Chapter 438 - The Dao Patriarch

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The cause of this whole incident was quite simple. The ancient Lunar God called for a puja not long ago. The Verdant Emperor brought his daughter along.

Chang Yang went for the puja as well. With his special status, coupled with the treasures that he was equipped with, he discovered that Dongfang Chenxi’s body was of the Innate Saint Daoist Body. He was taken aback by the discovery and went directly to Dongfang Chenxi to ask her to be his partner.

How would Dongfang Chenxi pay him any attention? After hitting dead ends several times, Chang Yang became annoyed. Not long after, he went directly to the Verdant Emperor’s Palace to ask for her hand in marriage but was directly rejected by the Verdant Emperor right there and then.

Chang Yang was extremely enraged. He immediately threatened the Verdant Emperor that if he didn’t accept this marriage proposal of his, he would bring down this lineage of the Verdant Emperor.

Verdant Emperor was after all an emperor of the Heaven Court. He had his own pride. He immediately suppressed Chang Yang there. If it weren’t for the fact that he was concerned about the faction behind Chang Yang, he would’ve directly killed him.

Everyone thought that this was the end of the whole incident.

Unexpectedly, the Verdant Emperor was invited over by the White Emperor a few days ago. It was actually a trap and he ended up entrapped by the pre-arranged large formation.

The Verdant Emperor was also quite amazing himself. Although he didn’t manage to break free from the entrapment, he managed to send out two messages, one to request for help from the Heavenly Emperor, while the other to inform his daughter to quickly escape into the endless torrent of void.

The Heavenly Emperor didn’t make any movement.

Dongfang Chenxi was restrained by a group of experts led by Chang Yang before she even managed to escape.

This was what had happened.

“Chenxi, your Heaven Court here is really useless.” Jiang Ming complained.

He understood what had happened. All in all, it was that Chang Yang took a fancy to Dongfang Chenxi’s special physique, wanted to marry her and give birth to more peerless offspring. He would be able to absorb the great fortune from the Saint body as well to improve himself.

Engulfed in anger upon being rejected, he went on to forcefully snatch Dongfang Chenxi by relying on the powerful faction behind him. He didn’t even pay any respect to the Heaven Court.Even the Verdant Emperor’s rank was unable to scruple them.

This was because Chang Yang’s parents were both the direct disciple of the Five Elemental Saint Lords. One of them was the first disciple, Chang Tai, a perfect Quasi-Sage Realm Expert, while the other was the seventh disciple, Bing Yue, of the middle stage Quasi-Sage.

The two of them ended up together. They got a hold of a Yin Yang Summation Flower. They managed to give birth to a child, who they named Chang Yang only after consuming it.

Chang Yang was the child of two Quasi-Sage and also the first descendant of the Five Elemental Saint Lord. He was of extreme nobility and was heavily favored by the second generation of the Five Elemental Sacred Land.

When he brought up his intention of forcibly subduing Dongfang Chenxi, several of these second generation descendants objected to it. However, upon hearing about Chenxi’s special physique, every one of them immediately changed their opinions. In their words, if a person of such physique did unite with their nephew Chang Yang, the most powerful post-celestial physique of all time would inevitably be born. The child would surely surpass their parents, reaching a new height.

Therefore, they were actually all scheming behind their backs. If it weren’t for the fact that they were worried about their status, they would’ve barged their way through already. They had also made up an excuse to be told to the public that the Verdant Emperor had once beaten Chang Yang. With such a reason, it also opened up a valid excuse for the Heavenly Emperor to not intervene in the matter.

“We initially thought the Heaven Court could serve as a good backer. Unfortunately for us, the Heavenly Emperor didn’t even lift a finger regarding this matter.” Dongfang Chenxi gritted her teeth angrily and was extremely disappointed. After slight hesitation, she asked, “Brother Jiang, the person behind the Five Elemental Saint Lord is the Dao Patriarch. I’m afraid he would be at least at the pinnacle of the Saints. Are you confident you can go against him?”

She was extremely worried for the well-being of her father, but she also didn’t dare risk Jiang Ming’s life. After all, this would drag him into many problems as well.

“As long as he’s not the Saint King, I’m not afraid at all.” Jiang Ming replied confidently and continued, “Chenxi, don’t you worry about it! Now, what do we do with them?”

“I want them killed!” Dongfang Chenxi showed incomparable hatred. “They had almost killed all of my immortal soldiers, generals, and the young maidens around me.”

“Sure, we’ll just kill them all!” Jiang Ming raised his arms and clenched his fist. The various experts including Chang Yang were all annihilated, turning into dust.

“Brother Jiang! You’re great!” Dongfang Chenxi held his arm and swayed around.

“If it wasn’t for you back then, how could I have grown so fast?” Jiang Ming said. He brought her to the outside of the palace hall with just a wave of a hand.

With a slight thought, layers upon layers of formations were formed outside of the great palace, recreating the barriers to protect the palace within.

“I’ll bring you over to rescue Great Emperor Dongfang!”

Jiang Ming’s subconscious merged with void here. As he familiarized himself with the laws of this world here, he also discovered the destination that he was headed for and directly broke through the void.

A palace that was within the world’s fetal membrane could be seen in the endless void. Half of the palace was within the Xuanhuang Great Chiliocosm while the other half was situated within the Chaos. The Dao fluctuation that radiated from it distorted the laws of orders. Even Quasi-Sages who stumbled to this place wouldn’t have been able to discover the palace.

Over on the other side, the air of the Chaos was directly discharged millions of miles away.

There was a bed of clouds deep within the depth of its main hall. An old man sat cross-legged on the bed as supreme chains of order containing terrifying boundless storms could be seen surrounding him.

The whole surrounding suddenly froze in place. It didn’t matter if it was the power of laws or the laws of space and time. As the old man opened his eyes, all of them stopped their cycles and dissipated right after.

There was a Chaotic color in the eyes of the old man. It looked like the long river of fate that ran through all parts of the Xuanhuang Great Chiliocosm. As his eyes turned, he looked over at the direction of the Verdant Emperor’s Palace.

“A foreigner?” His deep voice was seemingly infused with supreme power. “Does he come from the other chiliocosm or the Sea of Chaos?”

“He didn’t go through the world’s fetal membrane. Otherwise, it would’ve definitely alarmed me. However, how did he descend to this great chiliocosm then? Even the Infinite Realm Auction House descending here would’ve left traces that can be tracked down. Yet this person…”

“Weird indeed! Let’s just watch what happens then.”

This person was none other than the Dao Patriarch of the Xuanhuang Great Chiliocosm.

Jiang Ming arrived right outside of the White Emperor’s Palace. He suddenly raised his head as though something came up in his mind before ignoring it completely.

“To think that we’ve arrived at the outside of the White Emperor’s Palace so soon!” Dongfang Chenxi was taken aback.

This was from the far east crossing the vast lands into the far west. The distance between them was more than trillions of light-years away. Yet, the two of them traveled through it in just a snap of a finger.

“Just wait till you get to this point in your cultivation. You’ll also be able to do it with ease.” Jiang Ming smiled. “Now, watch carefully!”

“Alright!” Dongfang Chenxi nodded obediently.

Jiang Ming raised his hand and pressed down. Layers upon layers of the White Emperor’s Palace’s formations could be seen being evoked one after another, dissipating rapidly right after and the entire palace began to collapse.

In just a few seconds, who knows how many of the White Emperor’s Palace’s great formations had collapsed just like this? These were defensive formations that could even entrap a Quasi-Sage Expert.

Even the palace itself was quickly dissipating layer after layer.

“Such terrifying power!” Dongfang Chenxi exclaimed in shock.

She knew that this White Emperor’s Palace was no worse than the Verdant Emperor’s Palace. Once the defensive formations were activated, even the ordinary Quasi-Sages wouldn’t have been able to break through the barriers.

Verdant Emperor’s Palace was broken through because Chang Yang brought along a Quasi-Sage Expert who wielded a supreme Dao vessel.

The three leading experts were all of the Quasi-Sage Realm while the rest were of the Great Overarching Realm.

“Who are you, and why are you attacking my palace for no reason?” The White Emperor carefully scanned through the surrounding situation, and his heart sank. Although he was extremely furious, he forcibly suppressed his anger and asked with great vigilance.

The fact that this intruder was able to easily break through his defensive formations had already explained a lot about the person.

“Dongfang Chenxi!” The White Emperor turned his gaze over and saw the Daughter of Dongfang right next to Jiang Ming, “Why did you come here?”

“White Emperor! I was about to ask you myself! You and my father are both palace lords and even regard each other as brothers. Why did you harm him?” Dongfang Chenxi was initially quite afraid of this White Emperor but when she saw Jiang Ming standing right beside herself, her courage immediately grew strong. The burning anger that was suppressed in her heart erupted as she pointed her finger to question the White Emperor.

“My father treated you as a brother, a fellow Daoist and a confidant! Who would’ve known that you’d be of such wild ambition as to deceive and besiege him! You even wanted to kill him, to bring our entire Verdant Emperor lineage to the ground. White Emperor! You are not even worthy of being the Western Emperor of the Heaven Court!”

Dongfang Chenxi bombarded the White Emperor, questioning him. Her deafening voice spread throughout like tidal waves, even spreading to all parts of the Heaven Court.