used his rich skills, experience, and strength to defeat Lin Fan. He still has the strength to be the champion after five consecutive years. Wang Tianyi is the god of Chinese chess!”

“But this is the best-of-five format. Wang Tianyi only won the first round. It’s hard to say who will be the champion in the end. Let’s rest for 30 minutes now. The second match will begin later!”

“Lin Fan, you have to work harder too. Don’t be completely suppressed by Wang Tianyi. Try to find Wang Tianyi’s loophole. Charge!!!” the commentator said.

According to the plot of novels, after the protagonist lost or got into a disadvantage, he would be mocked by the villain, the audience, the passers-by, and anyone who mocked him and said that he was trash.

But in reality, no one mocked Lin Fan.

After Wang Tianyi finished speaking, he patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and gave him a bottle of spring water.

When Lin Fan was resting, Su Xiaoyu brought him water too.

“Master, you have to work hard. It’s fine even if you lose. Wang Tianyi is very awesome~” Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan.

“I’m fine.” Lin Fan smiled and took Su Xiaoyu’s water.

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu again.

“Meow, meow, meow?” Xia Wanqiu made a cute gesture at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled brightly and his mood improved.

With so many people supporting him, no matter what the final outcome was, he would do his best to play every game of Chinese chess!