Chapter 204 - Pursuit

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The system said, “I heard that there are descendants of the Divine Wood clan living in Divine Wood City. They worship the Divine Wood as a god and believe in nature. They know how to communicate with plants. You should be able to get help from them.”

Huanhuan was skeptical. “You’re not lying to me this time, are you?”

“I swear on your father’s name that I’m not lying to you!”

“I don’t have a father like you!”

The system wiped its tears. “When you begged me to block your pain, you cried and called me ‘Dad’. Now that you’ve used me, you’re turning against me. How could I have such an unfilial daughter?”

Huanhuan’s face was cold. “This is retribution.”

Soon, she received a mission notification from the system.

“Congratulations to the host for accepting the first part of the side mission, Divine Wood Legend. Please head to Divine Wood City and find the descendants of the Divine Wood Clan to learn the language of nature.”

Huanhuan had just accepted the mission when the lotus suddenly stood up.

Its petals were all open. It stared intently in the direction of the door, as if guarding against something dangerous.

As soon as Huanhuan saw this, she immediately interrupted the system and asked, “Little Lotus, what’s wrong?”

The skullcap said, “Someone’s here.”

If it was Xue Ling, the skullcap would definitely not show such a guarded attitude.

If it were an ordinary beast, it was even more impossible.

There was the aura left behind by Xue Ling in this house, and his feathers were on the wall. Ordinary beasts would not dare to approach this house when they smelled his aura.

Anyone who could approach this place was definitely not an ordinary beast.

It seemed that the other party had come with ill intentions.

Huanhuan silently took out her bone knife and hid it behind her back.

Suddenly, the door of the house was blown open by the wind. She saw a triangular snake head appear outside the door.

His golden vertical pupils stared intently at Huanhuan in the house. The dangerous aura assaulted her, making her shiver.

She called out the other party’s name with a trembling voice. “Han Ying…”

Could it be that the demon army had caught up to them?!

The king cobra extended his snake tongue, wrapped it around Huanhuan’s ankle, and dragged her out of the house.

Huanhuan took out a bone knife and stabbed it into the snake’s tongue, nailing it to the floor!

The intense pain made the king cobra tremble. He pulled his tongue back, and blood dripped to the ground from the wound.

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Huanhuan took the opportunity to get up and climb out of the window to escape. Right then, she saw a fiery red figure descending from the sky.

He glanced at Huanhuan. “Close the door and stay in the house!”

Huanhuan quickly closed the wooden door and locked it from the inside.

Xue Ling stood in front of the wooden house and looked at the cobra not far away. He said with a faint smile, “Your nose is really sharp. You actually chased me all the way here from the demons’ territory? Are you alone? Where are your lackeys?”

Ever since Xue Ling left the territory of the demon race with Huanhuan, Han Ying had been secretly tracking them.

Xue Ling was very cunning. He had shaken off the demon scouts several times.

If the scouts had not smelled the sweet scent of blood nearby, they might not have found any trace of Xue Ling.

In order to avoid alerting the enemy, Han Ying told his subordinates to hide and not act rashly.

It was not until Xue Ling left the house that Han Ying revealed himself. He thought that Huanhuan had died and he would be able to take her away easily. Unexpectedly, she did not die?!

Not only that, she had hurt him!

Xue Ling rushed back at this moment.

The two male beasts finally faced each other.

Faced with Xue Ling’s mockery, the king cobra said indifferently, “I’m the only one here.”

“Really?” Xue Ling raised his hand and threw a fireball. It landed behind a small hill not far to the right. He immediately heard miserable cries.

The demon soldiers hiding behind the hill rolled on the ground, screaming.

Xue Ling laughed. “Lying male beasts are not good male beasts. Be careful or you won’t find a mate in the future.”

The king cobra’s pupils narrowed. “You knew we were hiding around here?”

“I didn’t know, but I saw everything when I went out and flew around.”

He flew high enough to see everything on the ground.

He saw through all the tricks of the demons. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have managed to make it back at the most critical moment.

Since the people lying in ambush nearby had been discovered, there was no need to continue hiding.

The cobra called out all the soldiers to surround Xue Ling and the wooden hut behind him.

“Kill them!”

More than a hundred demon soldiers rushed aggressively toward Xue Ling and the wooden house.

Xue Ling flapped his wings, and huge flames pounced on the army of demons. The flames dyed half the sky red.

At this moment, Huanhuan was hiding in the small house and looking out through the gap in the window.

Among the densely packed demons, the fiery red blood feathers were especially dazzling. Wherever he went, there were flying meteors and charred corpses.

This was not the first time Huanhuan had seen Xue Ling participate in a battle, but she was still shocked by his powerful strength.

If only she could be as strong in the future.

Huanhuan hid behind the window in envy.

There were many of them, and they were very resilient. Their wounds could heal in a short time. Coupled with the effects of the magic patterns on their bodies, they could minimize the pain of their injuries.

This made them fight like lunatics. They did not care about their lives at all and only cared about killing!

In comparison, Xue Ling was alone. If not for his strength, he would have been bitten to death by the demons.

The battle was intense, but Han Ying was in no hurry.

In any case, there were many of them, and they were all fearless. They had no qualms about fighting, but it was not the same for Xue Ling.

Not only did he have to protect Huanhuan, but he also had to fight alone. His stamina was limited. If he fought for a long time, he would definitely be tired.

If this continued, Xue Ling would definitely die.

Huanhuan could tell that Han Ying was preparing to fight a losing battle. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. “It’s all my fault for being useless. I implicated Xue Ling!”

The system comforted her, saying, “Don’t cry. I have a way to help him.”

Huanhuan immediately asked, “What way?”

“You can try to grow plants.”

The system explained, “Didn’t you exchange for many seeds of mutated plants? Take a few out and use the power of the Divine Wood seed to accelerate their growth.”

Huanhuan’s eyes lit up. She quickly took out a handful of mutated plant seeds from her interspatial ring and asked, “How do I accelerate their growth?”

“Just smear a little of your blood on the surface of the seeds.”

Huanhuan was about to bite her fingers. Ever since she realized that her blood was useful, she had often cut her wrists and bitten her fingers. She was familiar with the entire process.

The system asked, “You’ve bitten your fingers so much. Doesn’t it hurt?”

Huanhuan felt wronged. “Didn’t you ask me to bleed a little?”

“Silly girl, isn’t there a spot on your body that keeps bleeding? Don’t waste it. Just use that blood.”

Huanhuan: “…”