Chapter 292 - Setting up the Journey to the West

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Chapter 292: Setting up the Journey to the West

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[The demons had conquered the four seas. This battle had truly made them proud in front of all living beings in the three realms.

[The eight Demon Sages each used their own abilities to kill the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas and several Dragon Heavenly Lords who had hidden themselves.

[Among them, the one that struck fear into all living beings of the three realms was the Great Sage Demon Bull.

[In the battle against the Eastern Sea, Great Sage Demon Bull faced three powerful Demon Sages of the Dragon race. Then, he killed the Eastern Sea Dragon King. Only one of them escaped with serious injuries and disappeared with the rest of the Dragon race.

[As they had already discussed, the loot from the four seas this time would belong to the person who did it, so there was no uneven distribution of loot.

[Because of this incident, no one in the three realms would dare to look down on the Demon race. You also returned to the Blackwind Cave with a large amount of wealth.]

[On the 45th day, you distributed many resources to your subordinates so that they would be more loyal to you. General Toad fell into a long sleep after devouring the gold and silver of the Dragon Palace. You didn’t pay much attention to it and threw it into the Blackwind Cave.

[Then, you took the White-Faced Fox King and the White Bone Spirit and rushed to the Buddha’s Palm Mountain. You had just received a message from a lesser demon that Tang Sanzang was about to arrive at the Buddha’s Palm Mountain.

[In front of the Buddha’s Palm Mountain, in the sky not far away…

[You took the two demons and hid in a cloud.

[The White-Faced Fox King said fearfully, “My King, is this monkey really coming out? Back then, this monkey was extremely ferocious. He killed his way from the Southern Heaven Gate to the Northern Heaven Gate. I heard that if it wasn’t for Buddha Tathagata, he might have overturned the Heavenly Court all by himself…”

“Hmph! He’s just a Prince Consort. I didn’t like him back then and was suppressed for 500 years. He deserved it…” the White Bone Spirit said disdainfully while holding a longsword.

“Hehe, don’t look down on this monkey. All the major forces in the three realms have placed heavy bets on him. It’s only because we demons didn’t notice or thought that he was a demon that we made a mistake,” you said.

[Looking at Sun Wukong, who was being guarded by the 12 earthly branches, 28 Lunar Mansions, and the Five Directions Unveiling Technique, you still felt a little pitiful for this monkey.

[At that moment, not far from the Buddha’s Palm Mountain, a monk holding a white horse slowly walked toward them.

[The White-Faced Fox King said in a low voice after seeing Tang Sanzang, “My King, he’s here.”

[Although he didn’t know why you paid so much attention to Tang Sanzang, the White-Faced Fox King had been monitoring this monk since he joined you. Naturally, he was very familiar with Tang Sanzang.

[After seeing Tang Sanzang, the White Bone Spirit no longer had the temptation of immortality. He only looked like a handsome monk. The White Bone Spirit might have been interested if she had not seen you before. However, after seeing your peerless face, the White Bone Spirit could no longer hold anyone else in her eyes.

[In your memory, the plot of three battles against the White Bone Spirit is the 20th tribulation of the 81 tribulations.

[But now, Tang Sanzang had just arrived at the Buddha’s Palm Mountain, which meant that he still had more than ten days to prepare.

[Seeing the monkey shamelessly calling out ‘Master’, you knew that the plot had already begun.

[After thinking about the previous few difficulties, there didn’t seem to be any reason for you to act. After watching the mountain collapse, the earth crack, and the monkey’s birth, you took the two demons and headed west.

[When you passed by the little white dragon’s lair, the snake cave on Eagle Mountain, you found that it was only a little 3rd Nebula Dragon Heavenly Venerate. Who knew how many such dragons had been killed when you attacked the Northern Sea?

[Right now, among the 18 Dragon Ladies serving as your mounts, there were a few that are much stronger than the little white dragon.

[The White-Faced Fox King stepped forward and said after sensing the little white dragon’s aura, “It’s actually a remnant of the Dragon race. Your Majesty, let me capture and kill him.”

[The White-Faced Fox King’s cultivation was much higher than that of the White Bone Spirit. To be able to escape from the hands of Great Sage Demon Bull, he was not a simple Demon King.

[Then, he rushed into the river.

“Don’t harm his life,” you couldn’t help but remind him, for fear that he’d kill it. When the time came, the pilgrimage team wouldn’t be able to gather enough, and the plot would change.

[The White-Faced Fox King did not understand why he was not allowed to kill a small dragon.

[However, he was still very obedient. He only gave the little white dragon a round of beating and then grabbed it to the shore.

“Who are you? I’m the Third Prince of the Northern Sea Dragon Palace. I was enlightened by Guanyin and am waiting for someone to retrieve the sutras. I’ll take your ignorance into account and leave now. Otherwise, you’ll have a bad time…”

The White Bone Spirit: “???”

[The White-Faced Fox King thought, ‘Has this fellow been beaten silly!?’

[You thought for a while and directly raised your hand to release half of the Northern Sea Dragon King’s body. That huge head was facing the little white dragon. Then, you asked in confusion, “You said he’s the Third Prince of your Northern Sea Dragon Palace. You should know this guy, right?”

[As you spoke, you pointed at the corpse of the Northern Sea Dragon King.

[How could the little white dragon not recognize the Northern Sea Dragon King’s body? Although he was dead, they were still connected by blood. Although the little white dragon did not get along with the Northern Sea Dragon King, he immediately burst into tears when he saw his carcass. His hand turned into a long spear and pierced straight in your direction.

[The White-Faced Fox King raised his hand and waved. A folding fan appeared and flicked away the little white dragon’s spear. Just as he was about to end the little white dragon with one move, you waved your hand and stopped it.

“I didn’t kill your father. This is just the spoils of war that I got. Your father died in the hands of Great Sage Heaven Battering and the Buddhist League’s scheme. It has nothing to do with me.

[After leaving behind these words, you took the two demons and left. It didn’t matter if they were useful or not. It’s good to sow discord with the Buddhist League and explore the way first.

“The Buddhist League’s scheme… Great Sage Heaven Battering…”

[The little white dragon crawled up from the ground, its eyes filled with hatred…

[After flying past Eagle Mountain, you soon reached your first destination, Guanyin Temple.

[This was also the place you thought of. It was the most suitable place for you to make a move. It was definitely not possible to take Tang Sanzang directly with your current cultivation. You reckoned that Buddha would come down to talk to you before you could eat him.

[The only way was to let Tang Sanzang die in a disaster. In that case, snatching his body would not be a big problem.

[The White Bone Spirit saw that the White-Faced Fox King was the one who was acting all along the way and felt jealous. Seeing that the White-Faced Fox King was staring at the Guanyin Temple, she couldn’t help but suggest, “My King, why are you looking at a broken Guanyin Temple? Do you want me to go and destroy it for you?”

“No, it’s not the time to go against Guanyin yet. You can go and ask the lesser demons nearby. I heard that there’s a Blackwind Mountain near this temple. There’s a black bear demon in it, and he named his cave the Blackwind Cave.”