Chapter 433 - "I Became the Heavenly Emperor’s Man"

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Generally speaking, whether the world was destroyed or not had little to do with the Saint Experts. After all, they could travel to the Chaos and head for the Sea of Chaos. Even if they had relatives and friends, a Saint could just break the shackles of the world and take them away together.

Jiang Ming pondered about it for a long time and couldn’t find the reason behind it. As such, he temporarily calmed his mind. He thought he would have enough time to prepare dealing with it since he still has decades to go before that happens.

However, Jiang Ming still couldn’t help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Bai, will there be any King Saints descending?”

“No, there won’t be any.” Bai Zizai shook his head. “In the Sea of Chaos, a King Saint is also considered a magnate among all. When compared to the great chiliocosm, a King Saint is equivalent to that of a Demi-Sage. Why would an existence of such a level even descend to this place?”

“That makes sense!” Jiang Ming was relieved. If there weren’t going to be any King Saints descending, then what was there to be worried about?

The great battle in the distance didn’t last long as Linglong had killed Vermillion Bird and Dragon Monarch before coming back to his side.

“Do you still want more?” Jiang Ming’s heart ached a little when he saw that murderous expression on his junior sister’s face and looked over to the distance.

He was referring to the Dragon Clan, the Demon Holy Palace and the likes.

“Senior brother, there’s no need anymore.” Linglong stood beside him and sighed softly, “I’ve basically killed those who were involved in the plot in the past. Hence, I’ve given an account to the past. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let the past be buried in history. From now on, we’ll look into the future.”

“Haha! Great! Look into the future.” Jiang Ming laughed out loud as he pulled her into his embrace. The fact that his junior sister was able to completely let go of the incident made him happier than obtaining any Saint Weapons.

Yu Fei walked over towards them as she looked at the two with complicated eyes. One had quietly sanctified the path of Dao. The other actually killed Vermillion Bird, the Dragon Monarch and the Heavenly Buddha, who joined hands in resisting her. She was far inferior than the two. There was no way that she was comparable to them. Hence, she decided to cut off those impure thoughts.

“Fellow Daoist Linglong, Brother Jiang, can you let me go? After all, I didn’t participate in it at the beginning, and I didn’t cause any damage to Tianyuan Realm either.”

Her voice was soft and timid, as if she was pleading. Her pair of watery eyes lingered around Jiang Ming as her heart was beating fast. She thought, ‘How great would it be if I am able to spend a night of joy with him. He’s much better than that Saint Demon Venerate bastard.’

Unfortunately, she could only have thoughts about this. ‘Alas! The Humans. Why are you so dedicated? The weak serves the strong while the strong dominates the weak. Isn’t it the right and proper way? Yet…’

Jiang Ming thought for a while, then looked at Linglong and said, “Now that the overall structure of the heavens and earth has changed dramatically, the fact that the Human Race being the dominant factions among all is already set in stone. Whether it’s done or not, Tianyuan Realm will be in an absolute hegemonic position anyways. Junior sister, do you want to take over the position as the Heavenly Emperor?”

“Senior brother, you don’t want to?” Linglong hugged his arm.

“No, I don’t.” Jiang Ming smiled and continued, “It’s boring. It’d be better for me to just bask in the sun.”

“You’re just being lazy.” Linglong sneered at him coquettishly and continued, “Then shall I take over? I’ll also be able to gather the boundless luck and fortune to help speed up my cultivation. We’ll be able to integrate the orders of the infinite heavens and truly create a peaceful environment. You can then bask peacefully in the sun.”

“Haha! As long as it pleases you, then it’s good.”

“Hehe! Thank you, senior brother.”

The two of them decided on who would be taking over the position as the Heavenly Emperor themselves as though nobody was around.

All of the experts around the vicinity had a complicated expression on their faces.

This was especially true for Yu Fei. She was roaring continuously to herself, ‘Why can’t I meet such a great guy? Why? I have the most beautiful face, the sweetest voice, the most alluring figure and the most unique temperament! I’ve gathered all the mystifying charms from all over the infinite realm. I’ve been favored by the Saint Demon Venerate, fiddled by the two Great Demon Venerates, imprisoned by the Heavenly Emperor and even given myself to various experts. Yet, not only did I fail to achieve my goal, I even ended up with such a dismal situation.’

“Sigh.” A faint sigh could be heard, giving off a sense of eternal loneliness.

Yun Feiyan’s expression was also slightly complicated. Although she sought the path of Dao with all her heart, she was, after all, a woman. She had her own past and longings as well.

“Men? Hmph! They’ll just affect the speed of my cultivation.” Yun Feiyan suppressed her thoughts.

The happiest of all right at the moment were none other than Mountain Master Tian Yuan and Great Monarch Wan Lian.

“Linglong taking over the position as the Heavenly Emperor?”

“Does that mean that our human race has truly reached the top of the infinite realms?”

“There will no longer be suppression and hidden schemes behind. With the foundation and the comprehensive ability of our human race, we will definitely improve drastically.”

“It’ll only take 100 million years, no, it’ll only take 10 million years! The number of Quasi-Sage among our Human Race will exceed those of the other races combined!”

“If the resources are tipped towards us, coupled with the Heavenly Emperor and Jiang Ming preaching of Dao, then…”

As soon as they reached such a thought, the two of them shuddered in pure excitement.

Just as Jiang Ming was about to leave, Yun Feiyan suddenly spoke, “Sister Linglong, can I spar with you?”

“My cultivation base is higher than yours.” Linglong shook her head.

“I’m from the Sea of Chaos and I can be compared with a peak Quasi-Sage.” Yun Feiyan didn’t back down and continued, “I’ve traveled with my master across the infinite realm and challenged countless experts. I already have a rudiment on integrating the infinite laws into one. With my Dao, I’ll definitely not disappoint you.”

As Yun Feiyan made her remark, she looked over at Bai Zizai and said, “Master, please evoke the battle arena.”

“Alright!” Bai Zizai replied. He casually swung his arm and a great luminance could be seen falling from the sky, expanding almost instantly, forming a ten-thousand feet wide arena.

At the same time, he explained to all, “This is a Saint Weapon. Its suppressive power is great and can withstand the bombardment of powerful attacks. It will refrain the ripples and aftermath of the great battle from spreading to the outside and is enough for those below the Saint Realm to carry on their battles inside!”

“By the honor of a Saint, I now make a declaration! My disciple, Yun Feiyan, is at the peak stage of the Great Overarching Realm. She has the capability to compete with that of a peak stage Quasi-Sage. Now, she would like to challenge the various experts of this realm. The victor will receive a peak-level Quasi-Sage Dao Vessel.” Bai Zizai transmitted his voice in all directions.

Jiang Ming however, shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist Bai, given the current situation of my realm over here, there are not many experts who can train with Miss Bai. Rather than wasting time, it’s better to just collect all kinds of special abilities to be comprehended.”

“The battle feeds itself. That’s her cultivation path!” Bai Zizai gently replied.

Jiang Ming merely gave a smile.

After pondering for a little while, Linglong decided to go for it. “Alright then. I’ll try you out!” As she gave her reply, Linglong flew towards the arena.

“Thank you!” Yun Feiyan was overjoyed. She also landed in the battle arena, stopping a hundred meters away from Linglong.

The suppressive force in the battle arena was more than 10,000 times that of the outside. It was just right for experts like them to exchange blows.

“My inheritance isn’t weaker than yours.” A strange look flashed through Linglong’s face as she continued, “For this battle of ours, it should be me bullying you. Feiyan, make your move. Let me see how powerful the special abilities from the Sea of Chaos can be.”

With a long sword held in her hand, the Sword Sambodha gushing on top of her head materialized itself. It was as though the whole battle arena was going to be ripped apart. As for the Immortal bell, she put them away.

“As you wish!” Yun Feiyuan replied. A long sword suddenly appeared in her hand as well. Its immortal luminance burst forth with ten thousand sword qi. With a wave of her hand, thousands of sword qi swarmed towards Linglong.

Linglong wielded her sword horizontally across the sky, as if she was cutting the world in half, blocking all of the sword qi outside.

With that, the great battle between the two erupted.