Chapter 366 - Lin Fan Turns Victory into Victory, Beating Wang Tianyi!

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The commentator enthusiastically explained the current scene on stage.

“Everyone, this is the third round of Lin Fan versus Wang Tianyi. Wang Tianyi has won 2:0!”

“As long as Wang Tianyi can win another round, the final champion of the Chinese Chess Cup will be Wang Tianyi. Lin Fan has already entered a hopeless situation. I wonder how far he can go in chess?”

“Now, I announce that the third round of the competition begins now!”

When the third round started, Lin Fan sat down.

This time, Lin Fan didn’t just use all his strength. He would also do his best to win this competition.

The current him felt that he had completely sublimated.

His Chinese chess skills had also improved unprecedentedly.

In the third round, Wang Tianyi still took the initiative.

Wang Tianyi still used a crushing attack and started attacking Lin Fan.

But this time, all the chess pieces seemed to have connected in Lin Fan’s eyes.

Lin Fan chose to defend and counterattack.

This time, he had no way out.

Lin Fan wanted to win this competition.

Xia Wanqiu was his girlfriend. Even Xia Wanqiu had come to cheer for him. How could Lin Fan not work hard?

As long as he could win this match, Lin Fan still had a chance of winning.

The commentators on the commentary platform were also excitedly explaining this match.

“Everyone… the third match has begun.”

“It’s been ten minutes. Oh my god, Wang Tianyi started a fierce attack. It’s still the same as the first round. I wonder if Lin Fan can hold on.”

“Twenty minutes have passed. Is it a draw or a draw now? The two sides are in a stalemate!”

“It’s been 30 minutes. Wang Tianyi has started an all-out attack. Lin Fan is defending. His defense is quite good!”

“It’s been 50 minutes and Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s chariots have both been captured. It’s still a draw and we still can’t tell who’s better. This game of Chinese chess has been played for too long.”

The commentators and analysts were all nervously watching Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s third game.

All the audience was also waiting in the livestream and venue.

Xia Wanqiu also felt her breathing become nervous.

For the first time, they played a game of Chinese chess for 50 minutes straight.

The audience in the livestream was also waiting nervously.

The professional Chinese chess players were also watching Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s match.

“I feel that Lin Fan is having a hard time playing this game of Chinese chess. The pressure on Wang Tianyi’s attack is too great.”

“That’s right. Wang Tianyi is just too good at Chinese chess. Lin Fan probably can’t withstand Wang Tianyi.”

“Wang Tianyi is a legend in Chinese chess. If Lin Fan can’t take it, I’m afraid Wang Tianyi will win 3:0. He will win all the championships, right?”

“It’s over. I feel that Lin Fan is going to lose again. He lost to Wang Tianyi 0:3.”

“Previously, when Lin Fan obtained more than 170 consecutive wins, I thought that Lin Fan could fight Wang Tianyi. Now, it looks like his level hasn’t reached Wang Tianyi’s level.”

Su Xiaoyu looked at the LED screen. It was Lin Fan and Wang Tianyi’s match.

Su Xiaoyu could not help but become nervous. She pressed her palms together. “Is Master going to lose?”

Lin Kexin shook her head. “No, he won’t lose again.”

Xu Yang sighed. “Lin Fan seems to have entered a disadvantage. It’s a little difficult to win again.”

Xia Wanqiu stood up and looked at Lin Fan, waving his support sign.

The fans were also cheering for Lin Fan.

The audience in the livestream was all encouraging Lin Fan.

When the competition reached 65 minutes, Lin Fan started to fight back!

The cannon directly checked Wang Tianyi!

From now on, Lin Fan would turn his disadvantage into an advantage.

Lin Fan was starting to take the lead!

“Oh my god, everyone, Lin Fan is starting to take the lead!”

“The competition has been going on for 65 minutes and Lin Fan has finally started to attack!”

“Lin Fan is checking Wang Tianyi, checking Wang Tianyi, and checking Wang Tianyi again!”

“Oh my god… it’s a sure-kill!”

“Lin Fan beat Wang Tianyi!”

“The third round lasted a total of 70 minutes. Congratulations to Lin Fan for winning the third round!”

“How did Lin Fan do that? I didn’t even react in time. Lin Fan performed several checks in a row!”

“Currently, Lin Fan is 1 to 2 behind, but Lin Fan has finally broken Wang Tianyi’s undefeated legend. There might be a huge reversal in this match!”

The commentator’s voice rang out, and the audience cheered.

The audience in the livestream was even happier.

“Lin Fan won the third round!”

“Although I don’t know how Lin Fan did it, he really won. He turned defeat into victory. Lin Fan is too awesome.”


“Do you think Lin Fan can win the championship in the end? He might really have a chance to defeat Wang Tianyi.”

“Brother Fan is awesome. He can win the championship for five consecutive years in Chinese chess. I don’t know how Brother Fan did it, but he’s very awesome.”

In the group chat of the Chinese chess experts, Gossip said, “Lin Fan’s layout is too strong. He had calculated the layout of the entire Chinese chess game from the start. Lin Fan had done all of that.”

“Even Wang Tianyi didn’t expect Lin Fan to play so well this time. If Wang Tianyi can calculate about 20 moves in Chinese chess, then Lin Fan has already calculated 30 moves in Chinese chess. In other words, from the moment Lin Fan started playing, he had already calculated the various results in this game. He found the easiest way to win and won in one go!”

Gossip was also shocked.

He was shocked by Lin Fan’s planning ability. Only people like them who knew Chinese chess knew what Lin Fan had done.

A professional Chinese chess player would never make a useless move. When two people play against each other, they only needed to be one step ahead of their opponent to win.

Liu Xinyi was also dumbfounded. “Brother Gossip, it can’t be… How can Lin Fan calculate all the various results within 30 steps with every step he takes? This level is even better than a professional player.”

“For ordinary professional players like us, it’s already very amazing that we can remember 15 steps at most. It’s already very amazing that Wang Tianyi can see 20 steps ahead, but Lin Fan can predict 30 steps later…” Liu Xinyi’s mouth widened.

“That’s right. Look at how Lin Fan started this game of Chinese chess. Every layout in the middle is extremely exquisite. I feel that Wang Tianyi has really stimulated Lin Fan’s potential,” Gossip said.

“If Lin Fan continues in this state, I think… he might be able to defeat Wang Tianyi!”

“There might be a new champion this year!”