Chapter 212 - Complaints

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Shuang Yun even brought out the fruit wine in the wine cellar, clamoring to celebrate Xue Ling joining their big family.

Xue Ling drank an entire jar of fruit wine with him.

In the end, Shuang Yun lay on the table, hugging the wine jar and rubbing against it. He kept muttering.

“Huanhuan, I missed you so much! Shall we sleep together tonight? I’ll definitely make you feel very comfortable~”

Huanhuan blushed and quickly covered his mouth. “Stop it!”

Shuang Yun took the opportunity to hug her waist and lick her palm with his tongue. He smiled foolishly.

“Huanhuan, I’ve got you. Don’t even think about escaping tonight~”

Everyone was already used to Shuang Yun hugging Huanhuan and acting stupid when he was drunk.

Xue Ling smiled faintly. “I had something to discuss with everyone. From the looks of Shuang Yun, we definitely won’t be able to discuss it now. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Bai Di picked up the drunk Shuang Yun. “Huanhuan, who are you sleeping with tonight?”

In an instant, four pairs of eyes stared at Huanhuan.

Huanhuan’s scalp went numb from the stare. She subconsciously took a step back and bumped into Big Goody beside her. She immediately hugged Big Goody and said, “I’ll sleep with the children tonight!”

As soon as they heard this, the wolf cubs immediately wagged their tails excitedly. They were especially happy.

But Bai Di said, “No.”

Huanhuan and the wolf cubs said in unison, “Why?”

Bai Di said, “These little guys have bad sleeping habits. If you sleep with them, they’ll kick your face until it’s swollen. You won’t get a good night’s sleep.”

The wolf cubs immediately retorted, “We won’t kick Mom!”

Huanhuan asked Bai Di suspiciously, “How do you know about the children sleeping habits?”

Bai Di liked children and usually took good care of them, but they weren’t his children. He had never slept with them.

Bai Di said, “Ni Ya told me.”

Huanhuan immediately looked at Ni Ya.

Ni Ya twisted his round body. “That’s right. Big Goody and the others are always throwing kicks when they sleep at night. Every night, they kick me into a corner. They’re the ones who caused me to have dark circles on my face.”

Huanhuan: “…”

Big Goody retorted angrily, “The dark circles on your face are clearly natural! What do they have to do with us?!”

Ni Ya said righteously, “It’s true that I was born with dark circles under my eyes, but they were originally the size of a fist. You guys kicked them until they’re the size of three fists!”

With that, he turned his head to let everyone see how big the dark circles were on his face.

Huanhuan took a closer look. “They seem to have really gotten a little bigger…”

“That’s right! It’s all because they kicked me!” Ni Ya pouted and complained especially aggrievedly.

Big Goody was furious. She pounced on him and was about to kick him.

“How dare you complain? I’ll beat you up!”

Ni Ya quickly hid behind Huanhuan, but he was too big. The petite Huanhuan could not shield him.

Big Goody slapped Ni Ya’s butt. The soft fur on his butt immediately sank in but quickly bounced back up.

Ni Ya covered his butt and cried, “Huanhuan, Big Goody hit me again. You have to save me!”

Big Goody still wanted to hit him, but Huanhuan reached out and stopped her.

Huanhuan advised, “Don’t hit him. Look, you’ve made him cry.”

Ni Ya muttered as he cried, “Sister said that females are gentle and cute. That’s not the reality at all. Sister lied to me. Boo-hoo!”

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Huanhuan was speechless.

Big Goody hated seeing Ni Ya cry, but her mother told her to stop. She couldn’t beat Ni Ya up anymore and could only shout angrily.

“To think that you’re a male beast! You cry so easily. You’re useless! If you have the ability, let’s go out and fight one-on-one. If you can defeat me, I’ll acknowledge you as my big brother in the future!”

Ni Ya had seen Big Goody’s combat strength with his own eyes. This girl could defeat a group of male beasts alone. Now, all the cubs in the Rock Wolf Tribe recognized her as their big sister. They were afraid of her.

Faced with Big Goody’s provocation, Ni Ya admitted defeat.

He curled himself into a huge ball of fur and pretended not to hear anything.

Bai Di patted Big Goody’s head. “Stop it. Go back to sleep.”

The wolf cubs listened to Bai Di. Hearing him say that, they gave Ni Ya a fierce look and swaggered back to their room to sleep.

Only when they were all gone did Ni Ya stick his head out and let out a long sigh of relief.

Huanhuan didn’t know that the wolf cubs had bad sleeping habits in the past and actually beat Ni Ya up so badly. Now that she knew, she wanted to move him to another room.

She couldn’t continue to let Ni Ya endure sleepless nights.

After all, he was a guest who had specially traveled all the way from Sun City to the rock mountain. Moreover, he was a national treasure. Huanhuan did not want to treat him unfairly.

Xue Ling immediately said, “Let him sleep in my room.”

Huanhuan asked, “Then where are you sleeping?”

“I’m not picky about beds. I’ll sleep in yours.”

“You wish!”

Bai Di shook Shuan Yun, who was in his hands, and said, “Let him sleep with the children. We’ll give his bedroom to Ni Ya.”

Xue Ling immediately agreed. “Since they’re Shuang Yun’s children, he should take care of them.”

Sang Ye still looked indifferent. “I don’t care.”

Yes, this was a majority vote.

Huanhuan looked at the drunk Shuang Yun. This guy still didn’t know that he had been sold by his three brothers. Huanhuan couldn’t bear to see him like this.

She asked weakly, “What if Shuang Yun is unhappy when he wakes up?”

Bai Di said calmly, “Then let’s fight. We’ll listen to the arrangement of whoever wins.”

Using fists and strength for the right to speak was the universal rule between male beasts!

Huanhuan touched Shuang Yun’s short silver-white hair and sympathized with him.

Bai Di carried Shuang Yun upstairs and threw him into the wolf pups’ bedroom. Ni Ya then took the bedroom that originally belonged to Shuang Yun.

Xue Ling looked at Huanhuan with a seductive smile. “Are you really not going to sleep with me tonight?”

Huanhuan shook her head very decisively. “No!”

Bai Di asked gently, “Then who do you want to sleep with?”

Huanhuan’s blue eyes almost melted at the tenderness in them. Fortunately, she managed to resist Bai Di’s gentle attack in the end and spoke very softly.

“I want to be with Sang Ye. Can I?”

Bai Di was disappointed, but he smiled tolerantly. “Of course.”

Xue Ling glanced at the silent Sang Ye and chuckled. “Shuang Yun is right. Huanhuan is biased toward you.”

Sang Ye still did not move.

Xue Ling smiled at Huanhuan and said, “I wonder what you like about this cold snake beast. If you wake up from the cold at night, you’re welcome to look for me anytime~”

Huanhuan snorted. “Go.”