Chapter 218 - Humiliation

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Xue Hui’s eyes lit up when she saw Shuang Yun.

She raised her hand and hooked his chin, smiling charmingly. “I’ve long heard that the wolf named Shuang Yun of the Rock Wolf Tribe is young and promising. I didn’t expect you to be so handsome. You’re really tempting~”

Shuang Yun quickly came back to his senses. He frowned and said unhappily, “I already have a mate. Please show some self-respect.”

Other than Huanhuan, he had never been kind to other females.

Xue Hui looked disappointed. “You’re already taken. What a pity.”

Seeing this, Huai Shan snorted and said sourly, “He’s just a country bumpkin.”

Xue Hui glanced at the star pattern on Shuang Yun’s arm and smiled even more charmingly. “He’s already a two-star soul beast at such a young age. If he’s a country bumpkin, I’m afraid all the male beasts in the world are country bumpkins.”

Huai Shan was still very disdainful. “He’s only a two-star soul beast. There are a lot of three-star and above soul beasts in Dark Moon City.”

At this, he deliberately puffed out his chest, revealing the star pattern on his neck.

However, Xue Hui said, “Although you’re a three-starred soul beast, you might not be able to defeat Patriarch Shuang Yun. He’s a Silvery Frost White Wolf. He has an ice attribute upon awakening his soul beast.”

At this point, she deliberately looked at Huai Shan with a smile in her eyes. “I remember that although you’re already a three-starred soul beast, you haven’t activated your attributes, right?”

Huai Shan’s smug expression froze.

His expression immediately darkened as he stared at Shuang Yun with jealousy.

“So what if I don’t have attributes? I don’t believe that a three-starred soul beast like me can’t defeat a mere two-starred soul beast. Why don’t we fight now and see who’s stronger?”

Xue Hui covered her mouth and chuckled. “You’ve just arrived and you’re already challenging the leader. I’m afraid that’s not very polite, right?”

“A duel between male beasts has nothing to do with that!”

“In that case…” Xue Hui looked at Shuang Yun with anticipation in her beautiful eyes. “Patriarch Shuang Yun, do you want to compete with him? ”

Huai Shan raised his chin and said arrogantly, “If you’re a male beast, come and fight me. This is the rock mountain, your territory. If you don’t dare to accept the challenge, give your position as the leader to someone else!”

At this moment, Shuang Yun felt puzzled.

These two had just come here but they had already said a lot of strange things. They wanted to fight him for no reason. Now, they wanted him to give up the position of leader.

Shuang Yun complained about these two over and over again in his heart, but he still maintained a cold expression on his face. His entire person was like a unsheathed blade that was sharp.

Even if he didn’t say anything, his presence was extremely strong.

The more he acted like this, the more regretful it was for Xue Hui.

Such an outstanding male beast was already taken. She was tempted, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Shuang Yun said coldly, “Oracles, you’ve come from afar. Please rest in the oracle temple first. Let’s talk about the duel later.”

However, Huai Shan refused to let him go and continued to be aggressive. “Don’t dawdle. If you want to fight, let’s fight now. If you’re afraid, then quickly admit defeat!”

Shuang Yun looked at him without a word.

“Why are you staring at me?” Huai Shan was very unhappy. “If you want to admit defeat, just say it. I hate it when you pretend to be powerful even though you’re clearly useless…”

Before he could finish, Shuang Yun slapped a tree beside him.

The entire tree was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture!

Frost hung down the branches, and sharp icicles stopped in front of Huai Shan’s eyes.

With just a light poke, they could pierce his eyeballs!

Huai Shan was so frightened that he stumbled back. His feet slipped, and he fell back.

Fortunately, a guard behind him was quick enough to help him in time, preventing him from falling in public.

This guard was called Miu Wei. He was tall and strong, and his personality was calm and experienced.

He advised in a low voice, “This is the Rock Wolf Tribe. Don’t get into a conflict with them.”

However, Huai Shan was already furious and refused to listen to his advice.

He glared at Shuang Yun with a pale face. One couldn’t tell if he was angry or frightened.

“H-How dare you attack me…”

Shuang Yun sneered. “You said you wanted to fight me. I just did what you wanted.”

Huai Shan was exasperated. “But you can’t attack without saying anything! That’s a sneak attack!”

“I’m sorry, but we’ve always been like this in the countryside. We prefer to use our fists than our tongues.”

Huai Shan was furious. “I’m going to kill you, you bastard!”

He tore off his clothes and transformed into a snake beast. He opened his bloody mouth and pounced at Shuang Yun!

Shuang Yun jumped back and dodged. When he landed, ice and snow quickly spread from under his feet, freezing the snake beast solid.

Seeing that Huai Shan was about to be unlucky, Miu Wei quickly stepped forward. “Patriarch Shuang Yun, please show mercy!”

Shuang Yun glanced at him. “Control your people. This is the Rock Wolf Tribe. Even if you have nothing to do, don’t go around barking at others.”

He didn’t sound polite at all.

Even though Miu Wei was usually calm, he was a little angry now. However, for the sake of the overall situation, he gritted his teeth and endured it.

Shuang Yun raised his hand and touched the frost on the snake beast, making it shatter into pieces.

The snake beast fell to the ground. His body was stiff from the cold, and he could not move.

Huai Shan felt that he had really lost face.

He was actually beaten by a countryside beast whose level was lower than his. This was really a huge humiliation!

He really wanted to pounce on that detestable country bumpkin and tear him apart!

However, Shuang Yun acted as if he didn’t see Huai Shan and said calmly, “The oracle temple has been cleaned up. The two oracles can stay there. I still have something to do. Please excuse me.”

With that, he turned and walked away.

Huai Shan glared at his back, his entire body trembling with anger. “How can you be so savage and rude? If we were in the temple, you’d be sentenced to death!”

But Xue Hui smiled coquettishly. “I think he’s quite interesting.”

“Y-You don’t really like him, do you? He already has a mate!”

Xue Hui curled the ends of her hair with her fingers. Her tone was filled with pity. “I quite like him. If he didn’t have a mate, I would’ve definitely find a way to make him fall in love with me.”

In terms of appearance, Xue Hui was undoubtedly a very attractive and beautiful female.

Huai Shan had fallen for her the moment he saw her.

Along the way, Huai Shan had been very caring and protective of Xue Mei. His intentions were extremely obvious. He almost wrote the words ‘I want to mate with you’ on his forehead!

Unfortunately, Xue Hui had always been indifferent to him.