Chapter 214 - It'll Get Better!

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When Sang Ye came downstairs, he saw Huanhuan placing a large bowl of steaming hot medicine in front of him.

She smiled and said, “The improved version of the soup I made will definitely work!”

Sang Ye drank the entire bowl of medicine without changing his expression.

In any case, he couldn’t taste anything. Drinking medicine was like drinking water to him.

Bai Di came out of the kitchen. “Where’s the deer penis I just put on the stove?” he asked. “Did any of you see it?”

Huanhuan immediately raised her hand. “I took it.”

“Why did you take the deer penis away? It’s not delicious.”

Huanhuan looked at the empty bowl in Sang Ye’s hand, her gaze becoming a little erratic. “I stewed something with it.”

Bai Di followed her gaze to the bowl in Sang Ye’s hand, and his expression turned subtle.

Sang Ye put down the empty bowl expressionlessly. “I’ll go down the mountain to hunt.”

Bai Di stopped him. “Have breakfast before you leave.”

“No, I just had a big bowl of soup. I’m not hungry.”

“Then come back early today. Xue Ling said he has something to discuss with us.”

Huanhuan watched him go out. “Be careful on the way back. Come back early. I’ll make soup for you tonight!”

Sang Ye stopped in his tracks before walking faster.

No matter how one looked at it, it looked like he was escaping in a sorry state.

Shuang Yun was the last to wake up.

The aftereffects of his hangover gave him a headache.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he walked downstairs and saw Bai Di and Huanhuan at home. “Why was I sleeping in Big Goody’s bedroom last night?” he asked casually.

Bai Di handed him the soup that was still steaming.

“We gave your room to Ni Ya. Stay with the children for a while.”

Shuang Yun finished the soup in one gulp. Finally, he felt a little better. He put down the empty bowl and asked, “Haven’t Ni Ya and Big Goody been staying together all this while with no problems? Why did they suddenly change rooms?”

Bai Di said, “Because your daughter always bullies him.”

When Shuang Yun heard this, he immediately grinned. “As expected of my daughter. Even male beasts are no match for her. How impressive!”

Bai Di was speechless.

Huanhuan was speechless as well. When this guy heard that his daughter had bullied someone, not only did he not feel that his daughter had made a mistake, but he even looked proud.

No wonder Big Goody was getting more and more crooked in her ways. It would not be surprising if she grew up to be crooked with such an unruly father.

In order to correct her cute daughter and sons’ behavior in time, Huanhuan decided to bring them to class.

Reading could help one improve! Learning could make people civilized!

After not seeing her for a long time, the cubs missed her. When they saw Huanhuan appear in class, they surrounded her and greeted her.

Huanhuan was deeply gratified by this.

She turned around and waved at the siblings outside the door. “Come in and greet the students.”

Big Goody swaggered into the classroom with her brothers. The four of them grinned at the cubs, revealing their white fangs.

“Hello, everyone!”

Big Goody was already famous for her ferocity. As soon as she appeared with her brothers, all the cubs present were stunned.

Why would Big Sister come to class?

It hurt so much when she hit them!

Huanhuan did not understand why the classroom immediately fell into a strange silence as soon as the four of them appeared.

She said to Big Goody, “Take your brothers to the back and sit down. Don’t move in class or make a sound. Raise your hand if you have a question… I mean, raise your claws and let me know.”

Big Goody had always been obedient in front of Mom.

She wagged her big fluffy tail. “Got it.”

It was quiet during the three back-to-back classes today.

No one spoke the entire time. All the cubs were extremely nervous all throughout and di not dare to do anything.

Only when Huanhuan asked for an answer did they have to bite the bullet and stand up. Under Big Goody’s ‘ferocious gaze’, they trembled as they said the answer.

Finally, class was over.

The cubs ran as if they were fleeing for their lives. They ran faster and faster, afraid that they would be targeted by Big Goody.

In the blink of an eye, only Huanhuan, Dos, Tres, and Little Monster were left behind in the classroom.

Huanhuan looked at the four children suspiciously. “Why do they all look afraid of you?”

Big Goody wagged her big tail, her dark green eyes pure. “Are they afraid of us? Why don’t we feel it?”

The second and third children agreed. “That’s right. We didn’t feel it either. Mom , you must have seen wrongly, right?”

Huanhuan was a little confused. “Maybe I was really mistaken…”

At night, everyone returned home.

Huanhuan brought out another bowl of steaming soup and placed it in front of Sang Ye.

Sang Ye drank it without changing his expression.

Huanhuan took the empty bowl and comforted him. “You’ll get better!”

Shuang Yun leaned over and asked curiously, “What’s going on?”

Huanhuan pushed his head to the side. “It has nothing to do with you.”

After she left, Shuang Yun snorted at Sang Ye. “Huanhuan secretly cooked something for you to eat. She’s biased toward you!”

Sang Ye’s lips twitched. “Hehe.”

After dinner, the children went back to their room to rest. The adults stayed in the living room to discuss things.

Xue Ling said, “On the way back with Huanhuan, we encountered two tribes that suffered from dead blood disease. All the beasts in the tribes died.”

The expressions of Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye changed.

Huanhuan recalled the scene of the sea of fire engulfing the two tribes, and her expression turned ugly.

Xue Ling continued, “Those two tribes might just be some of the many tribes that are being ravaged by the dead blood disease. If we don’t stop it in time, the dead blood disease will spread quickly. Sooner or later, it’ll spread to the rock mountain.”

Huanhuan said slowly, “My blood can cure death and blood disease.”

Bai Di stroked her head. “But there’s a limit to your blood. If everyone catches the dead blood disease, it won’t help even if we drain you of your blood. Besides, we can’t put you in that kind of danger.”

Shuang Yun looked at Sang Ye and asked, “You know more about demons. Do you know any ways to prevent the dead blood disease?”

Sang Ye said indifferently, “The only way to prevent this is to stay away from demons.”

Everyone was speechless.

Bai Di analyzed, “The demon race has always been enemies with the temple. Now that the dead blood disease is rampant, the main city’s temple will definitely not sit still when they hear the news. They’ll probably send people to stop the spread of the dead blood disease.”

Shuang Yun asked, “Can the dead blood disease be contained?”

The person who answered him was Sang Ye.

“The temple’s unique healing technique can treat dead blood disease. Back then, when the foreign demons started a war with ordinary beasts, the temple relied on this healing technique to obtain the admiration and respect of countless beasts. From there, it established a high status that’s on par with royal authority.”

“In that case, let’s just wait for the temple to send people to deal with the demon race.” Xue Ling pushed the responsibility away.

Sang Ye said coldly, “If the temple sends people over, our fortress won’t be hidden anymore.”