Chapter 432 - Invasion from the Chaos Realm

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Linglong stopped on her tracks not far from Vermillion Bird, the palace master of the Demon Holy Palace. She looked indifferent on the surface but her murderous intent was already raging within.

Standing beside her were nine of her clones.

“Fellow Daoist Linglong, there shouldn’t be any grudges between the two of us right?” Vermillion Bird frowned, feeling extremely uneasy.

After carefully combing through her memories of the past, she confirmed that other than the slight contradictions she had with Jiang Ming, she didn’t have much interaction with this junior sister of his.

It was when she suddenly looked over at Junior Sister Phoenix that her expression changed. The memories of the past started to resurface from the back of her mind. She remembered now. Back then, Phoenix Fengli was pregnant. Vermillion Bird found out that Phoenix Fengli had already given birth to the child at some point yet she was unable to find the child however she tried.

She was irritable for quite a long time back then, but gradually forgot about it as time passed. The newborn was merely a child. Even if the child did grow up well, would the child even be able to reach her level?

“You finally recognized me, haven’t you?” Junior Sister Phoenix smiled slightly. A pair of wings appeared behind her, covering the sky and the sun as it was engulfed in the flame of the Phoenix. The scorching aura swept throughout like tidal waves.

“Phoenix…” Vermillion Bird’s pupils dilated. “You’re her child?”

“Yes!” Junior Sister Phoenix’s face was darkened. “I am the daughter of Phoenix Fengli, previous Palace Master of the Demon Holy Palace. Back then, my mother was severely injured. She felt that there was a grave crisis pending and so she gave birth to me ahead of schedule. She sealed me in the endless spatial torrents and left her last words. She said that if she was killed, Vermillion Bird must be the culprit.”

“We were like sisters! How could I have killed her?” Vermillion Bird snorted coldly. “You’re really making me wonder if you’re just making excuses to kill off us all. Now with the ten great ancient clans being done for, Tai Yuan killed, Taishang Sword Sect ruined and the Abyss done for, the few of us here are up next. Once you remove the rest of us, this world will belong to the Tianyuan Realm then.”

Dragon Monarch and Heavenly Buddha’s expressions suddenly became stiff.

Junior Sister Phoenix merely sneered, “Do I even need to make up such an excuse to do so? My senior brother has already sanctified the path of Dao. If he wants to kill you all, it would be just a snap of the finger. Vermillion Bird, you coveted the position of the Palace Master back then. However, be it your reputation or cultivation base, you were far inferior than my mother. You never disputed and could only endure it.”

“With my mother being severely injured from that battle back then, you saw the opportunity and killed her in the Demon Holy Palace. Otherwise, with her being the Palace Master of the Demon Holy Palace, how could she have died silently?”

“Vermillion Bird! There’s no point in denying it.”

The long sword held in the hands of Junior Sister Phoenix burst out with waves of destructive sword energy. At the same time, the other clones also evoked immeasurable powers, confining the void.

“It seems that you are going to kill me regardless.” Vermillion Bird was depressed and proceeded to reveal, “I’ll admit. I was the one who killed the Palace Master back then. That was because she was blocking my path! How can I even plan on my path towards the Saint Realm without becoming the Palace Master? In fact, I never thought of killing her at all. Yet, what did she do? She actually offered herself to a human being. She was the Palace Master of the Demon Holy Palace, the master of the thousands of beings of the Demon Clan. The thought that she was actually pregnant with a human child, tainting the noble blood of our supreme demon bloodline. This is just unbearable.”

“As such, she can only die. She must die. However…” She paused, then turned to look at Heavenly Buddha and the likes, “I killed Palace Master Fengli, but you two were involved in the death of Linglong’s father.”

“She wants to take revenge for killing her mother, but what about the revenge for killing her father? Do you think she would take revenge on you two?” There are only two paths in front of us, wait for our death, or fight all out.”

Ending that last sentence of her, a savage expression could be seen on Vermillion Bird’s face.

“Go all out?” Linglong had a strange smile on her face. She didn’t let her clone ‘Phoenix’ make the first move.

“Jiang Ming!” the Dragon Monarch suddenly opened his mouth. His voice was deafening, like a thunderous befalling. “There is no right or wrong in the skirmishes of the past. Are you holding on to such trivial matters and wanting to settle it now?”

“This is none of my business. It’s useless for you to tell me so.” Jiang Ming smiled and shook his head.

The Dragon Monarch gasped and looked at Linglong. “Must this be to the death?”

“No doubt about it.” Linglong said in a sonorous voice, “Just come at me together! All of you!”

The Dragon Monarch remained silent while the Heavenly Buddha was speechless. Vermillion Bird merely smiled.

“Not making the first move?” Linglong raised her eyebrows and slashed her sword into the air, “Then just die!”

As soon as she attacked, her nine clones went forth to attack at the same time.

With the ten of them connected through the same mind and primal spirit origin merged into a single Quasi Sage during the attack, it was immensely terrifying, instantly enveloping the three of them.

The other great experts of the Dragon Clan and the Fo Sectt who came forth couldn’t help but rush towards Linglong.

Jiang Ming merely glanced at them. All of them become frozen in place, no longer showing any signs of life. Their will were directly erased, leaving behind just empty carcasses.

“That’s the way to do it!” Bai Zizai said, “Since they are the enemies, just take your actions directly. Kill, and wipe out those that needed to be killed.”

“That’s the truth!” Riyue Changfeng nodded, “If you don’t kill your enemies, it would be an annoyance if left around. Brother Jiang, what are you going to do next?”

Mountain Master Tian Yuan and Great Monarch Wan Lian all looked over eagerly. Never did they expect Jiang Ming to have sanctified the path of Dao. It was even more unexpected that Linglong would wipe out all the greater factions in one fell swoop. Wouldn’t this mean that the Human Race would be the domineering faction from here on out?

Good heavens! Had the hundreds of millions of years of expectation finally come true?

The Great Monarch Wan Lian was so excited that he started to tear up.

“I’ll let Linglong take over the position as the Heavenly Emperor.” Jiang Ming said without any hesitation.

“You are going to be the man behind the Empress now.” Riyue Changfeng couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Those who don’t know you would’ve thought that you are… *Cough*”

Jiang Ming was rendered speechless. Well, what’s wrong for me to be a pretty boy? Others wouldn’t even have the chance to be one even if they wanted to.

“It’s actually quite befitting for her to be sitting on the throne. She will be able to gather the luck and fortune. At least she will be able to improve faster in her cultivation base and might be able advance into the Saint Realm in the future.” Bai Zizai very much agreed to the decision and continued, “The position as the Emperor of a great chiliocosm is not of much attraction to a Saint anyways. Brother Jiang, I have something to tell you.”

He had a solemn look on his face.

“Fellow Daoist Bai, what’s the matter?” Seeing the change in Bai Zizai’s expression, Jiang Ming inexplicably felt a little uneasy.

“On my way over here, I discovered a great chiliocosm that was heading towards total destruction in the Chaos. It was being ushered over towards this direction by several Saint Experts.” Bai Zizai then continued. “I have a bad feeling about that chiliocosm and so I didn’t go there. I merely observed for a little and carried on with my way. Based on my estimation, it may take a few decades at least, or hundreds of years at most, before the chiliocosm reaches here.”

“A great chiliocosm on the verge of destruction is ushered towards our direction?” Jiang Ming was taken aback by the news.

He knew that a chiliocosm would eventually meet its death at one point, even if it was a great chiliocosm. Hence, he wasn’t surprised that the chiliocosm was dying. However, he was afraid that for the dying chiliocosm to be ushered towards their direction because it would only mean one thing.

“Are they trying to merge the chiliocosms to strengthen its origin, restore its vitality and delay the world’s demise?” Riyue Changfeng frowned and continued, “Such a feat should seem to be unnecessary for a Saint Expert.”

“Whether it is necessary or not, since it is now being pushed over despite the risk of the destruction of the great chiliocosm, the outcome is already fixed.” Bai Zizai who was equally confused continued, “I actually don’t understand it myself. What’s the point of them doing something so time-consuming, laborious and even putting themselves at risk of backlash?”