Chapter 436 - The Great Reward of the 50th Year

10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start Li Baijin 2022/9/13 16:02:22

It was the middle of the night.

Jiang Ming raised his head and gazed at the twinkling stars above.

The quiet peaceful night sky was the same as it has always been for eternity. The night gave off a feeling of loneliness and desolation.

Jiang Ming continued laying down quietly. His right arm was used as a pillow by Linglong as she was squinting her eyes like a little kitten, taking sniffs of his smell and enjoying the tranquility of their world in solitude.

Back in the Battle Arena above Tian Yuan Sea, Yun Feiyan was in the midst of a great battle with Junior Sister ‘Reincarnation’. The two of them had been going at it for a whole full day and it was apparent that junior sister had been taking it easy on her. However, this was also equivalent to junior sister tempering herself.

Jiang Ming withdrew his gaze and was slightly excited at heart. The time has finally come. It was the 50th year since the System began operating.

As midnight struck, the daily prompt of the system sounded yet again.

“Ding: “Congratulations to the host on living for fifty consecutive years on Chuyang Peak, insisting on taking a meal a day here. You’re rewarded with a complete Heart of Middle Chiliocosm, Heavenly Dao Sacred Heart Fruit, Long River of Innate Vital Essence of Chaos and the Heaven-shattering Spear.”

There weren’t that many rewards this time around. There were only four of them. However, each and every one of them made Jiang Ming ecstatic.

A complete Heart of Middle Chiliocosm was equivalent to the condensation of an intact middle chiliocosm without any losses whatsoever. Once it was integrated into his inner world and was completely digested, it would definitely improve his middle chiliocosm to its pinnacle stage.

The remit from his middle chiliocosm reaching its pinnacle stage would allow his Saint Soul to directly reach the perfect stage of a Saint. His many Laws of Great Overarching would also be fully conceived.

As for the Heavenly Dao Sacred Heart Fruit, the Heavenly Dao referred to the Heavenly Dao’s origin of the great chiliocosm. Jiang Ming consumed Saint Heart Fruit before, but this one was obviously much stronger.

Consuming it would further condense Jiang Ming’s soul, up to the level of a King Saint Realm. This was more than amazing. It was simply unimaginable to think that a single piece of fruit would improve one’s soul up to such a level. Looking through the great chiliocosms, who would even believe this? Absolutely no one would because this was too sky-defying.

As for the Long River of Innate Vital Essence of Chaos? Well, this was a real river that spanned into the distance.

Previously when it was the 20th anniversary of the System’s operation, the reward was a stream of such a river. This time however, it was a whole stretch of river. A Long River of Innate Vital Essence of Chaos that stretched 200,000- kilometers long.

The power contained within the flowing river was more terrifying than that of the Heart of Middle Chiliocosm.

If there weren’t any restriction for a middle chiliocosm to advance into a Great chiliocosm, Jiang Ming believed that his inner world would directly advance into the great chiliocosm level by simply relying on this Long River of Innate Vital Essence of Chaos.

‘This can be absorbed by the Chaotic World Tree!’ Jiang Ming had already hatched a plan.

He had decided to let his inner world digest the Heart of a Middle Chiliocosm, while the Chaotic World Tree absorbs from the long river. With the two growing simultaneously, Jiang Ming’s cultivation base would improve rapidly.

This was especially the case when it came to the Chaos World Tree. Once it completely absorbed the Long River of Innate Vital Essence of Chaos, it might even reach its real matured state.

A matured World Tree. Just thinking about it made Jiang Ming yearn for it even more.

The last item which was the Heaven-shattering Spear caused Jiang Ming to be even more excited. It was a supreme Dao vessel that was beyond his imagination, a King Saint weapon.

King Saint was a level beyond the Saint and was equivalent to the Heavenly Dao of a great chiliocosm. A King Saint Weapon was naturally a supreme and terrifying weapon that contained a King Saint’s power.

“It would be nice if it was a whole set.” Jiang Ming muttered to himself.

“Senior brother, what whole set are you talking about?” Linglong raised her little head as she continued, “We’ve tried out every position there is to try just then. Isn’t that a whole set already? Senior brother, could it be that you’ve developed some new poses?”

Linglong’s eyes were sparkling like the twinkling stars.

Jiang Ming was puzzled momentarily. After coming to his senses, his face was trembling as he asked, “Haven’t you had enough?”

“Well, this is the most primitive, most instinctive, greatest, most sacred, most joyful and most nostalgic sport. How would there be enough of it? How can that be?” Linglong remarked as though it was all natural to be so and looked over at his senior brother with a grinning face. With a cold-shouldered look, she continued, “Could it be that you can’t already?”

“Hmph! It’s no use aggravating me! I’m already used to it!” Jiang Ming sneered.

“Heh! You’re done for!” Linglong pouted. “To think that you are not even comparable to a little girl like me at such acts of intimacy. To think that you’re even at the Saint Realm.”

“You’re looking for some spanking!” Jiang Ming became furious.

“Well, walk the walk then!” Linglong was eager to try him.

The two engaged in the nightly sports yet again.

At dawn the next day, Jiang Ming massaged his waist as he started to prepare breakfast.

In reality, Jiang Ming’s primal spirit was of the Saints, but his physical body was far from evolving into the pinnacles. He was still lacking and it almost made him fail to satisfy his junior sister.

It was a simple breakfast, eight cold and eight hot dishes, coupled with eight nourishing soup.

The two of them happily enjoyed their breakfast.

“Oh yeah! Senior Brother! Aren’t you going to bring Xi Yao back with us?” Linglong naturally placed the Dragon’s Whip into Jiang Ming’s bowl, as she drank a bowl of clear soup instead.

“What? Are you really pushing your senior brother over to others?” Jiang Ming said speechlessly, “Better yet, what if I ask for Yu Fei to come over then? I’ll only have to extend an invite and she’ll definitely rush over.”

“If she really does come over, you’d die from exhaustion for sure.” Linglong said indifferently, “You can’t even deal with me and yet you’re still thinking of looking for her? Heh! Besides, you’d be disgusted.”

“Then why did you bring her up then?”

“You’re the one who brought her up!”

“Did I? That’s not it! You were the one who brought up Xi Yao!”

The two of them continued to bicker as they slowly enjoyed their breakfast.

“Sigh…” Linglong suddenly let out a sigh and Jiang Ming looked over at her.

“You’ve already advanced into the Saint Lord Realm and I’m about to ascend onto the Throne as the Heavenly Emperor. Now that we are standing at the peak of this Honggu Heavenly Realm, we no longer feel any pressure. Yet, I’m suddenly feeling at a loss.” Linglong muttered softly.

“Just wait for a little more!” Jiang Ming paused as he replied. He knew what his junior sister was talking about.

The fact that there were only the two of them made it quite lonely after all. Even the mountain was too quiet.

In the past, the two of them had to desperately improve their cultivation due to various pressures from different factions. They put everything else on hold and focused on their cultivation. Now that the pressure was gone, they no longer had to cultivate with grit. Hence, they started to feel that life had become somewhat boring.

Or rather. Junior sister wanted to have children of their own.

“Do we still have to wait?” Linglong pouted.

“There’s still the Sea of Chaos.” Jiang Ming raised his head and gazed into the depth of the torrents of space and time. “Wait till we stand at the pinnacle there. We’ll work harder on it then.”

“Who knows how long it would take for us to reach that day? Even if that day has come, I’m afraid it would be even harder for us to do so already. Senior brother, we are both humans. A life without a child is an incomplete life. As for worrying about the child being your weakness if we had one, are you really afraid of that? I won’t believe it. After all, you have that inner world of yours. Senior Brother, are you actually just making light of me all this time?”

“How could I make light of you?” Jiang Ming sat himself next to her and hugged her in his arms, “It’s just that I’m still a little nervous of the future. I’m still a little confused and uncertain. I’ve said this before, so let’s just let the course run naturally. If we do bear a child, so be it. If we don’t, there isn’t a need to force it.”

“But you almost never let loose.”

What more could Jiang Ming say other than replying, “I’ll try my best from now on. Or rather, I’ll give it my all next time and strive to cover the whole galaxy in one go.”

“You said it!”

“Of course!”

“Senior brother, stop eating. Let’s go for another round.”

Jiang Ming almost spat out a mouthful of blood upon hearing her request. He continued to eat his breakfast slowly.

Linglong was very dissatisfied. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed all the food in one gulp. Then, she stared at her senior brother with her glistening eyes, as if to say: Senior brother, are you afraid? Are you not a man anymore?

“Bring it on then!” Jiang Ming went all out. How could he be afraid of a little girl! Alas! Human life was but the process of sports.