Chapter 293 - The Wronged Black Bear Demon

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Chapter 293: The Wronged Black Bear Demon

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[Upon hearing this, the White Bone Spirit and the White-Faced Fox King were furious.

[Everyone in the three realms now knew that Great Sage Blackwind was you.

[Now, a Black Bear Demon from a small, broken mountain dared to call himself Blackwind? This was undoubtedly disrespectful to the forces of the Blackwind Cave.

“That evil beast! How dare he be so bold? Please don’t be angry, My King. Let me capture him,” the White-Faced Fox King said hurriedly and then disappeared.

[Before you could say anything, the White-Faced Fox King had already run far away. After thinking about it, you didn’t say anything and just strolled around in silence.

[The Black Bear Demon was obviously extraordinary. Not only could it fight to a draw with Sun Wukong, but it had also successfully sat on the position of Guanyin Bodhisattva’s Mountain Guardian and made it into an official establishment.

[You estimated the White-Faced Fox King’s combat power.

‘Even if he can’t defeat him, he can still escape.’

[After making your decision, you stopped thinking about it and started on the plan’s next step.

[At Blackwind Mountain, in the Blackwind Cave…

[The Black Bear Demon was a strange demon. As a demon, it was very unreasonable for it to choose to abstain from eating meat and pray to Buddha.

[At this time, the Black Bear Demon was chanting Buddhist sutras in the cave abode as usual.

[After sneaking into the Blackwind Cave, the White-Faced Fox King met the Black Bear Demon, who was chanting sutras. He was so angry that he revealed himself, pointed at the Black Bear Demon, and cursed, “What a great blind bear you are! Why did you choose to recite some lousy Buddhist sutras instead of being a good demon? You are really an embarrassment to our Demon race…”

“Where did this stinky fox come from? How dare you disturb this lord’s peaceful cultivation? Quickly leave, or I won’t spare you.”

[The Black Bear Demon did not get angry. He only glanced at the White-Faced Fox King and warned him.

“Good, not only are you a bear that has become stupid from cultivating Buddhism, but you also dare to speak so arrogantly. I’ll personally bring you to see My King…”

[As the White-Faced Fox King spoke, he stirred up a demonic wind and rushed toward the Black Bear Demon.

“Hmph! You don’t know your place!”

[The killing intent in the Black Bear Demon’s eyes flashed, but it was suppressed in an instant. Cultivating Buddhism all year round had allowed him to control the killing intent in his heart.

[However, in the face of the White-Faced Fox King’s attack, the Black Bear Demon did not show any mercy. He immediately raised his hand, and a black-tasseled spear appeared in his hand.

[The Black Bear Demon stabbed a few times in the direction of the demonic wind, then swept it horizontally.

[The demonic wind dissipated in an instant, and the White-Faced Fox King’s figure flew backward, leaving a blood flower on his body.

“A Great Demon King?” exclaimed the White-Faced Fox King. He had never thought that a Great Demon King would be hidden in such a small cave.

[After repelling the White-Faced Fox King’s attack, the Black Bear Demon did not continue to attack but only said calmly, “Amitabha. The heavens care for all living things. I’m grateful that you’ve cultivated so much. You can leave now.”

[He put away the spear in his hand and continued to sit cross-legged on the praying mat, chanting Buddhist sutras.

[The White-Faced Fox King’s face turned green, then red. Finally, it helplessly left the Blackwind Cave.

[The White-Faced Fox King walked out of the Blackwind Cave and looked at the pitch-black cave. He could not help but pout.

“It’s a demon who’s become stupid after cultivating Buddhism. I have to report this to the king.”

[Then, the White-Faced Fox King turned into a demonic wind and disappeared in front of the Blackwind Cave.

[You and the White Bone Spirit were at the Guanyin Temple at this time. You were very curious about Elder Jinchi. After all, according to many sayings, Jinchi had the potential to be a Scripture Gatherer.

[However, he was just an ordinary mortal who had not been able to defeat the reincarnation of the Buddha’s disciple, Tang Sanzang.

[Looking at the kind-looking old monk, you didn’t find anything surprising. He just focused on cultivating Buddhism and received some gifts from Guanyin, so he lived a little longer.

[At that moment, the White-Faced Fox King’s figure suddenly flew over from afar.

[You knew the result of the matter when you saw his sorry state.

[Your Majesty, that Black Bear Demon is very powerful. He has the cultivation of a Great Demon King. I am not his match. Please punish me, Your Majesty…”

[The White-Faced Fox King immediately admitted his mistake.

[You didn’t have any intention of punishing him. You already had a rough estimate of the Black Bear Demon’s strength long ago.

[After hearing that it wasn’t a Demon Sage but a Great Demon King, you nodded to yourself.

[Great Demon Kings were good, but there was a lot of room for manipulation. If the Black Bear Demon was a Demon Sage with the same cultivation as Sun Wukong, it would be impossible to manipulate.

[After all, a battle between the two Demon Sages was too loud. If they were not careful, they would probably attract the attention of many experts.

“Lead the way. I’ll go and meet this Blackwind King,” you said with a faint smile.

[Then, you left the Guanyin Temple with the two demons.

[Outside the Blackwind Cave…

[The White-Faced Fox King was standing arrogantly at the entrance. This time, he did not even enter the cave. Instead, he cursed at the entrance of the cave.

“Come out, stupid bear who’s chanting sutras. You have the nerve to call this lousy place the Blackwind Cave. If you change the name, our king can still spare your life.”

[The White-Faced Fox King displayed his overbearing attitude to the fullest.

[Finally, under the White-Faced Fox King’s curses, the Black Bear Demon walked out of the cave with a long spear in his hand.

“You stinky fox, I just let you go. Why are you so reckless? Do you want your Grandpa Blackwind to start a killing spree?”

[The Black Bear Demon was extremely angry at this time. It was obediently chanting sutras in the cave abode and was interrupted twice by the fox.

[However, when the Black Bear Demon saw the two people standing behind the White-Faced Fox King, his expression immediately turned ugly.

“Great! I was wondering why a sneaky fox like you would dare to return. So, you’ve called for help. All of you, come at me together. I’ll let you know what a Blackwind King is today…

[After half an incense’s time…

“Ancestors, what do you want to do? Just say it. Can we stop fighting? If we continue, you’ll die…”

[The originally majestic Black Bear Demon was now lying on the ground with a bloody nose and a swollen face. He looked at the three of them speechlessly.

[The Black Bear Demon really didn’t understand how he had provoked them. They had beaten him up without saying a word. Until now, the Black Bear Demon still didn’t understand why he had been beaten up.

“I heard that you’re called the Blackwind King? You’re going to call this cave the Blackwind Cave?” you said as you stepped on the black bear’s head.

“Yes, my King. I transformed 1,000 years ago. This mountain is called the Blackwind Mountain, so I named my cave abode the Blackwind Cave,” the Black Bear Demon said innocently.

The White-Faced Fox King was furious.

“Don’t you know the name of Great Sage Blackwind? You even dare to call the cave the Blackwind Cave?”

[The Black Bear Demon was dumbfounded. He never thought that he, a Great Demon King, would be beaten up because of the name of the cave abode.

“I’ve spent most of my time in the abode chanting sutras, studying scriptures, and praying to Buddha. I’ve never heard of Great Sage Blackwind…”