Chapter 435 - The 50th Year Anniversary had Come

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There were more and more spectators. However, most of them were human experts. After all, the battle arena was located in the Tianyuan Sea.

Great Monarch Wan Lian had also sent out messages one after another, beaconing the Human experts of the Hall of Human Emperor in seclusion all this while so that they would come out and to assist Linglong.

Jiang Ming sat cross-legged in heaven. Sat beside him were Bai Zizai and Riyue Changfeng. As for the others, simply sensing their aura had caused them to tremble uncontrollably, let alone coming near them.

“You’re good. You already have the spirit of a Saint Realm while you are still at the Demi-Sage Realm. Seems like you’re not far away from sanctifying the path of Dao yourself.” Bai Zizai commented as he looked at Riyue Changkong. “The path of Dao cultivation of the Infinite Realm Auction House is mysterious indeed.”

“The path of Dao cultivation is indeed mysterious.” Riyue Changkong admitted and continued, “It’s just that I’m still slightly lacking at it. Senior, who do you think is stronger between the two?”

“The two of them have similar physiques. Their sword Dao power is similar as well. However, one is of the Great Overarching Realm, while the other is a Quasi-Sage.” Bai Zizai smiled as he said, “This little girl Feiyan has finally met a good opponent.”

Jiang Ming who was sitting right next to him had a strange look flashing through his face. He knew how powerful his junior sister’s true self was.

Not only did she inherit the legacy of the Heavenly Order, she had also comprehended various special abilities that Jiang Ming imparted to her which even included the Sword tome. Hence, her swordsmanship had reached a very high level already.

When she was fighting against Chong Shan earlier, she mobilized the power of the Dao vessels. After that, when she fought against Vermillion Bird and the likes, she evoked Dao vessels for quite a few times to quickly finish up the battle. Also, she had nine other clones with her.

It could be said that neither her clones nor her true self had fully extended all of their powers.

Was Yun Feiyan strong? Yes, she was much stronger beyond common sense. However, when compared to Linglong, she was far from it.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Yun Feiyan could be seen thrown off into the distance.

“Linglong, I have a sword called Samsara. It allows the fusion of various laws, contains thousands of Sword Sambodha,and adopts the boundless wonders of Reincarnation.” Yun Feiyan roared, while thousands of laws appeared along with the sword, forming a sword formation.

The sword qi fluctuated between reality and illusion, going in an endless cycling. With each cycle however, the sword qi became stronger.

“What great power of reincarnation.” While exclaiming, Linglong continued to withstand the attack before finally putting on a serious look on her face. “I have a sword as well. As the sword unsheathes, tens of thousands of laws will be decimated. It’s called the Lawless Sword!”

A mysterious fluctuation rippled out of her body. It contained the will that annihilates all laws. As the sword luminance rose above, Yun Feiyan’s special ability was easily laid bare. The overwhelming momentum from the slash rolled over, as though the orders of law had collapsed and the infinite laws had come to an end.

“Such domineering power!” Yun Feiyan kept retreating with an astonished look on her face. As she turned her wrist the other way, she evoked another special ability, “The End.”

The end of all beings, the final destination of all time and space was none other than the end.

“The End, what a great technique! Daoless Sword!” Linglong’s Sword Sambodha was even stronger as it annihilated the infinite laws, destroying the great Dao. Under the destructive power of the long sword, the power of Dao and Laws became non-existence, as if everything ceased to exist.

This technique was a higher level than that of The End technique. It slashed toward Yun Feiyan, blood could be seen trickling from the corner of her lips.

“Saintless Sword.” Linglong’s imposing momentum rose once again. Vaguely, it seemed to have entered another level, transcending oneself, the realm and the Great Dao. As the sword unsheathed itself, even Saints were forced to bow under such oppression.

The long sword fell, directly suppressing Yun Feiyan. No matter how much she tried to struggle free, it was difficult for her to resist such an oppressive force.

She thought of evoking the Dao vessel that was suppressed inside her body. However, seeing that Linglong was able to completely suppress herself with just a single sword, she gave up the idea of doing so.

The sword’s luminance slowly dissipated, followed by the convergence of their aura.

“I’ve finally met a worthy opponent!” Yun Feiyan let out a sigh of relief as she looked at Linglong with fiery eyes, “I once met an opponent who defeated me when he was only of the Taiyi Realm. That person appeared to be humble and gentle from the eye, but was extremely prideful on the inside. He merely entertained the challenges that I waged against him, yet I was helpless about it.”

“He made me gradually grind away my arrogant thoughts. However, fighting with him never once felt exhilarating.”

“Wandering through the infinite realms, there were too few that could contend with me at the same cultivation realm. It was close to none. But now, I’ve met you!”

“Linglong, from this battle of ours, you’ve really ignited my spirit and passion.”

“I’ve made up my mind. From now on, I will always see you as my rival, right till the day I defeat you! As for the compensation? I’ll share with you all the special abilities that I’ve collected from traveling across the infinite realms.*

Yun Feiyan was very excited about the battle.

Linglong took a glance at Bai Zizai who was standing right next to Jiang Ming, then pointed to her nine clones and said, “Each and every one of them has similar combat power to mine. If you would like to fight me in the future, just look for them.”

“Your clone’s combat power is similar to that of yours?” Yun Feiyan was shocked, “All nine of them?”

“Of course!”

“Linglong, you’re truly amazing!”

Yun Feiyan sighed in amazement, but her eyes lit up even more. The fighting spirit was oozing out of her body like a gushing fountain as she said excitedly, “Just wait till I recover a little, I’ll challenge them one by one. Haha! This is great! Never have I thought that I’d meet such a strong expert like you after traveling through so many realms. You are all of a different body but of the same mind. Fighting with each of you would mean that I’ll be up against different special abilities. On the other hand, you would be able to learn of my techniques and abilities, gradually forming tactics to counter my attacks. This will also help me to quickly learn of my own weaknesses.”

Linglong was rendered speechless from her remarks.

On the other side, Jiang Ming and the other two were discussing among themselves.

“One true body with nine clones. If all of them have similar combat power, she’ll definitely be able to go against the Saint upon entering the Demi-Sage Realm.” Riyue Changkong exclaimed, “She wouldn’t even need a Saint Weapon to exchange blows with the Saints! Senior Yun, there aren’t many of such existence in the Sea of Chaos, right?”

“She doesn’t even need to achieve the Demi-Sage Realm. She’d be able to go toe to toe with the Saints already once she is at the peak stage of the Quasi-Sage realm.” Yun Zizai was also astonished as he continued, “Her Sword Dao’s special ability has completely reached the level of the Saint Dao already. With all ten bodies sharing the same mind, their teamwork would be as though they were the same person. Once she advances into the Demi-Sage Realm, she might even be able to kill an initial stage of a Saint Expert, stronger than you are.”

“I’m afraid she’s already stronger than me.” Riyue Changfeng smiled wryly, then looked at Jiang Ming and said, “You two are both monsters.”

“We’re just lucky to have some great encounters. That’s all!” Jiang Ming replied.

From there, Five Elemental Junior Sister headed towards the Heavenly Realm, accompanied by Mountain Master Tian Yuan, Great Monarch Wan Lian and a group of Great Overarching Golden Immortals. They were going to rebuild the Heaven Court.

As for Linglong’s real self? She was brought back to Chuyang Peak by Jiang Ming.

It was safer here. Her clones could do all the work for her, just in case anything happens. Linglong wouldn’t need to be there for it. As for the remaining eight clones, they remained above Tianyuan Sea and fought against Yun Feiyan respectively.

This arrogant lady from the Sea of Chaos continued to suffer defeats one after another.

Back on Chuyang Peak, Jiang Ming was laying on a reclining chair.

“Senior Brother, let’s squeeze over abit.” Linglong squeezed herself a small space and lay beside Jiang Ming. “You’re just leaving a Saint outside Chuyang Peak like that?”

“Well, I’ve invited him to come inside, but he didn’t want to. I’m not to be blamed for this.” Jiang Ming smiled as he said, “Maybe he already sensed the difference inside and was afraid that he would never be able to leave if he came in.”

“That should be it.” Otherwise, he would’ve respected you when you invited him.” Linglong placed his senior brother’s arm under her neck and used it as her pillow. She looked at the white clouds in the sky and said, “I can’t believe that I was able to take over the position as the Heavenly Emperor one day, becoming the supreme almighty Heavenly Emperor.”

“How do you feel?”

“Prideful and heroic! Haha! You’ve seen it as well. When I said that we will be rebuilding the Heaven Court, many of the Great Overarching Golden Immortals of our human race were dancing with joy. There were more than a thousand of them who went forth with me to rebuild it. Just wait till the Heaven Court becomes completely rebuilt, there will no longer be any factions that would be able to shake the status of us Human Race.*

“That’s for sure! Little girl! As for the ten ancient great clans, Dragon Clan, Demon Holy Palace, the Abyss and the likes, how are you planning to go about with them?”

“Senior Brother, do you have any idea?”

“I don’t. You can do whatever you want!”

“Is that so? Then just wait till I officially take over the position as the Heavenly Emperor. I’ll order for the extermination of the so-called ten ancient great clans. I’ll keep a few of the young ones in captivity as our mascots. There’s also the development of the Abyss into a training ground for the Heaven Court. As for the Demon Holy Palace? I’ll exterminate them; the Dragons? I’ll keep them in captivity for you so that you can conveniently use them as cooking ingredients; as for the Fo Sect? Let’s see if they behave themselves.”

“Little girl, you are such domineering!”

“Hehe! Of course! I’m the almighty supreme Empress!”

“So what if you’re an empress? You are still below me!”

“Hehe! I’ll want to be on top from now on!”

“How bold of you to rebel!”

“Senior brother, it’s because you’re too lazy to even move.”

After a few days went by, Jiang Ming welcomed the 50th-year anniversary.