Chapter 431 - Taking Advantage

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Chapter 431: Taking Advantage

The next morning, Huanhuan opened her eyes and found herself still lying in her bedroom.

On the bedside table was a photo of her and her mother. Her phone was charging, and it showed that the battery was full.

Not only had she returned to the modern world, but she had also seen her mother, who should have died long ago.

If all this was not a dream, then what about the things she experienced in the beast continent in the past?

But now that she thought about it, the beast continent did feel like a dream.

Only in dreams could beasts become humans.

Only in dreams would four men be willing to share a woman.

Madam Lin knocked on the door. “Breakfast is almost ready. Hurry up and wash your face!”

“Oh!” Huanhuan quickly got up and got dressed.

Breakfast was soup noodles. One could find a golden poached egg under the noodles.

This was Madam Lin’s habit. In the past when Huanhuan’s grandparents were still around, they didn’t like Huanhuan as she was a girl. Even when they ate noodles, they only gave eggs to their grandsons. Huanhuan could only watch from the side.

Madam Lin’s heart ached for her daughter, so she would secretly hide a poached egg under the noodles.

Now that the family conditions had improved and Huanhuan’s grandparents were no longer around, she could eat as many eggs as she wanted. There was no need to hide them anymore.

However, this was already a habit of Madam Lin’s. Every time she cooked noodles for her daughter, she would habitually stuff a poached egg under the noodles.

Huanhuan ate the noodles and egg her mother had cooked. The familiar taste made her want to cry.

She hadn’t eaten her mother’s noodles in years.

As Madam Lin put on her coat, she said, “Put the dishes in the kitchen after you’re done eating. I’ll wash them when I come back. I’m going to work now.”

Huanhuan quickly said, “Take care.”

“Alright! I’m leaving now!”

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

After Madam Lin left, Huanhuan ate the noodles one mouthful at a time. She even finished the soup.

She washed the dishes and returned to the bedroom.

After sitting there in a daze for a moment, she got up and turned on her computer to check online about transmigration and the beast continent.

In the end, she found a bunch of messy online novels but nothing she wanted.

Finally, she had to switch off the computer in disappointment.

His phone suddenly rang.

Huanhuan picked up her phone and saw an unfamiliar local number calling her.

“Hello, is this Miss Lin Huanhuan?”

Huanhuan immediately replied, “Yeah!”

“This is Tianzhi Technology Company. Two days ago, you came to our company for an interview. After careful consideration, our leader has decided to hire you. Please come to the company to settle the employment procedures in the next two days.”

After the call ended, Huanhuan tried to recall for a long time before remembering that she had indeed sent a resume to a technology company before she transmigrated.

The next morning, Lin Huanhuan went to Tianzhi Technology to register herself.

When she went to the human resources department, she happened to bump into the vice president of the company who was talking to the head of human resources. She stood aside for a while.

The vice president was very tall, at least 1.85 meters.

After talking, he turned to leave and passed by Huanhuan.

Huanhuan froze when she saw his face.

He actually looked a little like Bai Di.

The vice president noticed her gaze. He looked at her. “And you are?”

Huanhuan quickly came back to her senses. “I’m Lin Huanhuan from the product design department. I just came to the company today.”

The vice president extended his right hand and smiled. “Welcome to our company.”

Huanhuan took his hand. “Thank you.”

After she finished the registration process, she returned home and told her mother that she would be starting work soon.

Mother Lin said, “You can go to work a day later.”

“Tomorrow is your cousin, Xiao Wan’s, engagement day. Come to the banquet with me.”

Xiao Wan was her uncle’s daughter. Huanhuan did not have a good relationship with their family. In the past, Xiao Wan often mocked her for being an unwanted wild child who deliberately stayed at their house to freeload.

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After Huanhuan moved out of her uncle’s house, she never contacted her cousin again.

Now that she heard her name, Huanhuan was a little unwilling. “Can I not go?”

“Why not? You used to be so close to your cousin. She even called me and told me that I had to bring you along. If you don’t go, she’ll be very disappointed.”

Huanhuan curled her lips, thinking that with her cousin’s personality, Huanhuan would definitely hear a lot of mean words from Xiao Wan.

In order not to make things difficult for Madam Lin, Huanhuan finally compromised.

The next morning, Huanhuan changed into the dress Madam Lin had prepared in advance. The mother and daughter took a taxi to the hotel.

As soon as they entered the private room, Huanhuan’s uncle immediately stood up and greeted them warmly.

Madam Lin also smiled and gave him a lot of flowers.

Huanhuan was surprised to see her uncle’s smile.

In the past, when she lived in her uncle’s house, he rarely showed her a smile. Every day, he would be expressionless and cold.

Why was he suddenly so enthusiastic now?

Her uncle took two steps toward Huanhuan. “Come, come. Sit beside your cousin, Xiao Wan. You two can have a private chat.”

Xiao Wan was wearing a pink dress today. Her face was painted with exquisite light makeup. When she smiled, she looked gentle and pleasant. She was a beautiful woman.

She pulled Huanhuan to sit down and enthusiastically poured her a drink.

This was the first time Huanhuan saw her cousin so enthusiastic. She felt quite awkward and did not understand what was going on.

Not only her uncle and cousin but even her aunt, who used to annoy her the most, were taking very good care of her now.

Huanhuan originally thought that this family was putting on an act, but after careful observation, she realized that her uncle’s family was really good to her. They didn’t seem to be acting at all.

But the more this was the case, the stranger Huanhuan felt.

Xiao Wan’s fiancé was tall and handsome. He was the technical director of a technology company. He had specially invited his company’s leader and his colleagues over today.

When he introduced the leader, Huanhuan realized that it was the vice president she had bumped into at Tianzhi Technology yesterday.

The vice president obviously saw her too. He took the initiative to walk over and greet her.

Huanhuan was flattered. She quickly stood up and chatted with him briefly.

After the vice president left, Xiao Wan immediately leaned in front of Huanhuan and said with a smile, “I think this vice president is a good person. He’s very handsome and rich. Moreover, you’re in the same company. You’re in a favorable position. Work hard to get him.”

Huanhuan said embarrassedly, “How can he take a fancy to me? You’re thinking too much.”

But it turned out that her cousin was not thinking too much.

After Huanhuan went to work, she often met the vice president. At first, she thought it was just a coincidence. It was only when the vice president invited her to eat together after work that she realized something.

This vice president probably had some feelings for her.