Chapter 367 - Champion, Lin Fan!

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Su Xiaoyu giggled. “I won. I knew Master could win!”

Pang Duoduo looked at Su Xiaoyu and sat beside her. “Hehe, Brother Fan is the best. Um, Sister Xiaoyu, can you give me some of your snacks? Girls get fat from eating snacks.”

“!!!” Su Xiaoyu: “Everything else is fine. If you snatch my snacks, the dog will bite you.”

Pang Duoduo looked at Su Xiaoyu pitifully. “Sigh, Sister Xiaoyu, I just want to eat snacks. If I don’t eat them, I’ll be hungry. The main thing is that potato chips are a high-calorie food. You’ll definitely get fat if you eat them. You won’t look good if you get fat.”

Su Xiaoyu hugged the potato chips in her arms. “No, no. Potato chips are super delicious. Also, how am I fat?”

Su Xiaoyu was wearing a JK dress and had a pair of fair and slender long legs. After working with Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu’s figure had become even better.

Even her breasts had become bigger. Who wouldn’t like that?

Furthermore, Su Xiaoyu was a girl who knew how to dress up. She could wear any style. She looked even better in uniforms.

Pang Duoduo looked at Su Xiaoyu bitterly.

Why was she not fat at all after eating snacks every day, but he became as fat as a pig after eating some snacks?

While everyone was cheering, the fourth round of Chinese chess started.

Everyone thought that the fourth round of Chinese chess would last for more than an hour, but to their surprise, the fourth round only lasted for 40 minutes.

In only 40 minutes, Wang Tianyi had already lost.

Wang Tianyi, who was sitting at the Chinese chess table, doubted his life.

He felt that Lin Fan’s chess level had suddenly changed unprecedentedly.

It was as if someone had suddenly been enlightened and had undergone a true transformation.

Lin Fan’s chess skills had improved qualitatively in every game.

“Lin Fan is indeed very strong…”

“I knew I wasn’t wrong about you. Your Chinese chess skills are now one of the best in the country,” Wang Tianyi said as he looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled and patted Wang Tianyi on the shoulder.

He was very serious now. There was still one last round.

He had to win the last game of Chinese chess.

If he could not take it down, all his previous efforts would be in vain.

His opponent, Wang Tianyi, was also very strong. He could not underestimate him.

Looking at Lin Fan’s back view as he left, Wang Tianyi was a little shocked.

He was the national champion for five consecutive years, but this year, he had met a powerful opponent.

“You… won’t lose this time, right?” The assistant looked at Wang Tianyi and asked.

“Lose? I won’t lose.”

“Although Lin Fan’s Chinese chess skills are very good, in the Chinese chess industry, other than skills, he can also rely on tricks and experience. These experiences and tricks are something Lin Fan can’t compare to.”

“In the fifth round, I will let Lin Fan know what the true essence of Chinese chess is. I will also unleash all the things I learned from Chinese chess and have a true battle with Lin Fan.”

“Since I have the first move in the fifth round, I will use a brand new tactic to defeat Lin Fan and defend my position in the Chinese chess world.” Wang Tianyi’s eyes were filled with confidence.

This was the confidence of someone who had been through a lot.

There were many tricks in Chinese chess. As long as they changed their tricks, if the other party could not deal with it well, they would lose this match.

As the champion for five consecutive years, Wang Tianyi was very confident in his strength.

Then, he went to make preparations.

Now, on the commentary platform, the announcer was excitedly analyzing the situation on stage for the audience.

“Everyone, it’s time to stand up. I’ve never seen such an interesting Chinese chess competition.”

“Lin Fan’s superb Chinese chess skills and his smooth tactics allowed him to win two rounds in a row against Wang Tianyi.”

“The current score is 2:2!”

“There’s only one last round left. We’ll be able to see who the champion is this year.”

“As a newcomer to the Chinese chess world, can Lin Fan shake Wang Tianyi?”

“Whether we can change the structure of the Chinese chess world depends on Lin Fan!”

After resting for ten minutes, Lin Fan had just walked out of the washroom when he saw a familiar figure standing at the entrance.

Su Xiaoyu was wearing a JK dress and her figure was still as good as ever. She was holding an ice cream in her hand.

“Master, you have to work hard.” Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and smiled. She stood there obediently.

“Mmm.” Lin Fan nodded.

“Master, do you want ice cream?” Su Xiaoyu asked again.

“Alright.” Lin Fan took Su Xiaoyu’s ice cream and walked along the corridor with her.

The setting sun shone down. Unknowingly, it was already afternoon.

There was no one around except Lin Fan and Su Xiaoyu.

Although Su Xiaoyu looked very naive and silly, she was the smartest.

She knew that Lin Fan would definitely come to the washroom, so she waited for him here in advance.

She just wanted to… look at Lin Fan more.

She really hoped that Lin Fan could look at her more.

But Lin Fan didn’t. After eating the ice cream, they chatted for a while.

“Then I’ll get ready to compete,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Master, do you want me to stick to you? If I stick to you, you’ll be able to compete better later. You’ll definitely be able to win the championship!” Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and mustered her courage to walk in front of him.

“Stick what?” Lin Fan asked.

“Mmm… it’s a hug.” Su Xiaoyu’s cheeks were slightly red.

“No need.”

“Chess relies on strength,” said Lin Fan as he turned to leave.

Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan with a hint of sadness in her beautiful eyes.

Was it still… impossible?

If Xia Wanqiu was here, he would definitely come up, right?

Finally, under the attention of everyone, the fifth round of Chinese chess began!

Wang Tianyi used his latest tactic.

Lin Fan felt some pressure.

This was Wang Tianyi’s final trump card.

However, when he thought of Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and the encouragement his companions gave him, Lin Fan felt a little more confident.

Faced with Wang Tianyi’s various tactics and tricks, Lin Fan just smiled calmly.

This game of Chinese chess only lasted 20 minutes.

Lin Fan had already obtained an overall advantage.

Wang Tianyi looked at Lin Fan in disbelief and asked, “Lin Fan, I really didn’t expect you to be able to calculate 30 steps ahead in Chinese chess. My tricks and experience are useless to you.”

Wang Tianyi felt a sense of despair. It was like playing Chinese chess with the best human machines. Human machines could be calculated to tens of billions or hundreds of billions of times. How could humans compare to artificial intelligence?

Lin Fan had strong calculation skills and could calculate the various changes in Wang Tianyi’s Chinese chess.

He smiled and said, “Teacher Wang Tianyi, actually, when I play Chinese chess, I can calculate a hundred steps ahead. Now, I can remember the layout of Chinese chess within a hundred steps, the chess manual, how to move, and what changes there are.”

Wang Tianyi smiled bitterly after hearing that.

Damn… How could Lin Fan be so awesome?

He directly calculated a hundred steps ahead.

In other words, Lin Fan had already seen the ending from the moment he started playing Chinese chess.

Because Lin Fan’s chess skills were still lacking in the first two rounds, he lost to him.

After the two rounds ended, Lin Fan underwent a brand new transformation.

The commentator watched the last scene in disbelief.

“Dear audience… the results of the competition are out.”

“Lin Fan won the fifth match!”

“How is that possible… Lin Fan fell behind 0:2 and achieved the final reversal, allowing two to catch up and obtain the final victory.”

“I announce that Lin Fan is the overall champion of the 21st Chinese Chess Cup!”